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    Intuitive Diagnosis Assessment

If you have a difficult ongoing problem with your health that no one seems to be able to diagnose then I will probably be able to help you. Over the years I have helped many people who were in the same situation. More often than not I get cases others have given up on. Whatever they try they just can't find what is causing the problem or how. People themselves come from recommendation or from other practitioners who will send them to get my advice. Mostly when presented with seemingly impossible to diagnose or illusive conditions. Often the problem is that symptoms can mask each other if more than one thing is going on and make it harder to isolate the root cause. Because I work back to root causes intuitively this isn't really a problem because the final outcome is broken down into the elements of a problem. Once you realise the root cause or its position then treatment can be properly effective. It is not effective trying to treat the varying tail end of contradictory symptoms just by trial and error, though it sometimes happens. One important thing you have to remember is that I'm not a doctor or pretending to be one. What I don't do is take responsibility for you at all. When I make an assessment of your condition it is your own doctor who will retain responsibility. I won't be the one to tell you if you are worse or better, even if I know, that is the doctors job. No matter how accurate the information I provide you still need to be in both camps. Particularly with serious conditions. Let your doctor assess what I have said and use the information to your advantage. He has the means to instigate tests and he has all the scientific means at his disposal. If your doctor is not willing to do this, perhaps just because of where the assessment has come from, then we can advise you of Harley St doctors in London who will take the information I provide and also take it on board during their own interview. Sometimes this will open lines of communication with your own doctor, ie doctor to doctor. Then you gain from both directions.

My diagnosis or medical health assessment work originated many years ago when I was working with ordinary life readings. If someone had health issues and things were going wrong with their health, I would often mention in the reading what I had seen and advise them to go to see their doctor to be sure. I always advocate getting what I say medically checked and tested rather than just holding onto what I say. In my readings I never ask people for any information at all, and don't let them volunteer information either other than a yes or no to acknowledge what has been said. Again, It's also important to remember I'm not a trained doctor and don't have the facilities and testing procedures doctors have at their disposal.

Over the years because of the accuracy of my diagnosis work more and more people have found their way back and said how their past diagnosis information from me had helped them. They either wanted more help with another issue or had recommended others so they could get the same. Some people advised they had already been to their doctors before seeing me for information. But even with symptoms told it was something else or that they were worrying unnecessarily. I didn't know this at the time but I had inspired the client by using my assessment to push a bit harder for medical help. In some cases my information had most definitely saved lives.

How things developed from that time was that more people began asking for a completely separate medical reading to help get to the bottom of a specific medical problem they had. In the early days of my medical assessment I worked completely blind, ie with no information at all, but this is hard work looking for the most serious thing and working through. The patients told me nothing at all then but it was a time of testing this type of work and also for my own satisfaction. I won't do something I can't believe in. My assessments were nearly always checked out by doctors, usually quickly verified but it was obvious in some cases I was seeing things that could not yet be located by normal medical means and current scanning equipment. Or I saw things in early stages of development like early cell changes. These took longer with the associated pressure of waiting to be verified. Later the assessments became more efficient and I would just have some information about areas of concern in diagnosis assessment work rather than wasting time looking everywhere. I would still have nothing specific, just the general areas of concern. This is because I describe the results of the problem and how it is affecting the patient. I have in the past been asked to assess people in comas or with mystery illnesses in hospital while they are unable to communicate. Also children with the inability to describe what is happening, some with brain malfunctioning and not being able to describe to parents their reactions or various feelings.

What happens during my medical assessment is that I can see and describe what is going on in the body and the path the condition took to get where it is now, also often what will happen next. I always look to the root cause and follow it through to what is happening now and then back to determine the path an illness took. There is no point coming to me with routine illnesses because others can do that. The pattern that has emerged is that I always end up working with more illusive conditions that are not easy to pin down. Other practitioners will send people to me for assessment on occasion, the patient goes back with the answer and for treatment. Modern day living has brought a whole new range of health conditions people pick up that the old methods find hard to discover. Particularly hormonal problems with ongoing adverse effects and changes. New ways of looking at conditions are often needed to get to the true cause of a problem and to be able to point the way forward with your doctor.

NB. What I don't and will not do is take responsibility for your illness I just can't do that. No matter how accurate my work proves to be or how helpful, it is a diagnosis that is ultimately an unqualified opinion. This responsibility is the job of the professionals and also your own. I work complementary to and not as an alternative to your own doctor. I will not advise you to take any medicines or change your medication, that is the doctors or prescribing practitioners job. When I give you an assessment or diagnosis, you will also need to sign a disclaimer stating that you understand I am not a doctor or acting as one. Also you should always really get your doctor to check out what we have found.

I am also available to talk to your doctor and discuss your case and my reasoning if any doctor or specialist needs the advantage I can give. He or she need not worry, there is no double act, no peer pressure, just an exchange of information. This method has been extremely successful in the past and the patient gets the benefits of both directions to find the answers. Quite often found is that a doctor can actually 'program' me with a question and the answer to a sticky problem will result. I can see directly into what is going on by some sort of medical intuition and can relay this without having any case information, the doctor has his own knowledge and it all works well for the patient. Doctors who have worked with me this way call it 'the voice'. When the information comes for them it provides the answers both they and you will need.


ALL clients, will have to complete a disclaimer prior to written work being obtained. The form can be downloaded in MS-Word.doc for windows, from a link at bottom of this page.
Simplified version is arriving soon..

*Right click to Download Disclaimer, Left click to Open in Word.doc*

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