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If you need to make any payments by PayPal this is where you need to be.

Paypal payments or donations can be very simply made below. You dont need a paypal account but if you do have one payments can be made directly to email address. Otherwise just use the payment by card option offered to you in paypal.

How to use Paypal

Click the PayPal icon, this takes you into to the Paypal page..
Enter PayPal payments/donations amount using the form provided.
IMPORTANT Note. Paypal always deduct a processing surcharge of approx 4% or more depending on your country, taken directly from your payments. Please add 4% to your paypal payments to cover this deduction. eg £10 would be £10.40 and £100 would be £104. Paypal remove this amount before we see it. Use an alternative direct interbank method if you do not want to cover this such as internet banking etc. Account details provided if requested. PayPal is most convenient if paying outside of the uk and often less costly. (nb Payments always in GBP (ie £UK pounds) uk. When you have finished just return to the site .

Absent Healing Program

Absent healing specifically takes place every Monday 8.10pm to 8.30pm including all holidays etc. The Time is always UK time so you may need to adjust your local time to be correct if any other world location. To keep your name current, re-register every 3 months. Your donations however small help with registrations etc, we thank you for this.



Paypal allows you to add your own text notes via a dialog box.
If making a donation for healing or other healing session(s) fee please include text
'Healing Donation, Full Name and email'
Donations for The Absent Healing Program, Mondays 8.10-8.30.UK time. please include text,
' Absent Healing Donation, Full Name and email'