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New House Design, North Totana, Murcia (Apr 2008)
3D Section is shown without roof and with transparent floors for spatial clarity
House designs can be rotated, sliced and sectioned in real time for clients to see every possible angle.
SEE THIS DESIGN IN FULL ROTATING 3d.. see bottom of page for details how

House Near Totana. Total 540m2 (above). Construction method shell, Styrostone.
Including 169m2 under build, 200m2 Living Accommodation, inclusive of upper master bedroom & en suite,
120m2 terraces, Plus 50m2 Detached Garage/store and 8x4m Pool & Barbeque terraced patio area.

Elevations Front, Back, Left and right

Main Floor Plan

Underbuild 169m2

Master Bedroom Elevated on first floor

If you have the autocad dwf viewer, (its available free from www.autodesk.com)
You can view/download and rotate the 3d drawing designs shown above by clicking.  3d Floors
Nb. Left click to view, Right click to download. This viewer, available free from www.autodesk.com allows you to rotate the top view in real time.