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Missing people, murder enquires
Over the years I have worked many hours in my spare time without payment to help with these enquires.
These enquries are now only available privately by properly arranged appointments. For media, police, families to contact me directly.

This is to ensure people don't take the law into their own hands and to also ensure that I don't sit hours and hours for nothing with information not being used, Sometimes I have had to wait years for a case to be proven right, I have collected up the cases that have been verified and the ones still in the works for my book..

  JO YEATES Murdered Bristol Christmas 2010, Tabak pleads guilty.
  MADDY McCANN (link) Abducted, Portugal early 3 May 2007. New Maddy Older Portrait May 2012
  WASHINGTON SNIPER. Serial Killer. USA (Solved. Carol draws mans picture for FBI, Beats ALL USA Profilers)
  JILL DANDO Murder, LONDON. UK (Solved, Picture, if its not convicted man, he sure looks like this)
  JONBENET RAMSEY. USA   (Unsolved, Carol said, NOT PARENTS from start, see her ID picture?)
     Footage of Carol is available, when she first produced the potrtait of Jon Benet's 'killer' live on UK TV in 2001
  RACHEL NICKELL Murder London UK (The wrong man accused, See carols version)
  NICOLA PARSONS Murder, PLYMOUTH. UK (Solved, Picture, close as it gets, beats police)
  IVY BATTEN. Murdered in SW UK (The wrong man goes to jail, See carols version)

NATALIE PEARMAN Ipswich UK 1992 (Unsolved)

  JESSICA & HOLLY.. Soham Murders UK, (Solved, Huntley & Carr Portraits as Couple)
KATE BUSHELL. UK Murder. UK    (Unsolved?)
DANNIELLE JONES. Murder. UK  (Unsolved?)
MILLIE DOWLER.. Murder UK NEW  (Unsolved?)
  GENETTE TATE.. Murder UK NEW (Unsolved, Carol Draws man, 'he looks like Robert Black'?)

LESLEY READ.. Cliffttop drama.Suicide Attempt, located Rescued. New Suicide


SAMPLE PORTRAIT SELECTION, A few of many proven cases, below.

CAROL EVERETT has had fairly easily recognisible identifications in a number of high profile criminal cases over many years. Even the armchair sceptics don't bother about low profile cases. These Include The Washington Sniper ID Portrait. This was made available at the FBIs direct request from washington in the early stages of this situation. All identifications drawings are produced with no information about the crime other than public coverage. No inside information. Every case has both police and media witnesses to verify dates when Carol Everett's information was produced and also received. In all cases this is before police have released any videofit or attempts at ID drawing. Many other similar cold case identifications are lodged with other area police forces, for unsolved murder cases waiting for answers.

Crime Fig 1Crime Fig 2
Fig 1&2 Peter Wickens, a computer wizzkid, was murdered by petty criminal Gordon Topen, 22, in London, in Dec 1992. Peter, was murdered by Topen in a frenzied knife attack, inflicting multiple stab wounds. Topen had caught Wickens with his lady friend, he just 'exploded'. The photograph, left, was shown in the Daily Mail,12 Nov. 1993 when reporting Gordon Topen’s subsequent murder conviction. The drawing of the murderer to the right, was produced by Carol Everett on the 27th Dec, 1992, 10 months prior to Topen's arrest and conviction. The drawing produced by Carol, was originally sketched at the request of Emma Pounds. She had contacted Carol on the 23rd Dec, distraught about the case. Emma was a close friend of Peter Wickens, she shared a house with him. The ID picture from Carol was faxed to Emma Pounds as soon as it was completed. Prior to her request for help Emma and Peter were unknown to Carol. Emma had been recommended by one of Carols clients in London.
Following the drawing and identification work the picture of the murderer was as usual witnessed by media, and also London detectives investigating the case, as early as January 1993. Emma Pounds had specifically ensured police had witnessed the drawing and the information provided. Other relevant details were also given by Carol on the circumstances of the murder, including how Wickens would be found, without proper clothing. Though Carol did not know this, he was found wearing only his socks, after being dumped on waste ground, wrapped in bloodstained bedding. Other details were also provided about the case which no one, including the police, had known about at that time.

Crime Fig 3 Crime Fig 4
Fig 3 & 4 Buckingham Palace Art thefts Nov-Dec 1993. Duncan Grey, handyman / valet, had been stealing artwork and jewellery from Buckingham palace from around Nov 1993 onwards. He had for some apparently unknown reason formed a grudge against his employers after sustaining a minor injury, he had also ‘lived in a fantasy world’ ruled by delusions of grandeur. Duncan Grey was reported as being sacked from his Buckingham palace job for a completely unrelated reason in early Jan 1994. Though the main thefts at the Palace had occurred late in 1993, it was also clear that prior to Mar 1994, after more than three months of investigations, police were still no closer to finding him. So they had been unable to make an arrest. Carol then provided Scotland Yard detectives the drawing, shown to left, along with her own description of the culprit, and his personal psyc profile. This identification probably proved to be the breakthrough needed, with an 'identity' to look at, evidence was short to arrive. Within days detectives to put together final details needed to make their case. The drawing was forwarded to Scotland Yard detectives on the 2 Mar 1994, and within 14 days of receiving the drawing the suspect, now known as Duncan Grey was arrested. The photograph of Duncan Grey is was extracted from news coverage of his conviction on 19 July 1994. Information now known to be accurate, about the mans personal details and circumstances was also made available to Scotland Yard detectives along with information detailing the 'suspects' previous work in Buckingham Palace as a 'odd job' man. Prior to Duncan Grey's conviction Scotland Yard officer Steven Engle had already contacted Carol to relay officially the degree of accuracy they had recognised in her identification drawing. Scotland Yard also asked Carol for assistance in another case at this time to locate other missing items and further identification help.

Crime Fig 5 Crime Fig 6 Crime Fig 7
Fig 5 & 6 & 7
Baby Abbie Humphries was snatched from Nottingham Medical Centre maternity unit on the 1 July 1994. While police continued to rely on the theories of a ‘criminal psychologist' the vague details and a description of the Abbies abductor has still not been released to the public. The psychologists view was that Abbies abductor could be persuaded to return her safely. In reality, as Carol had already told Journalists earlier was that the abductor had already convinced herself, and as it turned out her boyfriend too that Abbie was her own baby. Police also appealed through John Stalker on a TV program to a hoax caller named ‘Gary’, who had said he and his wife had the baby Abbie. Police and the psychologist were convinced Gary was genuine, Carol said clearly that he was a hoax caller. The identification drawing shown centre is of baby Abbie’s unknown abductor, drawn by Carol on the 6th of July 1994 at the request of the People newspaper, the 6th July was the day before ANY Police videofits or details of the supposed abductor had been officially released, the identification drawing by Carol was supplied to police in Nottingham the same day. Julie's Kelly's recent photo is shown to the left as she was leaving court, following her remand for the abduction of Abbie Humphries. The photograph on the right is the best of conflicting official police identikits eventually released by Notts police. Of a person they had considered to be the abductor. Shortly after the abduction Carol had thought the place Abbie had been taken to was a somewhere 'sounding' like London, after seeing a London street map she eliminated London as a possible location. Abbie was actually located in a place having a phonetically similar sounding name, actually Brendon road. Due to lack of communication, police did not follow this information through at the time. But Carol’s identity drawing of the abductor was later acknowledged by Nottingham police spokesman David Walters as being quote, ‘more accurate than ours’, referring to their own identikits. He also said,'if your drawing and information had been used earlier, along with the information we had as well, something could have been worked out'. The accuracy of Kelley’s drawing could have lead to an earlier arrest of Julie Kelly, but was anyone shown it. As it happened, neighbours of Julie Kelly had already tipped off the police of their suspicions, and all the family at Kelly’s home had been interviewed. Julie Kelly was easily recognisable from the intuitively drawn identification portrait produced by Carol Everett but could NOT be recognised at all from any of the pictures police had released. In one incident relating to the case police using their official pictures had mistakenly arrested the wife of photographer David Bailey, she was a comparative look alike. But in fact she only resembled the inaccurate police formulated videofit pictures. Carol had also described how Julie had medical links, had short hair, regularly wore a uniform and was connected to someone named Susan G. The mother of Kelly’s boyfriend was Susan Gilbert and lived at the same address. Carol also said Kelly was near to a hospital, a diagram of the area was provided along with information probably capable of leading police to the location of both baby Abbies kidnapper and to Abbie herself. David Watlers police spokeman also said Carol is now ‘registered’ with Notts police’, whatever that means.

Crime Fig 8Crime Fig 9
Fig 8 & 9
Sandra Parkinson’s Murder shook the nation. known at the time as the 'waitress murder'. Carols identification drawing of the murderer, shown right was provided to police on the 22nd of July 1994, just two days after Sandra's murder at Salcombe, Devon. Way before any description of a suspect had been released. Sandra had been raped and strangled by drifter Alan Connor. Though police acknowledged Carols identification drawing and also her past track record, telling media covering the story that ‘it was definitely being taken seriously’, over 4000 people were interviewed by 60 plus detectives in enquiries extending from Sark to Glasgow. Did police ever show anyone the identification drawing locally, even in confidence, we will never know. During investigations, police using absolutely all available media outlets had stressed over and over the utmost importance they attached to locating the ‘tanned, athletic man wearing shorts, (matching Carols description to a T) who was last seen on the same coastal path as Sandra. He had also been identified by witnesses at the time of her murder’. That man, is now known to be Alan Connor.
Despite official announcements on Friday 29th July that a ‘quality video fit’ was being produced from ‘eye witnesses’ accounts, the fact is that after seven long days after the statement this videofit picture had still not materialised and never ever did. Carol Everett’s drawing of the murderer had by this time been published in the Glasgow Times, on the 4th Aug. 1994 and police spokesman Roger Busby of Exeter had that day advised Dylan Reynolds from the Herald News Group that the police had ‘no objections to the identity drawing Carol had drawn of the possible 'killer' being released in local papers. On 7th Aug. Allan Connor kindly 'allowed' police to catch him, but he could not be questioned. He surrendered to police by thoughtfully leaving a personal confession note to Sandra Parkinson’s murder and conveniently hanging himself from a treeclose to Huntindon..
Police surprisingly admitted to Daily Mail reporters after Connor had been found with his confession that ‘details of the drifter’, the very same person earlier considered so vital to enquiries in broadcasts through official media statements, so pivotal to police investigations.Suddenly quote, ‘he had been considered a low priority and had routinely been placed on file’. Further comments stated that ‘his suicide had merely brought forward his, (Connor’s) arrest, which would have been inevitable’, The drawing of Sandra Parkinson's murderer as provided by Carol was also published in the Sunday People, on the day before the actual identity of Connor was finally released by police on the Monday. Connor was also apparently also ‘accused’ of raping a Ludlow woman around the Christmas 1992. But this was some eighteen months earlier. Apparently he had been linked to this crime by DNA samples taken from Sandra Parkinson. Though he was well known to police he had not previously been questioned about this crime?.

Carol Everett has worked on at least twenty or more identifications similar to those above case, some of these prior to May 1996, files are available for each case with dates and times the police received the relevant information. Police and media contacts are available for ‘verification’ purposes to 'confirm receipt of the drawings'. Carol’s cases to date show many of her drawn descriptions have been proven accurate, more cases still remain completely unsolved.
Examples include, The description and location of brutal child sex murderer James Cockburn, he murdered Matthew Robinson in Plymouth 1992.
How Jersey police were provided the burial location of the Newels in Jersey, a couple murdererd by their two sons. The location was recognised by Jersey local residents over a year before the bodies were actually found by police, and in the place drawn by Carol, she also revealed that the Newels were buried wrapped in plastic sheeting, they were. They were sadly murdered by their own sons in 1987. See new cases at top of page.
Watch this space for publication of current unsolved cases, and 'pictures' . Look at recent cases, for breaking ID stories.

All cases featured on this page and elsewhere have been lodged with police as stated. All have at least one independent media witness, employed on a prominent newspaper at the time of each case is able to verify key dates when Carol Everett's identification drawings and information were produced and received by police. In all cases this happened before police released a video/photo fit picture of their own, if any. No one can realistically expect a photographic equivalent of the suspect from Carol as the images are derived from thin air. Artistic licence has to be allowed for as well. ( remember that portrait of the queen, looked nothing much like her and she actually posed for that.) As long as the main features are recognisable then its ok for most. And as for hair, we all know that can change in a minute with a pair of scissors so forget that one. Same with a beard, pair of glasses etc. If you know anyone who can do better, ok, then you go first. I guess the skeptics also can master almost any such achievement. Other similar cold case identifications are lodged with other area police forces, featuring unsolved murder cases that are waiting for answers. But lets be fair, some cases are not easy to crack by normal means, sometimes that little extra may be needed.

The problem we find, after any 'big' crime case is that police departments usually go into some form of damage limitation mode after useless enquiries. Often completely contradicting earlier 'official' statements in an effort to make things apparently add up. An exercise designed to ensure that no one can so easily recall or criticise long winded and sometime really expensive lines of enquiry that get no results unless by luck or accident. Newspapers and news agencies too will print and work any old quote from officialdom, even though it may be a bit suspect or even contradictory. It's a fact that the only time police will really speak and work with the media is if they want something published. Most other times as almost any journalist will tell you its basically a stone wall. A media afraid of crossing the line and asking a too direct question or having the balls to point out the obvious without the backing of the slightest squeak of officialdom to blame if it goes wrong. Or more recently being banned unconstitutionally from reporting.

An Example.
Sandra Parkinson murder case..
Probably, in 85% of cases I would guess, particularly murder cases not committed by a relative, associate or friend, the murderer is'nt located and charged. If police do actually catch the murderer it is usually through having a really lucky break along the way or someone spotted the killer accurately. More often than not they don't catch them at all. Nothing much like CSI here if the murderer is a complete unknown or a random killer, and where no DNA is on file, they are hard to find.  Remember Carol works her cases with absolutely nothing.

This is basically an example of what you are up against with police co-operation. Many more cases follow a similar pattern.

Take the Sandra Parkinson case. Right up to the last minute police had no idea who the murderer was until he hung himself and left a confession note. About carols work, Police admitted to journalists at an early case press conference, and this was published in The Sunday Independent too. They were quoted, 'we always took Carols Everett's work seriously and they would be looking at the ID drawings she had done for the murderer in the Sandra Parkinson case', and that they were aware of her accuracy in other past cases.  But, not in this case ie the  Sandra Parkinson (waitress murder) murder case. After police had spent like £750000 ($1.27million) chasing all over the UK and abroad interviewing people, still not getting anywhere, how could they admit that some psychic, ie Carol Everett, in Devon had pretty accurately drawn the portrait of the killer just a few days after the murder. Also how could they remind people that the portrait of the killer had even been  published in Scotland, and also in England with express permission from their own police press office to the newspaper concerned it was ok by them to publish the picture Carol had drawn. Carols picture was also printed in the Sunday People, so the picture had been verified by millions of people. The People came out the day before police released the official name of the killer and his real picture.
People at the time guessed it would have been easy for the police to show a few people the picture Carol produced early on, to see if it was recognized from day one.  Strangely enough police never did have a photo fit picture of their own for the media during that whole case, though it was announced  three times on separate dates in National News that they had one coming out at any time from witnesses. It never arrived because of conflict with first hand witnesses descriptions, as with the Washington Sniper Carol was right all along, from day one. 
If you go back to that case now, Sandra Parkinson was a huge UK case at the time, also go back to police efforts, even with direct police quotes about Carols previous work from the time in front of you, you will be hard pressed to get any police officer in the UK to admit a psychics work was ever used. Or in a lot of Carols police cases that she actually beat them hands down with descriptions very early on.

As most journalists know, normally if you get police press offices directly, (where people change constantly to promote official vagueness),  along with the facts that leave an embarrassing mark with no reasonable way of deniability. The official line is to play down any psychic involvement to an absolute minimum, understandably to prevent every wannabe psychic sending in useless information.

When Carol started doing intuitive medical diagnosis for people she really worried herself if doctors did not agree with what she was getting at straight away or at least very early in a case she had diagnosed. But it sometimes took a year or more for doctors to catch up. Now with years of proven cases and often knowing the work can be more accurate than some doctors anyway. Knowing that a few top Harley street doctors now actually want to know what she has to say about 'impossible' to diagnose cases, who then go on and act on her recommendations after research, it helps some. Carol doesn't bother worrying anymore, because those original doctors usually agreed with her findings in the end.

So its the same with the crime cases, if you cant get police to go along with a story and actually help. Or you can be real sure it all happened and it can be verified through other independent witnesses of impeccable character etc it would make much more interesting TV or journalism to do the stories anyway, and include the fact that police had all the relevant information, or the FBI in the Washington as in the sniper case. And actually had the means to perhaps solve a case early and maybe save lives. I very much doubt there will be many denials when its the truth, particularly with any of Carols cases anyway. But we don't chase the police for praise, we have much better things to do. But if journalism had more guts and came off the fence some then I guess there are a lot of other real interesting stories out there. Stories just waiting on hold for somebody, or even a nobody to squeak out after being cornered in 'officialdom' to say, oh yes, oops, sorry we do actually keep proper records, and do remember how it could have helped.

Kano Baker.


All Drawings are identical to those supplied to the police in each case.


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