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Sharon P.    

SHARON'S STORY. In Carols words. I first met Sharon P. in Charlottesville Virginia in 1999. I was working in a Doctors office at the time doing healing and diagnosis work. Sharon and her sister Cheryl had seen me on a programme called Sightings and felt inspired to see me. They travelled from Boston by road which is a very long way, with their three dogs. They had used their last bit of money to buy a car to get Sharon to me. All of Sharon's family apart from Cheryl had previously died of Cancer and Cheryl was determined to get Sharon to me. I did a diagnosis on Sharon and saw there were tumours and early warning signs of new tumours forming, Sharon had already had surgery and had scans to prove this, I worked three hours on Sharon over two days and said that she really needed more and could they come to England, they said they couldn't afford it but would pray they could get to me again. After I returned to England Sharon rang up and said she had been in for more scans, the hospital were so amazed at the difference they said it could not be Sharon's body. Sharon laid there for forty five minutes while they checked the scan with her name. Not only had the tumours shrunk but the scar tissue around had disappeared also. Sharon rang me and said she needed some more work, just to be sure.

Meanwhile Cheryl entered a competition, the top prize was a trip to England all expenses paid on Concord, so Cheryl prayed for help, she won.

Sharon and Cheryl rang up all excited and came to our home for Sharon to complete her treatments, we all went out to dinner and laughed about how things had happened. Cheryl and Sharon went back to America and also had a healing appointments by phone. Today Sharon called us, as Sharon has been back in for more tests and extra scans double checking everything all over her body and they cannot find any sign of any tumours anywhere. Sharon has had around 7-8 hours healng.

(Sharons is still with us and looking good.)

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