MaddyMcCann.. (Where is she now)


THE CASE ID DRAWING FOR THE Maddie McCann 11 May 2007
Sent to police in Leicestershire 6.30pm 11th May 2007. Again Oct 2013. Prior to any police drawings emerging.
(Any possible resemblance to any other person is purely accidental and unintentional.)

Maddy McCann
Madeleine McCann


Aug 2020

Maddy developments, I meditate daily in my healing sanctuary. Whatever writing comes down the wall I watch and listen. I usually do this with people I help with their health and well being. Last week the writing on the wall said , something about the suspect in the case there would be new evidence to do with shoes. It might not seem much. But a few weeks ago the writing on the wall said there was swimming costumes, I didn’t do anything about it because i was busy looking after my clients and to be honest i forgot about it. Then someone told me it was in the papers about swimming costumes, to do with the case. It gets a bit frustrating when you come against a brick wall all the time, with police and media. So here we go with the rest of it then. Apart from shoes being found there was also fresh evidence coming linking to travel, with a boat leading to more links with high profile people , who are being shielded because of who they are. Its August3rd 2020.


May/June 2020

This case is now expanding into a deeper, bigger and more organised methodology. Investigators have literally spent millions on this case and still have no 'official' answers. See below for time-line but we are still waiting very much for Mr Big to show up. We are confident. He will be shown to be the engine behind certain abductions but is well protected.

Now they have found the guy I drew a good likeness of at the start in May 2007 we may at last get somewhere.

In 2008 I said we have situations of an infertile wealthy mother with links to German and Austrian location. Links with and orphanages where potential mothers can buy and adopt children.

Press reported in 2007 Carol 'observed' maddie with a couple speaking German. (ref olive press)

( In all my cases, notably the Washington Sniper my information never changes.
In that case information and my suspect drawing went direct to the FBI. Taken by a united nations contact. It is acknowledged by at least one profiler in the USA. that I beat ALL of the us profilers on this very important case, they were ALL looking the wrong way. You can see the sniper case on this site. )

10 June 2020
More on Mr Big.

I still get that Mr Big is very central to all this, its like a paedophile ring, but not just a paedophile ring. It is very organised and there is money in it for the abductors and people who can maybe provide paperwork. This investigation will lead to something huge that has been going on and on a very long time, it's something the police have seriously been looking to solve but have been unable to do so through lack of evidence because they have no idea where to look. It involves children and orphanage/adoption type situation. It is better for this paid-for illegal 'adoption' operation if everyone believes and can be convinced the abducted children no longer exist and the trail is effectively cold. Wealthy people unable to adopt trough normal channels taking on such paid adoptions don’t want someone knocking on their door to someone asking them for their child to be returned.

PAST EXAMPLE. Documentary cases in Japan in the past when I have worked in conjunction with Japanese film crews. They had their own investigation teams following what I was saying and consulting with police who are much more open minded and also what other agencies said. I was able to unfold much more information all around the crime circumstances as the relatives were keen for personal answers, not just the crime and the person who did it, but their associates and their habits. These were all cold cases. When in Tokyo the tv people brought over five different Japanese producers  to watch me work on a case as it was part of a crime documentary, including one from Paris and three from Japan.

THE POINT TO THE STORY. The point I am making is that people connected to the abductor and the what was going on around him, will also be part of the story. I'm very sure that these events around Maddy whatever the outcome will be a shining light into a much bigger even more ongoing abduction situation where a lot of children have been hurt and a lot more that can be, will be saved.
If the police want to get more from me, as before they only have to ask the right questions. Not all parents have the vast resources the McCanns had to try and locate their missing child and the case for most is cold very fast. Obviously it didn’t work for the McCanns either despite their money and as with most police investigations a bit of luck usually leads them to the perpetrators. Many of my past cases have taken police years and years to catch up, my id drawings are ALWAYS  better than police efforts from 'witnesses' and case data which I do not have.

SIMILAR CASE. In one case i worked on in Japan which had gone cold. A father and son had gone missing. Remember I have no information at all to work with, only that they were missing. I met his wife and 'saw' they had argued about another man she had been seeing, I asked her about it. I was told only that he had left home and taken the son with him in upset stress. Nothing else was said as she was upset. Through my drawings produced on site in Japan and 'runners' identifying my drawings of places and people that I had described we were able to take the producers and film crew from Tokyo direct to a lake in central Japan at Kyoto and from my drawings of some unusual landmarks we found the hotel they used. I pointed them straight at the second floor hotel room window where the father and son had actually stayed. The hotel confirmed he and his son had stayed there one night. The police and producers were happy and amazed. They asked the question 'where are they now' .
I pointed to the lake, which is almost the size of a sea. One of the drawings showed a car going off a cliff type edge into the water.  I did not know this but later we found out that  the last communication the wife had from the husband was that the next time you hear from me we will be where we went on our last holiday together, we will be under the deep water. Of course I had non of this information and police had been unable to trace his whereabouts until I started work on the case. I do not say if dead or alive, I just helped point them where with more information.

October 2013  Just so we are on the same page- find 'Mr Big', to find Maddie
, see below

How Maddy may now look, May 2012
Carols impression of Maddie, 1st May 2012


New likeness drawing of Maddy as she may be in 2012


Maddie Investigation, 2012.

Yes its late in the day it is but I do still feel Maddy is still alive, against all the odds. The problems of her being found obviously weighs on the people who have her now. But its a long time since she was taken and vigilance may well be reduced. Sometimes cases take a long time to reach fruition. I don't change what I have already said, so we will just have to wait. I can't be right all the time and its a case that has gripped the world and touched many people. So from time to time I will look and see what I see happening with Maddy.
If anyone with the real means to follow through what I see wants to know, then great, I will have more for them to work with, just like the cases in Japan I have worked on. More info usually then becomes available for the people working close to the case. You cant make people listen though, and I don't push, so both I and they will just have to wait some more for the picture to change.

As Carol sees, MADDY in 2008

Carols impression of Maddie, July 2008


Maddie Investigation, 2008.

I do feel that Maddie is still alive. That she is being dressed (obviously) so to not be recognised and is seen in company of the people she is with. A family of six

Darker hair not a dye with the roots showing but more of a mousy colour. Bob style, ie shorter and one layer to the chin. Large glasses but tinted, like a pinky purply tint, hide eye markings.
School uniform, dark navy with a unicorn, gold stitching on a blazer pocket. Dress under blazer; white with tiny gold and blue squares on it.

A villa with big gates security gates remote controlled; name (area or villa) sounds like DURF. Well spoken, well educated family but not speaking English. Two small boys, difficult to judge the ages; older than her (about 7 or 8?); getting the same German/Austrian link for location.
Mountains at the back and she looked like she was not talking English, ie talking a different language.

Something significant about the mother. She was not fertile. No shortage of money there. Maids and servants.
Something to do with a place in the background; like an orphanage or where mothers went to have babies and their children are adopted from there. Almost like a centre where people go to adopt children unofficially. Unorthodox things going on.
Investigators spend a million, but apprently still no answers.

Nb. Latest Info Above.. Below, historically what we see happening to Maddie McCann
A picture of the prime suspect in june 2020 is compared below with a recognisable likeness drawn in May 2007. Police and the relevant people had all this info in May 2007 too
Carol says, 'Investigators, as in many of my past proven cases may be 13 years too late. Over many many years of proven id drawings in cases helping people with id's
we have found that police and some very narrow minded individuals would prefer to give credit to a house brick rather than admit that after
spending millions on leads to dead ends going nowhere, an intuitive got it right all along. Maybe an already proven criminal intuitive investigator is perhaps worth looking at early on.
Just one lead may have got it right sooner rather than the very end. Police have 'hunches' to follow, maybe the best police investigators are actually 'psychic' too. (note by kanobaker)

- Maddy McCann
Investigation - suspect 1

- Maddy McCann
Investigation - suspect 2


Mr Big The Fatman, suspect 3
Has money and links to video production. German links.


Maddy McCann
Investigation - suspect 1

Notice in both these pictures he has bit of an
'eye cast'

Maddy McCann Investigation in 2020
could this be the 'same' new suspect 13 years on? Who knows.

04and 05June 2020
We all know a change of hair or wig changes many an appearance

This looks more accurate than any past police photofit pictures shown under this and REMEMBER as usual my drawings are done with NO WITNESSES WHATSOEVER providing information or any descriptions. My drawings are done intuitively. See past proven cases.
We very eagerly await 'Mr Big'

Christian Brueckner.?
A VW vehicle was prominent in the initial investigation, he was linked to food etc. see info from may/june 2007 below.



Man see carrying child on night and approx  time of Maddies abduction.
Hair/Wig look a bit familiar??

Is this the person drawn in 2007 Nakscije Miftari

She was Christian B's Girlfriend. Police are looking for her June 2020 to assist their investigation.

Same girl Nakscije but with dark hair.

Is this the same person with lighter hair. Note the obvious dark roots.
She is shown on right with darker hair in more natural lighting.
Once again official photofits nothing like reality and unusable.

My drawing of him is almost photographic, most of the big cases have similar detailed drawings




'Police have new information released tonight, as it emerged Madeleine may have been the victim of an organised abduction by a gang who watched her family for nearly a week. They also revealed they believe a man whose e-fit was issued today IS the prime suspect in her disappearance and was seen carrying a blonde child towards a nearby beach. Scotland Yard detectives have made finding the mystery man a top priority after ruling out a previous prime suspect seen carrying a child earlier the same evening'

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, who is leading the new probe, told a BBC Crimewatch programme last night that the “breakthrough discovery” means the “emphasis has shifted” and the “timeline” has moved.
He said: “It takes us through to a position at 10pm when we see another man who is walking towards the ocean, close by to the apartment, with a young child in his arms.


- Is ths another version of Maddy McCann
Investigation - suspect seen right


Not so sure its Mr Big (Fatman)
Mr Big has the money and links to video production.



02 June 2007..

This is an unusal shaped bridge. (may poss show on google earth).
Looks to be out of proportion.
Has steps up side. Steps lead to like a cove.
German Border, Bridge Leads to/from a cove.
Long Island (place name or like a long island)

Boat, Police attention.

A Tip off could come from 2 separate servant type people, small and dark in appearance (not the suspects). Police should listen to them, they are very frightened

All links lead to the chubby fatman with the money he is in panic and never expected so much attention. Would love to escape and run with case full of money.
Feels everything closing in.

Maddy Situation.. latest picture Nov 2007
text to follow.

Key Drawings UK Police originally ASKED for.
Doorway to relevant location at crime scene.


CAROL ALSO DESCRIBES A FAT MAN. Mr Big. Linked to videos, and German connection.

Have police checked local boats leaving the area. Description.

SUSPECT 1 &2.. These two involved in the actual removal of Maddy, Suspect 3 is a separate thing to the actual abduction, but is linked to Suspect 1 and 2 and the abduction. He was known ti them either before and so this was an almost premeditated crime or shortly after it happened. . (this sentence added to avoid confusion 04Oct 07).
1. Man is connected to maid and appears to work with meat, either a cook butcher or similar.
2. Woman is like maid, laundry etc

SUSPECT 3.. The Fat Man. aka Mr Big. Has money... Linked to videos, could even have a video shop but out back is the not acceptable stuff.. Sure he is also linked to production and selling of illegal child films. Strong links to Germany. Frankfurt

Carols ID Drawings are usually better, and ALWAYS delivered to police before any police id pics emerge. Police pictures issued usually proove to be a worse eventual likeness than Carols drawings. Carols pictures are drawn as an artists impressions, they are not photos.

Obviously there is more info than for public disclosure. Psyc. profiles etc. Police need to ask.

1st Jun 2007. Carol's update. Fatman with German links. He has the money, boat, & he is on the run with nowhere to go..
Todays news update.. McCann family in Madrid publicising Maddy search.. Then off to Germany too so we have been informed... So hope the net closes in on the fat man.

2nd June 2007.. See Drawing of boat and unusual bridge above.

29th June 2007.. Find The Faces, And Then You Will Find Maddy. 04thAug 2007.. Latest signal for Maddy is this. Approx one hour driving off of the Belgian - German border. A house that is white and looks like a three storey house from the outside, Overlooking water and a lock near by. I see two people like my original drawings. The smarter man is not there at least not all the time but he does go there . The initial d is very strong in the name of the place ending with like dorf or dorph, could well be Dusseldorf. The police have already asked for my information before on this case, Anyone wishing to point them to this again is welcome.

NB.. Also.. Thank you for your emails of support and sending possible matches to the ID drawings. But in the end only police work will get them to court to be convicted for their crimes.





All Drawings are identical and unmodified as supplied to the police in each case.

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