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Elliott Greenfield         (MOSAIC TRISOMY 18)
I can walk,
and walk
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(at 3yrs) I'm 4 now
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ELLIOTT GREENFIELD. Healing with Carol Everett

Hi everybody my name is Elliott Greenfield,I have mosaic trisomy 18, (Edward's syndrome)

I had big chromosone problems when I was born Its calkled edwards syndrome. They all thought I wouldnt make it. But once I had survived, the medical profession then said I possibly would not walk, now I walk all over the place. They said I probably would not talk like the others, I've just started to talk ok and my words are increasing daily.. They also said I wouldn't be able to do lots of the basic things, but I'm doing them all fairly easily now. At school they guessed I'm only eighteen months or two years behind normal kids and catching up quick its better than not being here at all. Im just about only walking talking mosaic trisomy 18, (Edward's syndrome) kid in the world moving forward in life. My dads checked many websites and looked at many cases. So its Hi energy healing for me please. A big kiss to Carol Everett who just happens to be my nanny. The doctors are amazed at just how far I've come and how well I've done. No other kid, anywhere in the world is as far forward as I am with this condition. Others with the same condition lead miserable and often sadly very short lives. The doctors now use me as an example of the best of what can be expected. From day one they said there is no treatment doctors could give me, there is no cure, so they said I wouldnt be around too long. So the only treatment I had was energy healing from Carol Everett, just two days after I was born she started work. It really worked for me.

When I was born it was a fairly normal delivery, a bit of a squeak here and there, so I have been informed. But I don't remember much about it really. You know how these things are. I was taken away, washed, and the usual pulling of legs and arms, a bit of measuring and a quick wash . Then everyone started to get really serious my mum and Dad were crying, a bit of an atmosphere really. Well apparently I have an abnormality of the chromosome number 18 being the one that has created all the problems.

(Carol's bit.. Elliott was diagnosed as having Mosaic Trisome 18. His parents were told by the hospital that he would probably die within the year, maybe just a few months and they could not tell them what he would or wouldn't be able to do. A bereavement consellor was sent to advise what to do, they expected Elloiot to die quick, we didnt give up.)

Well, I will get on with my story, I don't want to make it too long and boring. My mum Samantha and my Dad Mark rang up Carol in Devon and told her what the doctors had said. Carol is a healer, I don't know much about that stuff only that when Carol does healing on me is makes me feel all warm and I usually fall asleep.

Carol & Evers, as I call him, were very upset. They said come straight down, with me, so that Carol could do the healing on me. Carol was upset because she had previously done healing on babies in the womb who had turned out fine, their parents had been advised by doctors to terminate as they had different things wrong with them. She healed them and felt she had let us all down by not spotting anything about my condition or being able to do anything with me and my mum, but then perhaps some things are meant to be.

(When I looked at Elliott he was very small, and just didn't look quite right, he had the distinct features associated with his condition.. As I stood over him I wondered if I might be better to let him go peacefully rather than risk a very unpredictable future that the medical books indicated his condition would end up as. As I stood looking at his little body laid on my healing bed, he looked like a little doll, with a face that had a wise old look on it. All of a sudden I remembered a message I had received twenty years before in meditation. It came back loud and clearly to me in my mind. The name Elliott will help you with your work and he will be a good artist. Remembering this message it spurred me on , I thought I must do this , I am meant to help him. Well the results with Elliott has helped me with my work . I have gone on to help other children with similar conditions . Now I want to open a clinic especially to help these children. )

My turn again, these grown ups waffle on don't, they ..Well all the things the doctors said it might be difficult for me to do, like normal children I can do. I am about eighteen months to two years behind in some things and a year in others. I love chips, I like beans and yogurt. I love lollies on a stick they last ages until they get stuck to the furniture. I can walk, I love the dustpan and brush. I like cleaning I suppose. I don't do it very well but it always gets a good reaction from grown ups. They go, oh look at him, if it's a lucky day strangers give you sweets. It's worth the effort of sweeping up. My sister Amy is nine years old, we love watching TV together, my favorite is the Disney Program, Bear in the Big blue house. If Amy has too many goes on the TV I scream loudly. Mum changes the channels then.

I love painting, at play school I get in a bit of a paddy when they take my paint brush away. Especially when they do that and then they lay you on a mat, pulling your arms and legs around. Physio something they say it is. I love listening to music, especially the music channel. Twinkle Twinkle little star is one I am learning at the moment . I'm a bit slow in talking but as you can see I know everything that is going on. Everyone says I have beautiful blue eyes, I can see very well. I did have an ear infection recently while we were in Spain like a lot of four year olds do and I was whisked off to the Doctors, he didn't speak English too well but he gave me a lolly, and he knew enough of what I was doing, and pointing at that I wanted another lolly. I got it of course.

We sometimes look after Carol and Evers Dog, she's called Phoebe, I love Phoebe, sometimes she knocks me over or runs away too quick, I can't keep up with her. I got into big trouble a few weeks ago. I tried to get out of the cat flap, and got a bit stuck. I saw our two cats going outside, and phoebe always goes outside, so I thought its fair game. I saw my chance and took it, Mum left the front door open. As I went out the door I decided to grab the mop bucket , you never know what you are going to find on the way, a few stones, sticks, a creature or two. It was hard work dragging the bucket up the hill. I got to the top of the hill, it looked a bit busy. I couldn't make up my mind which way to go. All of a sudden my mums arms where round me picking me up. Elliott you naughty boy. Matter of opinion don't you think. After everyone saying they didn't know if I would be able to walk, talk and maybe die in my sleep in the first year. You would think these grown ups would be pleased. I heard my mum laughing though as she relayed the story to everyone else.

My dad is in the Marines so I don't get to see him everyday, only at weekends. When he comes home he picks me right up above his head, it feels good. I've got sort of an army uniform, my nanny and Grampy bought it for me when they were in America, it's the same colour as my dads. I wear ordinary shoes now, for a short while I wore special support shoes, but I don't need them now, so mum picks me real modern ones. I do point at the ones I like.

I started an ordinary nursery school in Sept, so I get to copy and play with all the normal children. Honey lands, the school where I go, a lot of the children have similar things to me, they cannot run or walk, or throw food about like I do. Maybe I should tell them about my nanny, or maybe you can tell them about my nanny, and she can help them too. Must go I have been eating a bit too much today, its been a bit noisy with everyone cooing over me all day. Guess what? I have a lolly under my pillow for the morning .

Don't forget me will you, and check Carol's web site if you want to read more about me later and other children. Goodnight everyone. Sweet dreams,


A Medical History Of Elliott Greenfield Born: 12 August 1998 Diagnosed with: Trisomy 18(mosaic) - Edwards Syndrome

Elliott at birth weighed at 5 pounds 10 and a half. Calculations showed that he was four days over his actual birth date. He was covered in "vernix" which we were told that this was a sign of a premature birth (I later confirmed with a nurse of some 20 years experience with premature babies that this was the case). Obviously this is one sign that something was wrong, though we thought that Elliott was ok.

After only six hours at hospital and a normal delivery (six hours in labour), we were sent home. Later in the day Elliott started to have trouble with his breathing, his chest was rising up and down quick quickly. We immediately phoned the midwife, and as soon as she saw Elliott was in difficulty she phoned for an ambulance. Elliott was admitted after only a few hours out of the maternity ward.

This is a part of our lives was not a nice time, and we try to forget it as much as possible. Elliott was now on a drip and Oxygen in Intensive care at the children's ward in Portsmouth. Samantha, Elliott's mother was there by his side.

The next phoned call I have is from Elliott's Doctor asking to see both of Elliott's parents. We both had no idea what she wanted to say to us. At this time we already were thinking of the worst cases…was he ok?.We were both met by Dr x and asked to come into an interview room where we were told the following information about Elliott: Elliott has a dark patch on one lung, and we are treating this as an infection. Elliott has had tests and the outcome is not nice, Elliott has Edwards Syndrome a mosaic form of Trisomy 18. We do not know how badly he is affected though he could live up to one year old, but we are not sure. NOTE: After now, two and a half years on and Elliott is thriving and growing up as normal. The so-called Dr x could only tell us what she knows from what she has learned from books and experience in this field. This wasn't sufficient though obviously we were both totally devastated at this news, and then thought that Elliott was going to die…shortly. I then, while Samantha was being looked after, phoned up Elliott's Grandmother Carol Everett to tell her the news and could she start healing Elliott immediately, she did.

Again Dr x tried to pin a tag on Elliott saying that: He has ears that were paper thin, lower down, a characteristic of Edwards Syndrome. This was the case, but as Carol was working on him all the time this feature soon disappeared. His eyelids didn't close properly. He is tiny His head was a certain shape Etc, etc, etc Dr x was not sure of anything really because Elliott just did not fit the Edwards Syndrome template. Again after tests they found out that Elliott had no brain deformities or heart abnormalities, though again Dr x thought he would have.

After more testing/x rays two doctors had scientifically come to two conclusions about his kidneys. One doctor was not sure if Elliott had one or two kidneys, the other doctor said that he has one in the normal place and another lower down. They were, at this time looking at the same x-ray. The overall conclusion was that Elliott has "Horseshoe" kidney's, which meant that they were slightly joined together and that they both worked perfectly well. This was only after prescribing Elliott with "Trimethaprin", which we later found out through my sister in law (a pharmacist), and Carol's medical books, that Trimethaprin is not to be given to children under twelve years of age!.(and later told that the hospital always uses Trimethaprin for suspected kidney disorders).Elliott brought his legs up and cried when he given this medicine. Carol had told us that Elliott's stomach lining was sensitive to this and needed to be taken off it soonest.

Elliott was released from hospital soon after with an uncertain future. The next months that followed, I can not remember how many times we went back to hospital/medical centres for check up's etc, it seemed endless, but as the days, months went by the better he became. His overall well being was enhanced by several trips to see his grandmother who sat him on her lap, held and touched his body in the right places (head, body) and gave him healing (to which he still receives today) Elliott was seen as an outpatient by Dr x who had with her a specialist in Syndrome babies, he was amazed that Elliott had no visual symptoms of an Edwards Syndrome baby should have. This was obviously really good news for Carol and us. Elliott was then sent to see a Geneticist who again after seeing Elliot the fist time had to go and get another colegue to tell her that this was the bad little boy that she had seen earlier and who was not looking well. She was amazed how well Elliott was and how alert he was also. Every one who comes into contact with Elliott said how well he was doing except for Dr x, who by the way was four feet something with dwarfism characteristics and squinted a lot, who was she to say anything too!!. Another Dr, Dr n was sympathetic to us, by the way we used "alternative" methods to make Elliott better (healing from grandmother, Carol). He said that if it works, use it, and asked how Carol did these things and generally was an interested party. He also asked us if we would let him put Elliott's details on the hospital database, it was an unusual recovery. Dr x had no interest in what Carol was doing at all, but was obviously completely confused and baffled about how and why Elliott was progressing so well.

There was no treatment for elliot, but healing from Carol, which from the start as intended has put Elliott's extra cell asleep, which obviously has done wonders for him over these past years and we would not know where we would be without her and her healing abilities. To inspire others..... Mark & Samantha Greenfield

Elliott is now 8years old. in 2006

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