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Health Intuitive Assessments by Carol Everett

Not currently available due to trials and research timee.

If you cannot be diagnosed by any other means with an ongoing medical problem and no one seems to be able to get to the bottom of what is going on, I can probably help you quickly get answers. More often than not and for many years I always get cases others, ie doctors, practitioners, therapists etc have given up on as too difficult. People normally come from direct recommendation or from other practitioners who will send them to get my advice as the under lying cause has evaded them. Most patients are returned to the referring practitioner for treatments others may also need healing. Once the root cause of illness is identified a forward plan can be implemented but not before. Remember, I'm not a doctor or pretending to be one. Normally assessments are verbal but If you do get anything as a written report a disclaimer is always signed to this effect.

What I don't do is take responsibility for you. No matter how accurate the assessment, you still need to be in both camps. Particularly with serious conditions. Your doctor can assess what I have said and use the information to your advantage. He has the means to initiate proper testing which I always prefer. I can advise you of Harley St doctors in London who will take on the information I provide if needed. Sometimes this will open lines of communication with your own doctor, ie doctor to doctor. Then you gain from both directions. My assessments are regularly checked out by doctors and so quickly verified. Often I can see the formation or early start of an illness that would not normally be detected so soon by normal means, like very early cell changes.

Modern day living has brought in a whole new range of sensitivity related health conditions that people pick up, instances where old detection methods find it really hard to locate. Hormonal problems are one, with ongoing knock on adverse effects, where changes can be a problem to detect, but these are included in my assessments where appropriate. I can also be available to talk to your doctor about your case if needed. This method has been extremely successful in the past and the patient gets the benefits of both directions to find the answers to a cure.

Often found is that a doctor can actually 'program' me with a question and get the answer to a sticky problem he/she is stuck with and this will also yield positive results. I can tell him/her what I see going on in ordinary terms. I can see directly into what is going on inside by some sort of medical intuition and can relay this without having any case information, the doctor has his own knowledge and all the Latin words. Ii all works well for the patient. Doctors who have worked with me this way for information call it 'the voice' (because I sound much more informed than just me). Those familiar with my work actually ask for it directly. When the information comes for them it provides the answers both they and you will need to work with.

The disclaimer form

All clients will complete a disclaimer prior to any written work being obtained, assessments are normally verbal. The form can be downloaded in MS-Word.doc for windows below.. 

*Normally just Right click to Download Disclaimer to your computer OR Left click to Open in Word.doc*

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