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Meditation Lessons and Self Healing
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Complete teaching series in a easy to use Book & CD. Plus special colour guides.
An audio visual step by step guide contains the means to developing your own psychic and intuitive abilities.

The Meditation set comprises.
a. Teaching CD, or mp3. You will meditate and learn as you go with Carol using scientifically proven methods.
b. A 40 page instruction booklet, covers all you need to know about the lessons, plus feelings you will experience.
c. Prints of special artwork, a set of 3 visual series meditation pictures. Energy, Communication & Healing.

This Meditation Book & CD teaches you to.
a. Relax your body and relieve stress for basic and advanced meditation.
b. Gather and harness powerful natural energies around you, developing and using the right brain.
c. Communicate with higher energies, more intuitively.
d. Reach levels in stages, moving to the upper levels. Healing and high energy intuitive work.

Cd Audio Extracts soon,

CD, Handbook and Visual Series Information

The Meditation course is a audio CD/mp3, 40 page booklet and three right brain stimulation pictures.sed activity in the right brain. Important to meditation and developing intuition, creativity and psychic ability.

This meditation CD is like no other, it works, it gets you meditating and working with your right brain. People new to meditation follow many varied methods and theories. Sometimes meditation theories are surrounded by the most complicated jargon you could possibly imagine. Impossible to understand. It occupies your mind  so you just cant get out of the left brain and into the right. This makes it hard to meditate or get through the barriers. Stop, step back and relax this takes the complication out of meditation. It's simple and effective, it makes meditation easy. If you prefer the word relaxation instead of meditation, no problem deep relaxation is easier to rdevelope and leads to easy meditation.

Writers, Artists. Break through the restrictive boundaries of your own creativity and awareness boundaries, remove the self imposed barriers which often prevent you from attaining effective and optimum creativity, which you can enhance through meditation. Use this CD to increase your own intuition and creativity.

Doctors & Practitioners.
Medical practitioners, how often do you wish that when confronted with difficult or impossible cases, you could be just a little more 'intuitive' with your patients. How would you like to have the intuitive ability to diagnose the root core of patients problems more often instead of treating symptoms, often by 'trial and error'. The very best doctors already have this kind of intuition in diagnosis. But now you can help develop your own. Wouldn't it be wonderful if your own intuitive instincts for the root cause of complex medical cases were just as clear as the plain and obvious. By using meditation, or if you are more comfortable with the word relaxation, then use that instead. Utilising more powerful intuitive instincts in diagnosis by using these methods could set you well beyond your current abilities. Out reaching normal diagnosis methods in one step. Many people and doctors will already be familiar with the results of Carol Everett's documented work in isolating 'impossible' diagnosis cases. There is no reason you cannot increase your inner intuition whatever your role in life.

Addiction & Dieting, Low Sex drive. . Are you trying to loose weight but find you are eating through compulsion or stress related issues. Is your sex drive suffering through stress or anxiety. Do you have the desire to take drugs or other harmful stimuli. Well the answer may be in meditation, it has been proven that the mental state you can reach through meditation can get you to a place far better than ever achieved through artificial or chemical means, and without wrecking your body. Relaxed people using meditation to increase their life force can lead more fulfilling lives. Using this CD and the techniques enclosed can help you relax and get through any of these problems and much more.

The CD
contains methods to release your own personal intuitive potential. Everybody has a level that can be reached with practice, its like driving a car, it becomes more natural to you. By simply using your own increased intuitive awareness, both you and others around will notice the positive changes because you will interact in a more positive way. You just have to learn how, by using these time tested techniques. High level meditation is made more easy and simple to understand, you too can learn just by using Carols own unique development methods and visual aids.
Other pages on this site will show you very real results obtained using the very same methods you will learn. You will also see scientific testing that proves how and what Carol Everett has achieved by using these methods.

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