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CAROL EVERETT, Intuitive Diagnosis, Energy Healer.
Patients letters are written by patients.
Sharing experiences of Intuitive Diagnosis and Healing.

Letters are Unsolicited and Complete. Covering many unusual cases
Names are confidential on site. Original letters are all available for examination.

BABY CONCEPTION SECTION.     (New stories will appear as we collect them in)

Mary Peters. With trouble in my ’women’s parts’ earlier in my life, I’d been told that it was possible that I wouldn’t be able to have children.  One of my ovaries didn’t work.  With my old partner that was fine but now I’d met someone else and we both wanted a child.
I had heard about Carol and contacted her for advice.  She told me that my other ovary worked fine but at that time I wasn’t able to conceive because my’ tube’ was blocked.
Over the years I noticed that I had begun to ‘leak’ after sex.  - now I understood why!! - the tadpoles had nowhere to go!!!
Carol told me that she has helped hundreds of couples to conceive over the years and they were all pregnant within 6 months.  She could ‘unblock’ my tube if we were sure that we wanted a family.
Being in love, we were sure.  This was in September last year and the wedding was set for August this year.  A few months later Carol did her stuff and I no longer ‘leaked’!!
We postponed the wedding for this year as my husband to be didn’t want to ‘bowl me down the aisle!’ I’m five months pregnant with a girl!!
Thank you so much, Carol!!!    And the Tadpole

Alex B. In 2001, I stopped taking the microgynon contraceptive pill and my periods never restarted.  Numerous tests were carried out by a diabetes and endocrinology specialist and results showed that my oestrogen levels were low.  An MRI scan of my pituitary gland was taken showing a normal sized pituitary gland.  Tests were then taken to assess how well my pituitary gland manufactures certain hormones.  I was told that the results suggest the disturbance of hormones secreted by my hypothalamus was the cause of my menstrual problem, which could have been caused by stopping the contraceptive pill.  I was diagnosed with post pill amenorrhoea.  The relationship between the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and ovaries was explained.  I was then referred to a gynaecologist so that they could help to stimulate my ovaries. 
In 2006, I started fertility treatment.  Provera was prescribed to start my periods which did not work so I was prescribed provera and ethinyloestradiol.  Once my period had started I had to take clomiphene.  Clomiphene helps to improve ovulation, the initial dose did not work so it was increased, but still with no success.  I was then prescribed tamoxifen, but this did not work either.  I had scans after each lot of medication and I had follicles on each ovary which were small.
In June 2007, I was told that the treatment was not working for me and the only option was IUI which was unlikely to work or IVF.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get any help with the cost of the treatment because my partner already has a daughter from another relationship.
 I was given Carol Everett’s contact details by a friend.  The hospital agreed to let me have one more prescription for tamoxifen.  I had healing with Carol in June 2007.  Carol immediately diagnosed that my pituitary gland was not sending message to my ovaries and she did healing on my hypothalmus, pituitary gland and ovaries. One week later I had a scan, and for the first time I had one large follicle, which developed into a baby.
In 2009, I took tamoxifen again and had telephone healing from Carol and became pregnant within two months, Carol said that she had put ‘out for’ a boy, and a boy I had.
In 2011, I took one cycle of tamoxifen which again did not work.  I then had telephone healing form Carol and took tamoxifen and fell pregnant again.
I wish to thank Carol for all of her help, as without her I would have been unable to have such beautiful children.
love Alex x x x


Julie W. UK. So funny - as you know, the mole that you zapped has gone, and now it is just a purply sort of freckle. Anyway I phoned up the dermatologist and said I don't think I should come and have it cut out because I would be wasting your time, as my healer friend Carol has got rid of it. He said 'well I'd better see it just to be sure', and I wound him up by saying 'yes, Dr Whitt**, you should see it in the interest of advances in medical 'science' and healing' and he sort of harrumphed and giggled nervously. Anyway.... when I went to see him and showed him he almost swallowed his teeth. 'WELL!' he said, 'that HAS reduced DRAMATICALLY!' Then he took me over to his special light, looked again, said 'goodness me, if I hadn't seen it myself a few weeks ago, I would not have...would not have...would not have....errrr......errrrr.....errrrr' and I said 'believed it was possible??' and he said 'YES!' So I said 'see, I told you my friend had got rid of it, and she is being assessed by BUPA at the moment'. He said 'IS SHE???' very interestedly, and I said 'yes, will keep you posted', chuckling away to myself. So THANK YOU again Carol, for sorting me out and giving me a good laugh at the stuffy medical establishment's expense. I really enjoy these encounters - wicked hey? Love Julie.

Norma E. USA. Carol, When I had my first appointment with you, I was quite ill on many levels. Only I wasn't aware of it. At that time, my main concern was the sharp pain in my abdomen that radiated to my lower back. I also had bouts of bowel dumping right after eating. This worried me as my food was not getting digested and I had very little energy. All these ailments began after having my gall bladder removed. I had seen several doctors and had numerous tests performed: These yielded nothing. Finally, I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and was told that the bowel dumping was a normal consequence of having your gall bladder removed. I had no choice but to accept this diagnosis and try to manage. One day, however, the pain became so intense that I became bedridden. That is when I decided to make a remote appointment with you. I have to admit it was some trepidation, as I had known other healers who's spiritually and intent I questioned. During this session the pain began to subside but did not disappear entirely until my second session with you on the following week.
During this session you surprised me by telling me that I had a nasty temper. Though this was true, I was quite embarrassed and dumbfounded. You instructed me, without judgment or condescendence, on how to keep my anger from building up. It took a lot of hard work but I kept improving and eventually conquered it. I learned the difference between controlling my temper and merely suppressing it: I had been under the misconception that as long as I didn't blow up my anger was under control, even if I was raging inside. Sometimes, I would get so angry that I would make myself physically ill. Now, I can truly say that I have my temper under control. Even when I do get upset, I no longer feel the rage. Since than, I've had numerous sessions with you and cannot articulate the amount of emotional growth and stability that I have gained. Though I still have a great deal to learn, my life is so much better because of you. Even my personal relationships have turned around 180o for the better. I am not sure what amazes me more your psychic and healing gifts or your humility and compassion. Thank you for all that you've done for me Carol and for being who you are.
Sincerely, Norma E

Judy K. USA Carol Everett is an amazingly gifted medical intuitive. For many years I have had multi-layered chronic health problems that have not been easy to pinpoint. I do not like invasive procedures and can not tolerate most drug therapy so I have sought alternative treatment. Over the years I have worked with several medical intuitives with mixed accuracy. Carol " read me like a book", right down the line with many insights that were 100% accurate to my conditions.
The MD I have worked with for many years confirmed the accuracy of her report based on his previous knowledge of my medical conditions. I have felt an improvement with her healing sessions and plan to continue implementing her suggestions to reverse long standing medical problems. What is unique about Carol is how she individualized her approach to me and did not use the "cookie cutter" approach so often employed by some healers.
She has a rare gift.

Julie H. UK. Dear Carol Two things: I thought you'd be interested in this. This morning Julie's surgeon rang from the hospital. He had excellent news about the tumour. I don't think he could quite believe it himself.
As you know, following Julie's original operation we were told that there was no sign of any other abnormality in the abdomen and they managed to get everything. Twelve week's later there was a 4 cm tumour attaching to the liver (where the primary tumour had attached to it). Four centimetres in 12 weeks is "going some".
Julie saw Carol for the first time 3 days after we learnt of the recurrence, and then came for four days intensive at the beginning of February. Julie felt that this, together with dietary, herbal and homeopathic therapies she had chosen to follow had probably shrunk the tumour. Unfortunately, an ultrasound did not prove this and so she agreed to a second operation which took place last Monday 22 February. Technically the operation is known as a "right hemi hepatectomy and right partial nephrectomy with incision of the diaphragm" - in other words they took the right half of the liver, a substantial chunk of the right kidney and as much diaphragm as they could safely remove. All of this was technically healthy tissue but attached to the tumour so they didn't want to take any chances.
The histology came back from the path lab this morning. There was NO sign of dissemination of cancerous cells into the healthy tissue. More importantly perhaps, the outer portion of the tumour was dead! The inner portion was alive, but (and the surgeon couldn't explain this) the rate of mitosis (speed of cell division) was very low and a fraction of the primary tumour.
In plain English, the tumour was dying. Just think about that. It grew aggressively before we got the big guns on it and then we were beating it before the surgeon got into the act last week. I say "we". What I mean is Carol (I know intuitively) had a huge part to play in this. For which I thank her from the bottom of my heart, as Julie does. By all means put this up in the waiting room.
Anybody that knows the first thing about adrenocortical cancer knows that it is one of the most dangerous of cancers. Through the net I am in touch with several others. They are patiently obeying the oncologists and taking chemos of no proven curative efficacy and my heart goes out to them as I watch them go downhill as their immune systems suffer.
I am not saying to them (or anybody else) ignore conventional medicine. But take control and use it sensibly along with alternative and complimentary therapies where appropriate. Still, you know this.
Second thing:
Have you heard of any plans which the Government have to "clamp down" on supplements like IP-6 (which has also been crucial to Julie) by placing any and all substances under the control of the Medicines Control Agency? This(if true) is extremely disturbing news. Before I write an open letter to Tony Blair (copied of course to the press and media) accusing him of trying to kill my wife, do you have any news on this?
Oh, I am not joking. Julie against all the odds has come through this occurrence of one of the most dangerous of cancers by taking control with complimentary and alternative therapies where conventional medicine has nothing but surgery to offer. I will not allow ANYBODY, not least a bunch of lobotomised politicians dancing to the tune of the pharmaceutical industry to prejudice this. But before I shoot off at half-cock, please advise what you know of this scheme. (Info supplied)

Kindest regards Mike H/house

Linda G. UK. When I saw you I was pregnant, although I did not know it at the time as I’d had a miscarriage four weeks earlier. You told me both these things and all you knew about me was my name. In fact I hadn’t even come round to missing a period, but you knew before I knew myself. You also told me I had a oddly shaped womb and that I suffered with problems throughout my pregnancies. This was 100% accurate, I had previously had five miscarriages and had three premature girls all born between 31 and 33 weeks due to an incompetent cervix which needed to have a sheath inserted when 14 weeks pregnant. You even told me the baby was a boy, and he was. Born at 30 weeks he experienced every kind of problem and was in special care for eight weeks. I bought Shannon to see you, the appointment was for me though but you immediately picked up on his pain and described perfectly his symptoms and also the fact that no one was taking me seriously. From his birth onwards he had been experiencing problems with his stomach and spent hours literally screaming the house down. The hospital had done scans and a barium meal but could not find anything specifically wrong and made me feel I was paranoid. I knew that he was ill and that his pain was all to real.
You told me that he was in agony in his gut and felt he had some kind of blockage there. You did some healing on him. That night he was worse than usual, drawing up his legs and beside himself in pain. Come the morning he passed what looked like a black cork of solid matter in his nappy, followed by all manner of green stuff. From that day on his pains have become less and less until now at three he is completely free from stomach problems. I know I believe that you cured his problems as the medical profession pumped all manner of medicine into him on five different sorts a day on a number of occasions but to no avail. I’m now pregnant again and the scan picked up a problem with the baby’s kidneys being too large. They advised I may have to consider termination. I came to you again for healing and then waited patiently for my next check up. I was informed that the baby’s kidneys longer showed up as having anything wrong. I had also read in the Eva magazine how you had helped another lady Shelly Goodwill, whose unborn child had had brain deformities and how you had also healed this baby in the womb. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Janette R. Plymouth. I was in two minds when I arrived at Harewood house to meet Carol Everett, I had never met anyone who claimed to be intuitive medically. I was sceptical about it all. Carol started her talk and asked for volunteers. I was pushed forward by my mother as I was a bit reluctant. As I sat on the chair, Carol put her hand on my shoulder and immediately felt how hot and itchy I get. I do suffer with the heat and get dreadful bouts of itching. She then went on to say I had bladder problems and how everything had dropped and that I would need an operation here. I am receiving treatment for bladder problems which may result in an operation later on. I asked her if she could feel anything else. After a minute she asked me if I had ever heard of Lupus. She could feel that my lymphatic system was blocked. Well by then I must have looked like a fish with my mouth opening and shutting. I was astounded by what she had said and how accurate she was. She also said I had fibroids and told me where.

Linda M. Devon. I wanted to write to say thank you for the healing and help you have given me over the last few months. I first came to see you in January because I have a large tumour in my right breast which I have had for six years. I have been to a lot of different doctors and therapists, but nobody made any difference to it until now. After my first session with you I started to notice the tumour was getting softer and it seemed to be gradually breaking up. I know it is going to be a slow process, but I also know that one day it will disappear completely. Thank you is not enough for what I am really feeling.

Catherine D. Axminster. I came for written detailed health diagnosis and a healing session in the spring. None of my health details were revealed to you but then my main concern was effectively that I would find it difficult to conceive. I had conceived my daughter Adele, then 18 months without difficulties. But having breast fed her for a full year my period had not come back (they finally did in April). As you diagnosed I was suffering from a hormonal imbalance. The hormone responsible being prolactin, which ensured production of breast milk. The normal level is 0-400 but a blood test had placed me at 1000.. Doctors and specialists were confident the levels would fall in time, I was convinced I had become sterile. I am glad to say I conceived in July and now well into my second pregnancy. I came to you for healing last on 3rd July. I suspect we will never know for sure if the healing helped but I was amazed by the general accuracy of your diagnosis with no information given.

Bianca H. Chard. Thank you for the diagnosis regarding my son Mark. Even though we told you nothing your diagnosis has been confirmed by the consultants, stating that Marks platelet count is extremely low. This condition is Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP), and as you stated can turn into the early stages of leukaemia. Marks platelet count was 25 and went down to 20. Since receiving your last healing his count went up to 30, which has been the highest it has ever been since his first blood test before Christmas. He still has a long way to go before his count goes back to the normal of 150. We hope to see you soon when I will bring mark for further healing.

Phyllis G. Chard. Getting better by the day. Hardly any pain and mobility is quite good. Last time I came in with my sister a strange thing happened. I was having a problem with my ear and on the way home it started to bleed, by that evening I felt an enormous lump, my husband picked it out, I was shocked, it was a large polyp. See you again soon

Louise T. Wellington. I am writing to thank you for all the help you have given me. You were recommended to me by a work colleague two months ago as I was suffering with severe eczema and was having digestive problems. I was controlling the symptoms with a sort of non dairy and wheat free diet. Your diagnosis discovered that I was actually suffering from a low immune system, unbalanced hormones and a problem with amino acids in the gut. After a healing appointment with you and by using the natural remedies you recommended I am gradually becoming much healthier. Again I would like to thank you for your diagnosis it has helped me to understand my body a lot more.

Debora B. Chard. I am writing to thank you for your help in diagnosing my two year old daughter Maya, as having a gluten allergy. Probably coitiac, and also an enzyme deficiency. I bought her along to you March 26th this year as she has suffered from a bloated abdomen and eczema since she was ten months old, when she stopped breast feeding.
Even though we were aware of some of her food sensitivities we couldn’t pinpoint the cause of her bloated appearance, you diagnosed this was due to inflamed intestines, and her irritated skin. After bringing her off gluten and increasing her vitamin, mineral supplements at your suggestion she now has a normal abdomen and comfortable belly and her skin has improved remarkably. Though you knew and were told nothing, you knew everything about her and the condition she was in and what to do, So I am grateful to you Carol and also your unseen help who made my baby well again.

Andy M. Exeter. I saw Carol about two years ago she said You have got something wrong behind your left ear, something growing. I thought nothing more of it but at the beginning of this year I was taken ill and it turned out to be a brain tumour behind my left ear. She pointed out several things to me before the doctors did. She said it was inoperable and the doctors confirmed this saying it would be too risky for surgery. They also said it could not be treated with radiation because a crust like chalk had formed over the top of the tumour as it had been there a long time. In Carols diagnosis originally she said it had been there since I was around 14 years old, I still have the tape of the diagnosis. For the last three months I have been going to Carol for treatment and I’m beginning to feel a lot better. Its difficult to describe how it feels when she is healing but its like a huge boost of energy. Carol also told me my wife’s father had something wrong with him and would be going into hospital soon for an operation, Sure enough he did, but he was in Saudi Arabia at the time so none of us knew and I still don’t know how Carol did but its all on my tape. Doctors did eventually operate, I survived, but lost one complete year of memory.

Gill Y. Devon. I went to see Carol in October. I went to see her out of curiosity after seeing an article in the Local Newspaper. I had been ill for some time but I did not mention anything about this. I didn’t ever realise she did medical diagnosis at that stage. However when I arrived Carol said to me that my medical problem was coming through so strongly that she could not concentrate on anything else. Her exact words were do you have trouble there and pointed to my stomach in the exact area in which I had been in pain with for over four years. She told me I must be in agony because she could feel the pain and it was making her feel sick. She told me the problem had started four years ago. She said I think they have done the wrong operation, I hadn’t told her anything but she said I would have to go back to hospital and having tests on my blood. She told me that they had stitched up the wrong tube and attached it too the wrong place. That same week an X ray confirmed exactly what she had told me. I’m now going back into hospital to get this put right, I told them straight after the original operation that something was wrong. At that time the consultant had told me to go home, stop worrying and try to put on a bit of weight. He treated me like a fussy woman going through the problems of middle age. I am now relieved to have been proved right because I was beginning to doubt myself.
Carol told me things that no one else could possibly have known. She told me about the stress it had caused me and that I was afraid to go out in case the pain I was in ruined everything for the people I was with and she said quite rightly that the problem had ruined my life. I still have Carols diagnosis to remind me of what could have happened without it. My sister also went to see Carol but while she was there Carol told her about all the medical problems affecting her husband as well. My husband phoned Carol to thank her for what she had done to help me but before he could say who he was and what he was calling about Carol told him that your wife has been having stomach problems and recognised him. I’ve tried to figure out how she can diagnose people so accurately with no information but there just isn’t any explanation.

Lyn B. Birmingham. Many thanks for all the help you gave my daughter Ann on Monday. She looks great and feels great now. Ann also sends her thanks to you. Before she came to see you she was suffering from depression as she had lost a child sixteen years ago, it was still born, she has been trying ever since for another child but never had any luck. She has had all the usual hospital tests and an operation on a blocked fallopian tube. The hospital is telling her there is nothing stopping her from conceiving. The diagnosis you did for her was 100% accurate and helped her understand what is happening to her.

Paula L. Sulhamstead. Thank you so much for the amazing consultation and healing you gave me. After a number of years and appointments at the Royal Berks hospital, you told me more in an hour than they have in three years. You picked up an infection I’d had around ten years ago, not only saying what had been the problem then but on which ovary it had been. They took two weeks to finally take me into hospital for tests, this is what is causing my problems today. My infertility has caused me heartache for many years and to hear you talking through it to me, I feel it will be solved. Coming to you, not knowing what you would find, I now understand my own body and problems fully and to top it all I’ve found you a warm and caring friend too. Thank you Carol I look forward to seeing you again soon, if I need to.

Beryl E. Cheshire. I almost died from a suspected heart attack when doctors failed to recognise the early symptoms of dangerously low thyroxin levels, Two years ago Carol diagnosed border line thyroid trouble although I felt perfectly well and had no symptoms. Carol insisted I see a doctor as my thyroid was not working properly. She stressed I should have tests every six months. I followed Carols advice and went to see my doctor, he sent me for a thyroxin test, the results were exactly as Carol had told me. Border line thyroid trouble. The doctor recommended I come back a year later, Carol advised every six months. I went back again and was told the same, come back in a year. Six months later I collapsed on the floor with a suspected heart attack. After tests and checks by a specialist I was immediately started on thyroxin treatment. I will now be taking this for the rest of my life. The specialists by this time said I had serious thyroid trouble. If I had taken Carols advice and gone to the doctors every six months, this emergency treatment would not have happened. The doctor now advises me to see him once a year for check ups. Carol still insists I go every six months, after her accuracy in the past I will take her advice. My thyroxin count which then was only 52 from a safe level of 50 to 150 has now returned to normal. Carol was marvellous, she's just wonderful everything she said was 100% accurate.

Franchesca F. London. A serious gynaecological problem took Harley street specialists over a year to recognise an illness Carol had accurately diagnosed. After contacting Carol by telephone in August last year (1992) for the first time, she diagnosed a serious internal medical condition and other less serious ailments which have since proved to be completely correct. This followed examination by two specialists in the medical field who had been trying to isolate the problem for some time. A professor of Endocrinology and a Gynaecologist". "I have absolute faith in Carols method of working. I had health readings, from Carol over a period of a year during my illness which helped me to fully understand my condition". This condition was diagnosed by Harley Street Specialists almost a year after diagnosis by Carol, even then diagnosis was achieved only after numerous tests. The original diagnosis by Carol of the same complaint was provided with no prior information at all.

Mary M. Tonbridge, Kent, Mrs June M Sidmouth writes. “Mary had been warned by Carol of a serious condition forming in her head and also a growth appearing behind one of her eyes, unfortunately the diagnosis was not used, Mary ended up with a brain haemorrhage, luckily Mary survived her ordeal and has recovered strongly. Following an emergency operation”. While Mary was still very ill. June writes "You warned my friend Mary in August 1990 of an egg shaped growth behind her eye and that she would need surgery. Again in March 1991 you told her to get herself medically checked. Again in Feb this year (1993) you told her she should go privately and get treatment for her head as it was urgent. On 17th May 1993 she had a brain haemorrhage and was rushed into London Independent Hospital in Stepney Green, where the surgeon Mr Shar gave her an aniogram which showed up the aneurysms clearly and where they were, the lump had not been seen until then, even on earlier scanning equipment". "The lump behind the eyes was in such a delicate place the surgeon wasn't sure he would be able to remove it safely. Luckily he is a leading surgeon, one of the best in brain surgery. The operation was on the 1st June 1993, a six hour operation for a large aneurysm on the right side of her brain AND a lump behind her eye". "Mary was covered on PPP so able to have Mr Sharr, without his skill she would have died, we are quite sure. Your diagnosis was correct, if the lump had been picked up on an ordinary scan she would have had the operation much earlier. We did make her go for a complete check up after your advice but nothing showed up". Had a more thorough examination of Mary been done initially the outcome may not have been so severe”. Mary an ex nursing sister with a London teaching hospital, has fully recovered from her operation and says “Had the doctors been able to see what Carol could obviously see I would not have had to go through this ordeal. It was undoubtedly the same growth that Carol described much earlier and so clearly that contributed towards the brain haemorrhage which nearly claimed my life. I was very lucky to survive”.

Mindy K. Somerset. Writes “When I first saw Carol she diagnosed my problem with astonishing accuracy, but this had not been detected prior to my visit to Carol. Earlier on in my life I had part of my small intestine removed. At six months old I had an intursussception, where the small intestine telescopes in on itself, approximately a foot of ileum was removed. At 17 Years old I had a further 3-4 feet of terminal ileum removed, which by this time was gangrenous. Even so, Carol did not know this she knew nothing about me. All she had was my name and date of birth.
Carol diagnosed an obstruction in my bowel, coupled to abdominal pain, she also diagnosed a twisted gut, which had not been treated properly earlier. Also diagnosed were adhesions, scar tissue and a kink near the end of the intestine, which she described as having twisted around itself. She said if this was not dealt with it could lead to me having a colostomy. She also said my stomach was inflamed. She accurately described exactly way I feel when I have an acute stomach pain. I was amazed by the accuracy of the diagnosis. I gave Carol no information or described any symptoms, if I tried to talk I was immediately asked to remain silent. She also diagnosed a hormonal imbalance linked to the pituitary gland. I took Carols diagnosis with me via my GP, and to a specialist in Oxford. I was told by the Consultant I had food intolerance and everything appeared well, Carols diagnosis was not accepted. I insisted on having the relevant tests to complete the investigation. I was admitted for two days and a Junior doctor agreed that Carols diagnosis should now be included in my notes.
The acute pain I was experiencing was being treated by medicine prescribed by a consultant gastroenterologist, but this was not able to stop the pain, or the diarrhoea which at times was unbearable. I also had acne, bad PMT, irregular periods and was constantly exhausted. Carols diagnosis was confirmed by a barium nasal gastric X-ray in hospital. Several people have suggested that this was all psychological, including my doctor who originally put it down to stress, this opinion was also taken up to the specialists in Oxford who also said it was imagined and stress related. When the tests proved Carols diagnosis to be correct the doctors then said they had known there was something wrong all the time, I was too tired to argue with them. The tests which included a small bowel barium enema conclusively confirmed Carols diagnosis. I returned to the hospital in September where I was offered an operation to remove the adhesions and the ileum could also be widened. As Carol had also earlier diagnosed I had by this time developed further complications, and the operation was treated as now being essential.
I had heard of Carols success with healing and asked for some additional help. As she worked I could feel the knot inside me loosen and the pain reduce. It felt wonderful to be free of that awful tight cramp like pain and to be able to breathe properly again”. “During healing with Carol the pain went away completely, and although Carol did not touch me with her hands I could feel a loosening inside. I remember that by the time I left the pain had returned but not as acutely. I drove home with difficulty and spent the next two days on my back. I felt as though I had had major surgery as I was very sore and tired. By the third day after the healing I felt much better and the pain was completely gone, the first time in 18 Years. Over the following months I had seen Carol twice a month for healing, The first few sessions left me feeling very sore and tired, gradually the pains and the diarrhoea became less and less frequent. Carol also worked on my pituitary gland which the diagnosis had shown to be not working properly. Over a time my acne has almost vanished. I had always been conscious of blemishes and a dull skin. My skin is glowing and healthy for the first time since I was a child. I am still on the absent healing program, I am impressed by her compassion and kindness, she is honest and always willing to help. I have two children who have watched me suffer and they are delighted with the new me, we are beginning to make changes in our lives which I could not have contemplated this time last year. I have a life to look forward to without constant pain and embarrassment, and its all thanks to Carol”.

Brian W. Honiton Carol diagnosed I had a growth forming behind my eyes and nose, which was creating pressure on the optic nerves, this was also affecting my eyesight. Pressure on the inner ear was also being caused by the same growth which was also causing dizziness. I consulted another doctor recommended by Carol, along with the diagnosis she had given me. He agreed with the diagnosis and referred me for tests and a scan. The polyps were located where Carol had said. Previously Ihad been told over many years by doctors that I suffered only from allergies, all along it was exactly as Carol said.

Heather H. Devon. “I was diagnosed by Carol as having a number of conditions. Firstly as having kidney problems, anaemia and a long standing fibroid growth, this growth was diagnosed as causing pressure and complications in the ovaries, groin and bladder areas. The fibroid growth was diagnosed as being the result of an earlier operation, during a complicated caesarean in which scar tissue had initially formed, giving birth to my first child. My own doctor knew nothing about the fibroids, found where Carol had said they would be. Though Carol knew nothing of this, my doctor knew I had problems in this area as I had been suffering with pain and discomfort for a long time, he intended for me to have an operation on the lining on the womb. I consulted Carol to find out what was happening as I could not get a proper explanation from my doctor. Following Carol’s advice, I consulted another doctor for another opinion, recommended by Carol, he said I would need a hysterectomy and he organised a scan to find out what was actually going on. My original doctor was not originally very helpful and would not tell me exactly what he had intended to do. The scan arranged after consulting Carol showed up the fibroids exactly in the place where she had diagnosed they were”.

Kate C. Devon. A year ago I came to see you for a reading, I was not there for medical reasons but you told me I had something wrong with my blood. You also told me that the doctors would not be able to find out what it was, and when I knew this to come back to you. Recently I came to you for a diagnosis, I did not mention anything you had said previously or anything about myself or my health. You diagnosed Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. “After more than a year the doctors still do not know if it is this or Hodgkins, but they said that the symptom could be related to Non Hodgkins Lymphoma”. Now this is confirmed.

David. M. Australia. writes, Letter 1. “I am a Buddhist Monk living in Australia, my spiritual master is Ven Lama [removed for discretion] Rinpoche. He has advised me to contact you about an injury that has been troubling me for 18 months and which is difficult to cure. Quote, “He wrote to me from India, telling me of this woman in England who could help, he included your name and telephone number”. In October 1994 the muscles in my lower right back and hip were damaged. Since then I have constant pain and difficulties, especially when I’m trying to sit cross legged or in a chair for too long”. “Sometimes the muscles go into contraction through this area and the pain extends all the way down my leg. I have seen many doctors and sports injury specialists and at best achieve only temporary results”. “My Guru felt sure you would be able to help, a friend has already spoken to your secretary on my behalf and has told me about the absent healing on Monday nights 8.10 - 8.30pm, that is 7.00am here”.
Letter 2. “I have now received 4 treatments from you and with much gratitude I can say there has been a definite improvement of my hip injury. In the first session in particular I was aware of your powerful healing vibrations and felt a strong telepathic connection with you. There was an intense release of blocked energy from the left side which in turn has continued with each successive treatment, though with less force than the first. However I am far from fully cured and would be pleased to remain on your absent healing list for another six weeks. The main problem now according to the chiropractor treating me here is reflected pain through the buttock and leg from a fixation at the sacro-iliac joint and the point where the sacrum meets the lumbar spine, it seems there is a general weakness in the supporting tissue in this area. If you could direct your healing accordingly I feel confident of making further progress”.
Letter 3. “It has been six weeks since I last contacted you and I’m happy to report a great improvement in my condition. With your help and some chiropractic adjustment my back is as good as at any time in the last 18 months and I feel there is no longer any need to remain on the absent healing list. I am even beginning to sit for periods crossed legged, something I was not sure would ever happen again. I cannot express my gratitude sufficiently in words but thank you very, very much, I hope one day to be able to repay your kindness, love and prayers, David

Ian B. Devon. His wife writes. Just a short note to inform you your diagnosis of a few months ago was spot on. Ian came to you after years of intense pain and frustration, when doctors diagnosed him as having cluster headaches. They had given him huge supplies of pills to take, which to be honest did seem to work at first, but so many have now been taken they just don’t work any more. Ian had seen a specialist who confirmed the diagnosis of cluster headaches, and who also said he would have to learn to live with it. That is why Ian came to you, it is very difficult to get on with your life when you have to spend days in bed with only a few hours between attacks, which can sometimes last for a couple of months. We were sceptic at first but I managed to get Ian to see you. Since Ian came for diagnosis and healing he has not had any problems since, (touch wood). Ian is registered on the absent healing program and has not reported any reoccurrence to date.

Paula M. Norwich Thank you for fitting me in for healing last month, I had a large infected sebaceous cyst on my neck and was not happy to take antibiotics prescribed by my doctor as I believed it is they which caused my present ill health. I was warned if I did not take the drugs I could end up in hospital on an anti biotic drip if the infection spread. I was told I would have to return once the infection had gone to have the cyst surgically removed. You were kind enough to send me absent healing by phone outside your normal hours as the infection was making me feel worse than usual, I was very anxious at the prospect of taking antibiotics. I am pleased to say that the cyst has now shrunk and is barely detectable, I am relieved to say.

Paul C. Devon.I am a physical fitness trainer but have been un-able to train because of a shoulder injury. I have had months of physiotherapy and was unable to work. After your healing session I didn’t feel anything at all. It wasn’t until I tried to do the things that normally I wasn’t able to do that I realised I could do them again. I’m now back in full time training and I have a few friends that I will tell. I must admit I was sceptical at first but not any more.

Stuart G. Somerset. I decided to visit Carol after years of stomach pain and general ill health, this due to an accident in Nov. 1994. After 3 major operations and finding myself in pain at almost every other day I went to Carol, deciding I had gone the full course of conventional medicine. Carols diagnosis was spot on, telling both me and my GP all the problem areas. This prompted my GP to send me to a specialist consultant in a Bristol Hospital. My appointment date, which I received a few weeks ago is Dec. 31 1997. I also joined Carols absent healing program, after healing, and at this time of writing this letter I am completely free of pain, my bowel movements have also improved. I can’t thank Carol enough for all her help with my health both physically and spiritually.

Margaret V. Devon. An MS victim for the past 20 years, Margaret writes.Thank you so much for the help you are giving me, I am feeling better already. During absent healing I feel pressure on my shoulders and upper arms as I did when you were working on me directly. There is now a much looser feeling in my spine, and to-night it finished up with my fingers really tingling”. (Margaret’s back was severely restricted and she could walk only with a lot of support from her husband). Also writes July 96, “Thank you so much for all your help. The absent healing last night was very strong. Both my hands went tingly and I felt the energy trying to get through my left hand which has been shut tight for more than 10 years and getting progressively worse over the period, afterwards it was not so crunched up. I felt a kind of gentle pressure in the small of my back and down the backs of my legs. I got up the stairs much better at bed time. In the morning I had been shopping and went to the supermarket, I was not so ‘pegged out’ when we got home, so I am really getting better. In August 96, at Poundshill, she said, “look I can now move my fingers on both hands, I’ve not been able to do that for a long time now, I can open my hands quite a bit now, I am a lot happier in myself, I can see the results and I am not as tired anymore”. Again writing, “I have has MS now for more than 20 years. I was having much difficulty climbing stairs. My left hand which had been the same for 10 years and had three fingers locked into a position touching my palm. The fingers on my right hand were also curling and both thumbs were weak. Now, two months later with absent healing and 5 personal contact sessions I am climbing the stairs more easily and my walking is much improved. There is a marvellous change to my hands, as the fingers that were locked are opening up and the joints starting to move, the thumbs are getting stronger and both hands generally feel more ‘alive’”.

John W. UK Writes, I am a man in my early sixties, some four years ago I began to feel discomfort in my chest when walking up sloping ground, this discomfort felt like a constriction in my lungs. I had a sensation of pins and needles down both arms to my elbows. The feeling of tightness had increased in the last six months to a worrying stage. I knew my blood pressure was high and I had been to hospital for an ECG, but this showed nothing unusual with my heart. I have known of Carols gifts and abilities for over two years, I arranged to visit her for an opinion. At our first meeting Carol diagnosed a sticking valve in my heart and I arranged a healing session the next week. Within three days of the healing operation I have found that I can walk normally up sloping ground, and some quite steep slopes, with no pain and discomfort whatsoever. I have no discomfort in my chest or sensations down my arms. Thank you Carol, I am so thrilled.

Maureen C. Devon. It’s only two days since I came to you for healing and already I am feeling the benefits. It seems like a miracle after suffering for five years. I feel like a new person with more energy, my head is clearer and my balance is a lot better. I cant thank you enough, I’m looking forward to a better quality of life. I have to say thank you again for saving me from a sinus operation. Since you did my healing operation I can breathe normally and even blow my nose, something I haven’t been able to do for 9 months. I have cancelled my date for the operation because I don’t need it. Its a pity some of the local doctors will not look more closely at the wonderful work you do for so many people. Thanks Carol.

Beryl B. Dorset. The healing has given me much more energy, the pain in my right kidney is almost non existent and the colour in my face is pink and not yellow. In fact you have given me a new life, I thank you. As you know it has been thirty years, I have not been well and I have been all over the country seeing specialists, with little results. Look forward to seeing you periodically for a boost to the healing. You were right to also be worried about my husband, the symptoms you told me, about his irritability, forgetfulness, head pains and blood pressure were exactly what doctors had been worrying about. He has been receiving regular checks on his condition which was considered serious. Though no date had been set for treatments, following his healing operation with you, the pressure disappeared, at his next check up the doctors could not believe his blood pressure had returned to being completely normal. Mr B writes I was being regularly checked for blood pressure. I have had high blood pressure for a number off years. I saw the nurse for a test for three weeks and each test was high, so we arranged a doctors appointment. But before I saw the doctor I had a treatment from Carol Everett. When I saw the doctor my blood pressure was almost normal, they had to take it again to confirm the result. I’ve had one more test from the nurse since which was very slightly up, but not as high as it has been for a long time. Generally I feel more relaxed and calm. Thank you Carol for your support for my wife and myself.

Alex Y. Somerset. Age 13 yr. My mum first took me to see Carol because I always seemed to have a cold but Carol did some healing and my constant runny nose went. Then I had another problem, I started my periods, to start with they were completely irregular, which was quite normal for someone my age (11) but they started to get worse. They got very close together and became very heavy. I hardly had any energy and became anaemic. As time went on I began to bleed almost every day and had bad cramps which were very unpredictable. I went to see Carol but the bleeding continued, though I felt better. After that the consultant put me on hormone treatment for 4 months. While I was taking the pills my periods were regular but when I stopped taking them it had not changed anything. Then Carol did an intensive healing on me, since then I have had no bleeding and no period, I feel confident they will now even out. Compared to a few weeks ago I feel much more lively and energetic and my appetite has got better. I would like to thank Carol for her perseverance with my problem, she got me back to my old self again, I feel more lively than before and even before the problem started. I feel more confident and have more get up and go now. Carol helped me through a very difficult part of my life.

Bronwyn N. Devon. I first met Carol Everett about a year ago when I brought my small daughter to see her for a diagnostic consultation. We have subsequently met quite frequently as my daughter has been undergoing a course of healing, see letter below. My daughter is very difficult to keep still and consequently Carol had some problems with her. However, about six months ago my daughter fell asleep on my lap and Carol was able to concentrate her energies into her. At this time Carol must have 'gone through' my daughter and told me I had problems with my lower back and joints. (She did not know but at that time I was having a great deal of pain from my left knee and I had suffered a considerable amount of back pain for over 14 years). She advised me to take a course of vitamin supplements. I took the supplements as she advised but I must admit I was sceptical as to their efficiency. My doctor had told me 14 years ago I would have to suffer back pain for the rest of my life. Gradually I felt less and less pain and walking to the village post office - some half mile - became much easier. Previously I was totally exhausted by the time I had reached the post office. I felt so well, that during the summer evenings I started walking and walked up to 5 miles per evening during most of July, August and September. This would have been agony had I not taken the vitamin supplements recommended by Carol.
Several weeks ago whilst cuddling my daughter, I felt a lump in my left breast and, with a family history of deaths through breast cancer, I wanted to have this examined straight away. I rang my GP but had to wait for over 3 weeks to see the doctor of my choice. In the meantime I made an appointment to see Carol for a diagnosis. By the time I saw Carol I was experiencing some discomfort in my left breast when wearing my seat belt in the car. I therefore was somewhat anxious to know the reason for this discomfort and when I went to see Carol she immediately told me where the lump was and that it was nothing to worry about - just possibly a cyst.
I booked two healing sessions with Carol but even after the first session I knew that the lump in my breast had disappeared. When I got in my car outside Carol's house I felt no discomfort at all when putting on my seat belt. I continued with the second healing session and am now confident that the lump has totally disappeared - so much so that my doctor refuses to believe there was ever a lump - but I now differently! She did, however, tell me of another possible illness, diabetes, but only border line at that time, and described several symptoms to me that I was aware of but had never connected. She urged me to see a doctor right away to get the tests done. The first doctor I saw was somewhat sceptical when I mentioned a healer had diagnosed the diabetes. She carried out a urine test and said I was not diabetic. She even put a note in my records to let it be known I had been to a healer who had diagnosed I was diabetic.
Today 20th Feb. 1997, some five months later I visited another doctor in the same practice, who was a diabetic himself, and was told that I was not only a border line diabetic now, but that I have full blown diabetes. He showed me the note in my records the other doctor had written. Had the diabetes been recognised five months ago I would not be in such a condition now and the medication would not have been so severe. Yet again Carol Everett has been proved correct in her diagnosis.

Rachel N. Devon. 1996. Mum, Bronwyn writes, “We visited Carol Everett for the first time because we had never been given a diagnosis for what is wrong with our daughter. The medical profession does not appear even to want to find out. With only her name (Rachel), Carol told us it was her nervous system which was damaged early in pregnancy due to a viral infection. This was amazing, as nine months earlier we had taken our daughter to specialists at a London clinic, where after taking details of her medical history and examining her we were told it was her central nervous system which was damaged at conception. Carols accuracy without any examination at all, and without information, was amazing and certainly surprised us. I must admit, we were sceptic about it prior to our first visit. We are seeing Carol for healing sessions and Rachel does now appear to be stronger and more co-ordinated,” Rachel is also on the absent healing program and is improving. Recently Rachel’s mum phoned and said, “Rachel has taken 14 steps completely unaided, this the same night she got home from her last healing session with Carol, this is the first time she has been able to walk like this on her own”. Rachel is now improving on a daily basis increasing her walking distances, now up to 120 steps, her co-ordination and communication abilities are also improving”. 1996 “This Christmas was the first Rachel could understand, before it was just a blank. Now Rachel walks as normally as possible, even though she had leg braces before, she could not even stand for any length of time now she is getting stronger by the week. She is much more alert and inquisitive whereas before there was virtually nothing.

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