Elusive Health conditions solved, both Physical and Emotional. Anti-Ageing treatments & trials successes (EPRP).
Pregnancy & Conception Problems, 96% conception resul
t. Healing & Intuitive Life coaching.
Scientifically tested at Tokyo Denki University, in diagnosis, healing measured effect and much more.
Anti-Ageing and energy immune building at cellular level using
healing and platelet rich plasma energising.

Distance healing, doctors collaboration ; healing burn victim scar healing (pdf file)
Chat It's Fate Dec2014 issue , The Baby Maker 'conception after healing'
Just One drop of blood, healing with EPRP, Immune System and Anti-Ageing

Scientific Testing
Tokyo Denki University


Meditation CD &
Teaching Course

Professor Machi
Denki University

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Enhanced PRP anti-aging treatments available in Murcia, treatment trials in Monaco. Now in association with doctors
in both locations. Treatments also available health & immune building, collagen growth stimulation.
Trials with Skin damage, Scar tissue repair after burns. (Leaflet and info available from EPRP Page Here )

Anti-Ageing treatment before and after with images (here) + Phone Interviews.

Pregnancy & Conception problems? Unable to conceive. Unique healing success stories
Previously doctors said, not possible. Fertility experts no help, 14 years in one case.
Approx 96% success rate, conception normally takes 2-5 months.
No guarantee, results are positive. If you need help, just book in for an initial consultation.

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              Carol Everett

Over the years I have been thoroughly scientifically tested on many occasiions. Initially at the Tokyo Denki University Labs in 1994 by prof Yoshio Machi, he also tested Uri Geller there. Other testing since includes energy effects and related abilities. I like proof, and not many people will put themselves up for such tests for obvious reasons. The tests have included intuitive diagnosis and healing and more recently my work has been analysed in changing the behaviour of blood platelets for E-PRP treatments. Fuji TV followed the initial testing in 1994, since then other doctors have used more sophisticated tests. The energy transfer part of trials and subsequent work in anti ageing resulted in experts describing recently the beneficial changes made to blood platelets and imune system as a form of quantum physics, as it can not otherwise be explained.. Such testing is useful, if done from an open minded position. It's always not full on science yet, but even full on science gets overturned quite regularly nowadays once changes are impossible to refute and they are at last catching up. International TV appearances include, Japan, USA, and UK, worldwide. This is separate to my other areas of counselling and helping the many varyied people who have benefited from the life guidance help I have given them over the years, and still do.

Appointments are available.
"I work as a life, health, mind, body & soul healer - and as an intuitive life counsellor. I also work extensively developing energised and healed eprp therapy in health and anti-ageing. I was developing this way back in 2001 when doctors were scared to use it. Now ordinary prp is the norm. But EPRP is different. As with all my abilities I will always try from the outset to give you an honest appraisal of my assessment to be able to help you on your road to future life, to recovery, your mind, body and soul, or reversing aging.  Contacting me could be the beginning of you taking control of your own life, or your child’s, I can assisting and guide you along the way in life health emotion and business. I work with many intuitive methods, often with doctors, professional and specialists, not as a direct alternative."

Someone asked me one day not so long ago, where did I get my intuitive messages from, I replied that I just trusted it from experience and never asked. The lady suggested I ask my sources who or what they were. So I put myself into a trance state and asked. The reply was this. I tap into an Angelic plane, it is a collective plane of existence where information can be obtained on a very high level. I have to be in a certain peaceful state though to receive and translate this properly. I work with this Angelic plane and that gives me the information that they know can help the current situation. It can be used sensibly and given to the appropriate people or authorities to help in whatever way it can for possible guidance. It's often like a puzzle in another dimension, it has the pieces available to fit the persons situation and hopefully always results in the best possible outcome for those involved.

Please email me with any request for appointments.
Also send a small picture of yourself if possible.
to: (if including picture)

Tv Programs include:
Sightings, Beyond chance, Unexplained mysteries, Beyond belief, Strange but True, Mysterious west, Scientific testing of healing, diagnosis & intuitive ability (FujiTV Denki Japan), TV Power (AshaiTV Tokyo) locating missing people. Plus satellite channels.


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If eligible to sit on the continuing Monday night healing program. I suggest using my healing meditation program. In conjunction with the meditation / healing CD.
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Personal appointments, including leading edge Anti-Ageing
Intuitive health assessment, causal guidance for those 'Impossible Conditions'.
Healing. (healing energies scientifically tested). Normal energy healing
Personal Intuitive Life Coaching - reading
By appointment, also by skype and phone.

Most appointments are currently available by phone or a skype video call. (skype software is free)


EMAIL OR PHONE TO BOOK appointments. Nb. Best by email if possible.
All Information & appointments co-ordinated by co-ordinator Cassie by email.
Land Tel .. 0044 1363 725003  - ie in uk 01363 725003 normal UK rate,

Other contact. UK & Spain..  01363 725003   (+44 1363725003)  uk or 0034 963141082 (incl appointments)

Mobile 0034 636297872   (+34 636297872)  Mike, co-ordinator (incl appointments)

(Voicemail is available on the land line). This is a UK land line and voIP line which rings both in the UK and Spain. This phone has a UK number and is charged at normal UK rates from the UK. A Spanish land line number is also available, either one will work. The spanish number is charged at normal landline rates in Spain.
If you get voicemail please leave a message and number we will return calls.

(includes book, visual cards, and teaching cd) as one set .

 Audio CD      HandBook+Visual Series

Teach Yourself Right Brain Meditation. A Course for Intuitive awareness and energy healing.
Work alongside Carol live in each lesson Price
£20 + 4.00 post packing UK etc
Post packing 7.00 in europe and £9.00 elsewhere
Complete set of Instruction, lessons in a booklet, meditation CD & visual aid artwork.

More details & sample tracks

Mediterania magazine article , Click to download zip file (450Kb)**
PN article , Click to download pdf file (135Kb)**

1**Also See the Original Japanese scientific testing video here.**

2** And The 'American Sightings' version of scientific testing here.**
3**See other TV Programs here.**
Carol's program segments continue to be aired on world wide networks
Such as ; Living, sci-fi, bio and other cable tv channels.
Programs include 'Beyond chance', ' Unexplained mysteries', ' Intuitivess vision' & 'Miracle cures'
Recent locatons Include- Israel,, Slovenia, USA(national), UK, Australia, and throughout Europe.


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