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Kim Mendez
Acupuncture, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Aromatherapy - Remedial Massage, Reflexology, Chinese Herbal Medicine
Kim has been practising at Pineapple Studios since 1990. Over the last 24 years she has treated patients using Remedial Massage, Reflexology and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her interests not only includes joint pain, muscle spasm, and pulled tendons, but she also enjoys ensuring that internal health is also looked after. Dietary and lifestyle advice is greatly appreciated by her clientele. Kim also has the experience of attending clients at a number of London hospitals.
Kim's Training (including time in China) her qualifications and related knowledge are outstanding.


Alien information resource
Rapidly expanding multi dimensional alien centre of excellence

Alien-Facts is a highly informative expanding source of comprehensive alien research. One day we may all need to be alien aware.
It covers many diverse areas of essential need to know extraterrestrial phenomena .
Humanity seems to have a need to know that we are not alone. People have always speculated whether life exists beyond planet earth. In 1961 astrophysicist Frank Drake developed an equation to estimate the number of advanced civilizations likely to exist in the Milky Way galaxy. Find this and more on this site. We cannot possibly be alone in the cosmos, to say so is simply foolish.

Rory Macquiston

Rory Macquisten (Rory Duff)
Rory is one of the leading pioneers in the World in the understanding of Leylines and Earth Energies and how their frequencies can be highly beneficial as well as dangerous. He came up with the first ever classification of Earth Energies which is now used by thousands of people around the World.
He is the first person to ever offer up a viable scientific hypothesis as to what these energies are and how they are generated within the Earth and how this links with the Universal consciousness.Following up on synchronicities, he came across some practically unknown Templar chapels with some exceptionally strange symbols that had never before been deciphered. This led him to producing his highly successful documentary Holy Grail Found and the popular books Grail Found and Grail Bound. The latter resulted on following up further synchronicity about a common link running though some of the most significant prophecies in the World.

Note. We have known Rory around 30 years and his drive to examine energy sources of many kinds in both measurable, theoretical areas is a credit to his determination. His astute enquiring interest in the many areas of phenomena not yet entirely understood will ensure he remains an effective researcher who can provide answers well into the future.

Much more can be found at Rorys informative web site, url

Mindi Kane
Mindi Kane, Counsellor and Therapist.- Web site
Mindi Kane <> - Tel +44 7980515337

British Register of Complementary Practitioners.
Sue Knight
Tel: 0300 302 0715
Direct dial: 01458 223185


British Register of Complementary Practitioners    New Event

The Confederation of Healing Organisations and British Register of Complementary Practitioners will be holding a Practitioner Day on Sunday 8th March in London at The Old Diorama Arts Centre NW1.  Contact sue night.

View the details of the Practitioners Day meetings  in your browser click here


Monthly magazine / newspaper (also available on line) covering the paranormal and spiritualism.
The psychic news have covered many articles over the years about my work, dating back to Rita Smiths coverage of my Japanese scientific testing..
The spiritual movement would not be the same or as available without them.

Sara Davenport

Reboot Health Newsletter

Written by health advocate Sara Davenport, founder of one of the UK's leading breast cancer charities, Breast Cancer Haven. With over twenty years' experience in holistic health, Sara's digital dose of wellness teaches you to listen to your body, tweak your lifestyle and improve your health.


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Including Carol

Specialist Magazine for people with Cancer and also their carers.
Has many articles and almost everything you possibly need to know to help you beat cancer

ian cda
CDA Fitness

Fully qualified  REP'S  & EREP'S registered Personal Trainer.  Specialising in helping clients to achieve their health and fitness goals. With personalised guidance and support he will be able to help you get fit, lose weight, tone up, increase flexibility and improve your well being.  In addition, you can also work in conjunction with your GP if needed to help with Diabetes, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, joint replacements, hypertension, Respiratory Problems  and Mechanical Back Pain.

We, psychic investigators and empiricists, will pursue any avenue, we will follow every legitimate lead, we will question, research, reason, investigate all forms of energy, probe into phenomena hitherto unexamined or unexplained, explore and examine anything, anywhere, anytime  to discover the truth because truth - not faith will save us.

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