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DATE : 8. SEPT 1994

Prof Yoshio Machi, Carol Everett and Interpreter At Tokyo Denki University Labs.
Professor Yoshio Machi
& Carol Everett
Tokyo Denki University


Transcript.. From Japanese Language Sheets..
Originating Author:- Professor Yoshio Machi.
NB Body Thermograph and Brain Topography images seen on

PROLOGUE: On some occasions, Spiritualists, Psychics and Intuitives can diagnose and cure patients. Such diagnosis and their cures cannot normally be approved of in the Western medical field. However, this kind of 'healing' has been done and has been successful all over the world since ancient times, Here is a report in that objective scientific observations were made while an English female Intuitive was diagnosing and healing a Japanese woman.

The conduct of the experiment:
A 45 year-old English female Intuitive, Carol Everett, is going to diagnose and try to cure a Japanese woman, a 26-year-old fashion model, whom the Intuitive has not met before. The Japanese woman herself has subjective symptoms. She has just been counselled in a hospital and has been waiting for the result of her tests. Of course, there's no way of 'the healer' knowing about this. 'The healer' diagnosed and cured this patient, sitting down on a chair 1.5m away from the patient, with her eyes open.

The items included for the observations were the healer's brain waves, the number of heart beats, breathing rate and the temperature of her face. Where as the Japanese woman was observed concerning the temperature of her body by thermography. As for the observation equipment, refer to Table I.

Measurement Item, Equipment.
Brain Waves: NEC SANEI Brain wave measuring equipment type 1A92A, Topograph, micro - computer 9821+ATAMAP.
Blood Pressure: Finapres 2300 (finger sensor type) OHMEDA (USA).
Heart Rate: NEC SANEI Bioview G 2G52.
Thermography: NEC SANEI, TH1101 (HgCdTe) + Japan AV10, TVS3000 (InSb).
Breathing: Wireless headset with microphone and receiver. Data recorder (TEAC).

Result: Diagnosis
According to the healer, the patient had a problem with her right bottom stomach area in particular the ovary in which she indicated a growth and cell abnormality. (Note 1)

The result of the brain wave -- topography:
When the healer diagnosed the patient, her brain waves were divided into ALPHA 1, ALPHA 2, and BETA and BETA 2 in order to examine. It was found that the brain waves voltage of the healer were at the low level in both cases, but ALPHA 1 was to be found only in some parts of her head.
However, it was proved that her right brain increased its voltage, although it occurred for a short while. As well as this, the voltage of the front of her head rose to a level higher than usual. Furthermore, it probably would have been because the healer was diagnosing the patient. The sense of sight in her right back brain increased its voltage. it could be concluded that she was looking at what the patients problem was by using her right brain only. (Note 2)
During the diagnosis, such a function of her brain was noticed twice. This example is shown in figure 1,

The results of breath and heart beats:
'The healer' usually breathes at approximately 12 times per min, but when her brain waves showed something unusual, it was also discovered that she strongly breathed every 10-15 seconds. Before she started diagnosing her breath was longer than the usual one and eventually this unusual breathing lasted for 56 seconds as shown in Fig 2. While she was breathing strongly, her heart beats were counted -- 127 times per minute -- whereas when she was in a normal situation although she was somewhat nervous, She beat 115 times a minute. It revealed that her breathing tended to rise.

The temperature of the patient's body:
The result of the patient's body temperature observed by thermography is shown in Fig 3. This picture shows us that the human body is symmetrical provided that it is healthy, but for this patient this was not so.
She had a particular part at which the temperature was particularly high. This fact accords with the healers diagnosis, Therefore we asked the patient and she answered she felt something unusual in exactly the same part that both the healer and the thermographic picture had pointed out. (Note 3)

The healer said that it was possible for her to heal the patient. Therefore this experiment was done.
She (the healer) was sitting down on the chair without holding up her hands over her forehead. She seemed as if she was meditating with her eyes open.

The brain waves: topography:
As time passed we observed the brain waves and we discovered that ALPHA wave and BETA wave were at low level almost all the time and the brain didn't function vigorously during the healing. But ALPHA 1 waves became active twice in a short time. One of the examples is shown in Fig 4, According to this we can find out that the right brain works especially hard and especially the front part of it.
A subsequent experiment about a sense of smell revealed that this part of the brain is very near the point of the sense of smell.

The result of breath and heart beats:
The breath which was shown to be 12 times per minute in a usual situation increased to between 20-30 times per minute during the healing. Also it was found that this increasing breathing activity gradually became stronger towards the end. This strong breathing activity during healing is shown in Fig. 5,
It was discovered that the length and interval between breaths became close and the way of the breathing was different from for the diagnosis.
As for the heart beats, they were 119 times per minute at the point where the breathing activity was strong and they just increased slightly more than in a normal situation,

The thermography of the healer and the patient:
The body temperature of both of them is shown in Fig 6. it is found that the temperature of the healer's face increased as time passed. As well as this the temperature of the patient's right bottom stomach area seemed to be drastically decreasing during the healing. Given the fact that this is unusual when the ambient temperature is high, the result of this healing means that the patient was recovering to some degree from the illness.


We have succeeded in objective scientific observations about the healer's diagnosis and cure. As far as the brain waves are concerned. During both the diagnosis and the healing, the right brain functioned actively. We have obtained the same observations as a result from a Chinese psychic at the same time as when spiritualists practise their own way of healing.
At the same time it is related to the fact that a spiritualist's right brain works vigorously when she uses her own way of healing. In both cases, as you can see in the brain topography, the healer 'feels' something by using the right brain in order to make a sort of image and she looks at something with her vision in the right brain. When it comes to healing she uses her right front brain.

We really want to know how she exercises her special power. With regard to this experiment it may be because she can exercise that power by breathing, to be more precise by controlling her breathing. It seems that she stimulates a breath system by controlling her breath, and the nerves which pass through there so stimulate the right front brain.
This nerve cycle is thought to be related to the control or management of the autonomous nerve system but the change of the heart beat is only a little. However, it is possible to think that the sympathetic nerve was stimulated and the heart beats still faster. Therefore the temperature of the healers face is increased significantly.

Fig 7. shows that the temperature of the affected part in the patient decreased, (see main page) - which was not due to the effect of room temperature - just before the end of healing.
Moreover, it was proved that the temperature of the area went down from the beginning of the healing and finally recovered the natural temperature of the body, just before the end of the healing.
As anything other than the temperature decrease by natural means is shown to have come from the healer it seems that the patient received some kind of tranmitted information from the healer. Therefore, it caused the change in temperature. I intend to do further experiments in order to find out that the Patient has actually been healed. Diagnosis was confirmed by Fuji TV research following the experiment from information provided to the patient by her doctor.
( 6.11.1994. Professor Yoshio Machi writes, "I asked about the young woman from the Fuji TV company but at this point could not get a response. But in the TV program, the lady healed by Carol becomes alright again.)

Notes.. (1) * Editors Note.. Referring to the film made by Fuji TV the Patient was intuitively diagnosed as having an obstruction of growth forming in the tubes of the right Ovary. The official diagnosis made by doctors prior to the tests and later shown to the cameras confirming diagnosis was 'mild dysplasia', ie abnormal cell growth.*

(2) *Editors Note.. The method of diagnosis adopted by the intuitive is that of 'looking into' the body of the patient. Either in the same room or in a completely remote location, ie separated patient and person carrying out diagnosis. The source of stress in the body are located and an evaluation is continued to pinpoint the exact location and cause, also its history. No information of any description other than the patients name is given to the Intuitive Diagnostician, No patient to diagnostician communication is permitted at any time during a diagnosis.*

(3) *Editors Note.. The thermograph images were not available to Carol either during diagnosis or healing at any time. Only after the whole process was this information made available to her.*


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