Sent to media, prior to any police drawings emerging
(Any possible resemblance to any other person is purely accidental and unintentional.)


Person, 'seen' Linked to
Millie Dowlers Murder

Drawn for police by Carol Everett
22 Sep 2002

Millie Dowler

Murdered 20th Sept
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Missing Milly Dowler, found murdered.
Drawings sketched for police case by Carol Everett
and forwarded to police, on 23 SEPT 2002.

Carol sketched the drawings and emailed them to contacts in London,
to be distributed to police and for verification.
The drawings were sent direct to the police incident room via a journalist on the Daily Mirror who verifies crime ID work Carol produces.
Original drawing sent to police 23 Sept 2002.



Levi Bellfield charged with Millies murder.

Take some of the extra facial fat from this picture, as above and check facial features.
We would love to see a picture of him younger, thinner, with more hair.
Could it be the same man.. watch for developments.
Nb. Millies killer committed murders long before this case, his face would possibly be in the 'register' a long time againt humanity. His appearance and age may even be averaged over the span of serious crimes committed. We will see.

MILLIE DOWLER        March 2010, Levi Bellfield, charged with Millies murder.

Amanda (Millie) Dowler was last seen on 21 March 2002.
The timeline events since the 13-year-old's disappearance goes as follows...
21 March: Amanda Dowler is last seen walking home from the railway station at nearby Walton-on-Thames. The 13-year-old leaves Heathside School in Weybridge and catches a train, then visits a cafe at Walton-on-Thames railway station. She calls her father on a friend's mobile at 3.47pm and sets off towards her house 18 minutes later. She never arrives.
23 March: Sally Dowler, a teacher and her husband Robert, an IT consultant, make an emotional plea for their daughter to return home. Police launch a massive hunt involving 50 police officers and dogs.
25 March: Amanda's family release home videos of her in the hope that someone may recall seeing her. 26 March: BBC's Crimewatch UK programme films a reconstruction of Milly's last known movements.
27 March: Amanda's parents appeal for help in finding her and admit they fear she has been abducted. Gemma Dowler says she misses her sister
28 March: A reconstruction of Amanda's last known movements is screened on BBC One's Crimewatch programme.
30 March: Detectives from the Sarah Payne investigation help in the hunt for Amanda. Police believe she could have gone off with someone she knew, as any struggle would have been seen by passers-by.
31 March: Gemma Dowler, 16, is too upset to speak publicly about her grief, so she makes an appeal for her sister's safe return in an open letter.
1 April: The inquiry team investigating Amanda's disappearance is extended to 100 officers.
3 April: Amanda's school friends appeal for her safe return. 5 April: Huge photos of Amanda are put on the sides of lorries in the hope they will jog memories.
10 April: Gemma Dowler speaks publicly for the first time about her sister's disappearance in an interview with BBC Newsround. Amanda's friends have appealed for information 11 April: The internet is used in the hunt for Amanda, with UK internet sites showing visitors a pop-up window asking for information about her. 14 April: Amanda's godmother Sarah Ford appeals for help in finding her.
20 April: Football fans are given leaflets appealing for help in tracing Amanda.
22 April: Detectives release parts of Amanda's diary in the hope the pages will make her or anyone who may be holding her contact them or her family.
23 April: The body of a woman is found in the River Thames, two miles from where Amanda went missing.
24 April: Police confirm the body is not that of Amanda.
4 May: A national newspaper offers a 100,000 reward for information which helps find the missing schoolgirl.
6 May: Police searching woodland near Amanda's home in Surrey draw a blank.
16 May: A 36-year-old man is arrested in Chertsey and is questioned in a Surrey police station but later released without charge. Click here for a larger map of what happened Enlarge image
13 June: A 52-year-old man from Ashford, Middlesex, is questioned by police but is later released without charge.
22 June: Police tell the parents of Amanda Dowler that she is probably dead.
22 June: Detectives reveal they have discussed Amanda's case with police investigating the disappearance of two women in west London.
25 June: On Amanda's 14th birthday, her parents say they have been texting her mobile phone since she went missing.
12 July: Potentially crucial CCTV footage from the Bird's Eye building near the train station in Walton-on-Thames is sent to the US for examination by the FBI. Officers admit it is highly likely Milly has been the victim of a "chance abduction", although no witnesses have reported seeing a struggle.
29 July: Police arrest a 47-year-old man in connection with Milly's disappearance.
30 July: The man is released on police bail.
12 September: The FBI believe film from the CCTV camera, obscured by sunlight, reveals a figure which detectives believe may be Amanda, standing near a dark-coloured saloon. Police appeal for the driver of the car to come forward.
20 September: Police investigating Amanda's disappearance visit a site in Hampshire where human remains are found. On the eve of the six-month anniversary since her disappearance, the Dowlers say they now believe Amanda was murdered. At 5pm police announce that the remains have been identified, by dental records, as those of Milly. The case is reclassified from a missing person to murder case.
22 SEPT Carol Draws Portrait of suspect. Copy Sent to Mirror paper and police contact.
23 SEPT Drawings forwarded to Millie Dowler Murder Investigating team.


Police have Carols information as of 23rd Sept 2002.
This same information is available here....
Millie Dowler 22.Sept.2002
Information coming on this case..
Two drawings attached for police,
1. Portrait of possible murderer.
2. Strange symbols like music symbols linked to murderer..
A man looks in late thirties early forties, medium build and height. Looks like his hair has streaks in it or grey or could be highlights on darker hair underneath.
An unshaven look likes wearing waistcoats. He walks with a slight very slight limp, I feel he has been under observation before for sexual harassment. He could be on file. With the same police force Surrey police. I don't feel he has been in prison. Has only been under observation. Drives a mini type bus, teenagers in it, could even be a school bus driver. Could also do cab driving, check with bus hiring companies.
He definitely knew Millie. He drives more than one vehicle. I don't feel Milly would have gone off with anyone she hadn't spoken to or knew she would not have got in car with anyone she didn't know. This guy also has strong connections with music. Drums are seen here. I feel he either played in a band, like in a pub. Possibly something like British Legion type place.
There are strange symbols, see pictures, that seem to be lined in some way to music. I feel Milly flirted with him, but in a girlie way, not in a grown up way She got on a bus regularly with this man. Whether he was driving her somewhere that day and she arranged for him to take her home. But it was not the bus that she drove off to her death in it was a car. Either blue or dark green, I feel strongly she was in contact with this man by mobile phone not long before she died.
Is there a mobile phone missing connected to Milly,? I feel there was a ring missing from Millies finger could have been like a birthday present from family, I feel he lives on .. Looks like an estate. With fields behind his house. In a corner looks like the number fifty four one door. Phonetically, sounds like Willmar Estate sound like Willmar Estate 54. Martin street Looks like a council estate. Very local within five ten minutes in a car .
Motive sexual Milly, There seems to be a strong feeling of butterflies and birds I think Molly liked birds butterflies and country conditions. Black shoe with Blue on it nearby, with some finger prints on it. In the bushes. Seems to have been something tied around her neck either cord or something similar. Conclusion. The face in the drawing is always the best clue.


All Drawings are identical to those supplied to the police in each case.


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