Sent to media, prior to any police drawings emerging
(Any possible resemblance to any other person is purely accidental and unintentional.)


Schoolgirl Kate Bushell aged 14,set off from her home in Burrator Drive, Exwick, Exeter, UK at 4.30 pm on Saturday 15 November 1997. When she failed to return, her parents called the police. A search located her body in a field next to Exwick Lane at 7.35 pm the same evening. Kate had been brutally murdered as she walked a neighbour's dog just 300 yards away from her home. A post mortem showed that her throat had been slashed. Mr Bushell, Kates father, found the body when he searched the field with a police officer.

DS Mike Stephens, leading the murder inquiry, said: "It was a mindless, ruthless attack, which ripped the girl's throat." This was a premeditated attack by a killer who had control of themselves and the victim."
A bloodstained man was spotted running from the scene just minutes after the brutal murder. Thousands of posters failed to jog people's memories. A London businessman has offered a 20,000 reward in addition to 5,000 offered by a national newspaper.

At the time, just two days later, Carol Everett also produced the drawing of a person she saw linked to the murder. This is shown right. This was also hand delivered to Heavitree police station shortly after the murder, just in case someone recognised him immediately, on the 17th Nov 1997. Also included was the 'information' shown below. Carol also contacted police after another incident she considered linked to this case with more 'information' she saw also relating to this case on 23 Oct 98.



? Person Unknown

Person linked
with Kate Bushell Case
NB. Any similarity this drawing has to
any unconnected person is purely accidental

Kate Bushell


On 23 August 2001 another school friend of the late Kate Bushell was stalked and attacked by a pervert just minutes after police made a fresh appeal and reconstruction for anyone to come forward regarding the killing of Kate Bushell on National TV. Gemma Andrews a former classmate at St Thomas High School hid in bushes after being stalked by a man in a jeep type vehicle who late 'exposed' himself to her.. Police at Heavitree station Exeter said they were extremely concerned, particularly at the timing of the incident. This incident happened near to a cemetery. Carol had warned that this may happen again and near to a cemetery or church location. Supt Paul Davis continues his investigations. The Kate Bushell case also appeared on a TV program in the UK called Britain's 10 most wanted criminals. This program generated a number of new leads.

CAROL EVERETT. DERIVED INFORMATION (Produced before ANY police releases)
Date 17 Nov 1997, Incident Operations Heavitree Police station. Drawing and 'information' By Hand. Extracts below.
Unusual, but the information on this murderer came through originally in a dream.
Description. The man is/looks to be, in his early twenties or younger (in 1997). Not a fat man but he is well built. Board shoulders. Average height. Trouble with vehicles and police in past, possibly stolen car[s]. Initial M here.
Location. There is a strong feeling he lives not far away from water, the river Exe probably and there is a strong link here to the St David's station area with his living environment.
Why. Originally I woke up in the night, Friday night, with a choking feeling, it felt like a knife sticking in my throat. In the front near the Adams apple is where this was the worst. I did not know about this murder until this morning when someone we knew told us. I immediately remembered the dream in which the victim was a girl with long straight hair.
Psychological profile. Intense Moody, had/has specific learning difficulties. Likes to keep himself quite fit. But Lazy. Doesn't like any form of discipline.. Mother plays a strong part in his life, father doesn't. Mother & father either separated or divorced but definitely family problems. Problems with a relationship at this time, on off type thing, trouble in his personal life. Likes money but doesn't really want to work for it. Family background unsettled. No real respect for anyone. Seems to have been a death at an early age connected to relative. Work. Outdoor, odd jobbing. Maybe buildings, digging footings that type of thing.
Irish links somewhere here, possibly relatives. Maybe Irish sounding name. Motive. No reason to do this at all, anger inside. Possibly knew her face..

Date.. 23.10.98 Copy to Police Dept at Heavitree Exeter (Kate Bushell I.Room) Also Exeter News agency, People, Mirror. Westcountry TV re Kate Bushell, previous Exeter murder of Kate Bushell.
After a similar murder case in Cornwall, on 20th Oct 1998 carol again contacted the police about the Kate Bushell case, the similarities of the murder of Lyn Bryant who was stabbed to death while walking her dog near to home in Ruan High lanes on the Roseland peninsular in Cornwall Carol linked the two cases in Carols mind. Carol again spoke to police about links to case in Cornwall and Kate Bushell, An officer/detective telephoned back and Carol verbally told him she felt it could happen again possibly locally. Though time can be 'compressed' when looking at such incidents psychically Carol felt this will happen near a church and she could see railings.
The person Carol spoke regarding the case said it wasn't a good idea to say anything or mass hysteria could start. Carol thought this could be local, possibly even around Exeter Cathedral.
The reason the case is emerging in Cornwall which is only the next county was that this was also near a church. Carol says, "Three weeks ago I 'saw' a child in the middle of the night, I thought it was my daughter, being half asleep I told her to go back to bed as she wouldn't be able to wake up for school in the morning. Then I realised the child had a hood on like she was dressed for outside, I felt she was trying to tell me something but didn't know what. I feel now that this was Kate Bushell, that though it may sound strange to the reader, this is exactly how all past accurate drawings have been produced, it was just a feeling that she was trying to get me to help again with something. I feel that the hood is some way connected to this recent murder so either the lady had something over her head or the man did. Maybe a scarf, but it was brightly coloured blue red colour".
With the new Murder in Cornwall, I feel there is now a red car involved, a different vehicle but the same man. Seems to be a comb near the body, maybe a comb was found nearby or is still nearby a black comb. This seems to be relevant. Would also check to see if this lady belonged to a local church and anyone different being around recently, more outside the church.. Regarding the new murder there is the initial W B connected in initials, to either a name possibly Maiden name, place connected to her cannot get it any clearer. I Also feel some of her hair has either been cut or pulled out.

Future 'similar' murder.
This would definitely be near a church and a gate or railings.
Description. I feel now that this man, has a thing about churches or religion, some sort of grudge about this. I do feel; that this is something that could happen again and near a Church or place of worship. He could belong to some cult type group its possible that he knew of Kate's family's own connection to the Church.. The information given verbally to the detective may have been written down and a record kept, this was not faxed.

Kate Bushell. Carol requested that the information and the picture of the 'murderer' seen could be passed on to Kates parents to see if anyone recognised him. For further help from Carol in the Kate Bushell case, "if I had some clothing of Kate Bushell's the pictures of what happened and how would come through clearer, as would the murderer, instead of having to work with a newspaper clipping."


All Drawings are identical to those supplied to the police in each case.


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