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Lucie Courtois      (Chromosome 16 )
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LUCIE COURTOIS. (Video Shortly available)

Lucie first came to see me in Corona del mar CA. Her mother felt inspired to see me after reading an article about my work in the Orange County magazine. When I looked at Lucie is was obvious that with a small child of less than two years old wearing glasses was that she had an eye problem. That was not the issue that I homed in on though. I put my hand on Lucie head and immediately felt a chromosome deficiency. I turned to her mother and said chromosome 16, that is where the problem is. Her mother looked at me and said she knew there was a chromosome deficiency but she couldn't remember which one it was, she would have to check when she went home.
Lucie was just adorable but her sleep patterns were out she couldn't crawl, she wasn't making any attempt to speak, her digestive system was not as it should be. She hung over her mothers shoulder like a limp rag with no sign of making movement, mum said that was pretty much like she always was.
After treating Lucie with healing for a few short sessions she was crawling, sleeping all night, and saying ma ma. The light came back into her eyes. I was so pleased to play a small part in her recovery. The feeling you get when these children start to respond is just not easy to put into words. All I can say is that I love Lucie and all the Lucie's and that is probably why I can help them.

Mums Story
I am a mother of two, the first child of ours has never had as much as a cold. Our second child has had quite a few challenges that began for our family during a routine amneosenthesis. The report showed a very complex rearrangement of Lucie's chromosomes. There were 5 translocation and at that time our Dr. and geneticist consulted with us and offered the possibility of terminating the pregnancy as it was uncertain if or what the health issues would entail. We opted for our daughter and agreed she would be perfect in whatever form she was sent to us. When Lucie was born prematurely she was examined head to toe and her apparent issue was corneal opacities which required corneal transplant surgery. The outcome was not optimistic. She received the corneal transplants and the surgeries were successful but Lucie was very slow to grow and develop due to her slow start and the uncertainty around her chromosomal rearrangements. We had been to a variety of specialists including cardiologist, endocrinologist, gastroentrologist, nutritionist, developmental, physical therapist and occupational therapist, etc. There was no clear understanding of Lucie's problems and we were doing a lot of praying and therapy. One day I was reading the Orange Coast Magazine and came across an article about a healer , Carol Everett, who had healed a person who was basically incurable. I emailed her and set up an appointment with her for a diagnostic healing without giving any of Lucie's history. When I met Carol with Lucie she did not ask any questions and in fact because Lucie wears glasses I expected her to discuss Lucie's eyes with me as everyone does due to the unusualness of such a small baby wearing glasses but instead she just put her hands on Lucie and asked me if I was aware of Lucie having a chromosomal rearrangement. I was shocked as this is not common and not the obvious issue. She then proceeded to tell me the chromosomes that were involved and the one that was causing problems(#16). She said she had never seen anything quite like Lucie's chromosomes, which was the very same comment made by the expert geneticist upon review of Lucie's chromosomes. I did not remember the #16 as there were 5 very complex rearrangements and the experts we had consulted with could not even begin to determine what would be Lucie's issues. She then proceeded to lay her hands on Lucie and heal her, I received a healing that day as well just being in the room. When I got home I immediately looked up the report and the #16 chromosome was all over the report. I almost fainted. Lucie has received subsequent healings by Carol Everett and it is as if a light has been turned on. In the time that she has seen Carol she has started sleeping better, crawling, saying ma ma and is full of expression, her vision continues to improve and the corneal Dr. used the word perfect. Lucie's therapist are amazed at her progress and quick response to treatments. The logical / scientific side of the brain can almost not comprehend Carol's abilities but her diagnosis of my daughter and the healing effects are the only proof that anyone (Mother, Father, etc.) needs in order to believe and advocate Carol Everett as a healer.

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