Sent to media, prior to any police drawings emerging. Original Audio available below
(Any possible resemblance to any other person is purely accidental and unintentional.)


A DUTCH engineer has admitted that he killed Bristol-based landscape architect Joanna Yeates. Vincent Tabak, Joanna Yeates's next-door neighbour, pleaded guilty to manslaughter but denied murder when he appeared before the Old Bailey. Miss Yeates, 25, who lived in Clifton, Bristol, disappeared on December 17 after going for Christmas drinks with colleagues. Her frozen body was found dumped on a verge in a lane in Failand, north Somerset, on Christmas Day. Detective Chief Inspector Phillip Jones said: “The not guilty plea to Joanna Yeates murder entered by Vincent Tabak today at the Old Bailey means that there will be a full trial in due course.“Tabak has entered a plea to manslaughter however this has not been accepted by the Crown.“Until this trial takes place it would be inappropriate and potentially prejudicial for us to comment further.” Tabak, 33, is still expected to face trial for murder at a later date.

Miss Yeates's parents David and Theresa were at the Old Bailey as Tabak pleaded guilty to her manslaughter. The charge states that Tabak “unlawfully killed” the 25-year-old between December 16 and December 19.
Tabak, wearing a dark suit and glasses, with a dark tie, appeared in court on Thursday via videolink from Long Lartin prison in Worcestershire.
He spoke to confirm his name and to say he was content for proceedings to continue in English without an interpreter before entering his pleas.

Stp. 28th Oct 2011 Tabak convicted.

Jo Yeates




My portraits are drawn 'intuitively', not from a description of a person seen responsible,
Vincent Tabak is arrested , and he pleads Guilty to Manslaughter.. May 2011....

Is the portrait drawing close enough to recognise, I think many would yes, after all its not like its of a black woman with pink hair or a skinhead with tattoos, or a chinese is it. He looks similar.

Quote from Carol Everett.
A suspect going to court is presumed innocent until proven guilty, I cannot say things that will interfere with the course of justice, Im just a woman in a house and as a woman in a house I can only stick my neck out so far. I can give clues, or zoom into the crime scene. What the drawing showg proves is that I did intuitively'see
the person that murdered Jo yeates.
He could have been absolutely anyone. No, not as accurate as if I had drawn a picture from his photo, or if he had been sitting in front of me in court, but accurate enough. If you wa
nt perspective check out the artists impressions below with the artist looking directly at Tabak in court. I had nothing at all to work with. With me saying he was local if an identikit picture had been shown to just a few people locally as just one of many many lines of enquiry or pinned up he would have been
ioned very early on. Ok i said she had been offerered a lift, who knows if she was or not earllier. I said someone was watching the murder, who know if it was so or not.

2.. 3..  
1..Original sketch       2.. With Glasses (Added)     3.. Vincent Tabak's photo
This drawing was produced before anyone was a key suspect, it also appeared in the Daily Star 7thJan.

The original sketch featured in the Daily Star shortly after the case opened.
As with the Buckingham Palace case (Duncan Grey) I left any glasses or similar things off, but here he is with glasses added in image No2 .
(Hair style, colour, beards, moustaches, glasses etc, are just so easy to change and used as disguise).
Not too far out and closer than any image in existence at the time, ie none. If you look at Jo's photos above just a slightly different angle can change considerably how someone looks to the observers eye. Carols drawings are all done with absolutely nothing, only the image that the victim, in this case Jo, sees at the time.
Below the three drawings to the right are drawn by one person, the one to the left by another, totally different perspective, even though both were looking directly at him.
(Carol also drew a second person linked to the case, a fair haired shorter person, to date it is not known who he is or his actual involvement if any in the case or just possibly watching, who ever it was he was extremely scared.

Vincent Tabak, In court Oct 2011, and convicted of murder 28th Oct 2011


The drawings above were produced while looking straight into Vincent Tabak's face in court.

From the mp3 recording that went to the agency 5thJan2011 and then from them to the Police included these following details.
1.  A light grey coloured shiny car that Jo's body was in, she was in the car and placed somewhere else cold. She went to two places.
2.  The perpetrator was a local man, he wanted sex with Jo but she was having none of it.
3.  Last person she saw before she died, was man looking over her with long neck, rather big ears, dark short hair, tall thin, youngish looking about 24.
4.  That he was connected to an alley at the back of Jo's house, looks very narrow not much lighting.
5.  I said that he was seen on local CCT camera footage not far away.
6.  He had links with another country and had gone there.
7.  The drawing I did and provided put a Tabak look alike at the scene of the crime.
8.  Jo was not dead when she left her flat she died shortly after this.
9.  She did not know him properly.
10. When the drawings were done on 5th Jan 2011,who ever did this was or had been away visiting relatives.

Nb. I did think there was more than one man that went to Jo's place that night or saw what was happening..
So. if you had all that information and a drawing, do you think as an inspector cludo, that if you went round with the drawing you would as a policeman have been able to get help from what I said. I did the best I could with no information at all, just plucking it out of the air.
I'm really sorry for Jo's mum and dad and what they are and have been going through.

Early Dream, A Premonition & Drawing of Jo Yeates 7 Dec 2010

jojo2In the early part of December last year (2010) I was staying with friends in Shropshire, I had a dream and in the dream I was really agitated about a girl. I was so agitated I drew the picture of the girl. I dated it and showed it to my friend Sharon telling her my dream and the way I felt there was going to be an enquiry to do with a missing girl and I wasn't happy about it at all. I could see a man and another man in the background watching. It's very difficult with dreams because you have to interpret them so the main thing was to get the drawing done. Then get someone to witness it which I did. Two other people including my husband saw the drawing, I woke up really agitated. The date of the dream and the drawing was 7th December 2010.
Later someone told me about Jo Yeates, this was a couple of weeks after the drawing, when I was back in Devon. By then it was all over the news, but it wasn't until I went back to Spain I connected everything up with the drawing and Jo Yeates. I realised I was meant to help with this enquiry when I read about the arrest of the landlord chris Jeffries, I was sure it was the wrong man. So I meditated to get more information which came through more clearly than the original dream giving me drawings and descriptions of who was responsible plus a profile. If you look at all the information I sent and remember I had nothing work with, so cut me some slack, but I'm sure if the police had used the drawing of the person now known to be Vincent Tabak and the other information and sat down and spent a bit of time studying things the case would have moved on a lot quicker. Maybe they did look at it, who knows ?

On the 6th of January 2011 an mp3 recording of my information for the case and drawings were sent to Apex news agency in Devon to be witnessed and then sent on to the police. (over the years they have seen a lot of my work and have been able assess.) Also making it available to any media outlets interested.
A couple of things I said were unclear and the second person I saw watching what happened is not known yet, but like I said cut me a bit of slack. He could have been at a distance looking out of a window I just don't know. In star newspaper Jan 7th 2011 they printed my drawing and said it was a tall man mixed race 5ft 11 ins to 6ft, I said he looked in his twenties Tabak was older but looked fresh faced and younger to me, he looked over six foot high. Mixed race, well Tabak was Dutch. A light coloured shiny grey car. This was Tabaks car, the car Jo was moved in. I said the motive was sex. All these things were included in my drawings and the mp3 tape. The original drawing I did on the 7th Dec which I am sure was Jo Yeates, is now shown here on the web site Obviously I did not know who she was at the time.


All Drawings are identical to those supplied to the police in each case.


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