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CAROL EVERETT Medical Intuitive Diagnostician, Energy Healer & Clairvoyant Carol Everett describes herself as a medical intuitive, energy healer and clairvoyant, meaning that she draws on her highly developed psychic gifts in diagnostic and healing processes for examining health issues but also uses her clairvoyance in many other areas of investigative work. Since she began her practice, Carol has worked with people, both adults and children, from all over the world. She has also worked with doctors, internists, endocrinologists and other members of the medical profession, both in the healing process and to assist in particularly difficult diagnostic cases.

Carol is one of just a handful of psychically gifted to have had her abilities scientifically tested. In 1994 Professor Yoshio Machi, of the Denki University in Japan, invited her to participate in his major research study of individuals with psychic abilities. The scientific tests, performed under lab conditions, were also filmed for TV, as Carol correctly diagnosed the medical condition of a young woman whom she had never before met. Following the diagnosis, a thermal imaging scanner was used on the patient to validate Carol's findings. Carol then began the healing process, directing high energy healing at the patient from a distance of six feet. Within 15 minutes, the scanner captured the image of the red "hot spot" of the humour shrinking and gradually fading to blue, the colour of the surrounding healthy body tissue and organs. Proving the effect of healing. An EEG machine, which measures brain waves, was attached to Carol and recorded significant increases of alpha and beta in her right brain activity during both diagnosis and the healing process, while the left side virtually closed down as it does when sleeping. (A videotape reporting the Denki University study and the report itself, is available, shorter extract on Carol's website:

Born into a very simply living family in Buckinghamshire England, along with four brothers she lived for years in a small town house opposite a gas works. Carols mother worked as cook at the primary school, her father was the local blacksmith in nearby Loudwater nr High Wycombe Buckinghampshire , close to London. Carol understood at an early age that she possessed abilities and gifts that were rare, if not unique. She instinctively knew she was meant to do something different from friends and family. Having had no formal teaching to use her gifts Carol tried to hide her psychic abilities while growing-up, but word of her gifts spread around the small town in which she lived and more often than not, she would arrive home from work to find locals lined up at her door for "readings." After years of holding down a 9 to 5 job and seeing clients late into the evening, Carol made the decision to devote herself full time to developing her gift and working exclusively with clients. Word of Carol's work eventually spread throughout the UK and overseas by word of mouth. During her 20-year career, she has been featured in dozens of newspaper and magazine articles, as well as on radio and television. She has also assisted in more than 20 police investigations, including Scotland Yard's investigation of the highly publicised thefts from Buckingham Palace, home of The Queen. Carols speciality is accurately drawing the portraits of yet unknown criminals for the police. Married with four children, for the past 12 years, Carol and her husband Mike have lived in Crediton, Devon, a town in the West of England. In part, as a result of her expanding US client base, Carol and her family recently spent 18 months in southern California to develop and be able demonstrate her work to wider audiences.

Of the many projects with which Carol is involved, closest to her heart are plans for a non-profit organisation which would allow her to work with children whose families cannot afford to pay for diagnosis and healing treatments. Carol has successfully treated sick children who have failed to respond to more traditional medical treatments and every year she receives literally dozens of letters and phone calls from desperate parents seeking help for their sick children. Carol often works with children and adults where there is no conventional hope. In 2001 she worked on a young woman, Lisa Taylor, she had been in a coma for 11 months, the two halves of her brain had been separated, its called brain shearing. She had been beaten up and left for dead by the father of her child. Carol started working on her, in hospital, in June. To date she has had no other treatment other than healing. She started responding almost immediately. By Christmas she was home with her parents and baby daughter. Carol wants this to be an example of a non-profit, capable of support.

In her younger days Carol was once asked to sit in on a meditation circle, but she was soon asked to leave. The methods they were using didn't fit in with the ones she had been given naturally. Things just happened around her. She saw and heard things about people, also those in the circle, that the others could not explain. She realised that everything they were doing was already known to her, like some deep inner knowledge. It was this that triggered her determination to develop her gifts, in order to pass on these techniques and to help other people. Carol firmly believes that all of us are born with some psychic ability. Although it may be further developed in some people than in others, as with all talents, it can be significantly honed and developed through practice. With this in mind, Carol has created "Carol Everett - 'Teach Yourself Mediation' The Visual Series:," a CD tutorial in which she guides the listener through the same steps she uses to achieve her own meditative state. The CD set includes a booklet that explains her meditation methods, as well as three paintings by Carol that are designed to enhance the listener's meditative state. "Teach Yourself Mediation" is expected to be in distribution soon and will also be available through the website.

While Carol is sought out primarily for her diagnostic and healing abilities, she also provides Karmic life readings, and other related psychic services as part of a client's path to development needs, including emotional stress cleansing. She is also available for group meditation seminars, healing circles, and group demonstrations. Carol can be reached by email.   Email..   Carols website address is:

Carol Everett
Carol Everett

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