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See Video Part1 (800kB)       LISA'S INITIAL RECOVERY STORY.

After a direct request from Taunton TV and Lisas mother Nancy Taylor, Carol started healing Lisa at the beginning of June 2001.( Completely without charge). Lisa had been in a coma for 11 months. Doctors said Lisa Taylor had no hope whatsoever. Carol was told that doctors said she was totally blind and that the optic nerves were damaged beyond repair. The two hemispheres of her brain had been separated, (its called brain shearing) so they said absolutely no hope of recovery from the brain damage. The hospital said that no amount of money could bring her back no matter what they tried, they could not treat her condition as they had nothing they could do. So Lisa had no treatmen other than physio. They said Lisa was one step away from being a vegetable, thats the way she would stay, nothing could be done.
Two weeks later, after healing, big changes happened. After a month doctors said that somehow, they didn't know how but , 'miraculously' she can now see again.
Shortly after this the director of the hospital, taunton TV, Nancy Taylor Lisas mum and Carol had a meeting. The changes were so noticable by the staff and so unexplained the hospital did not want the media involved because everything they had said was being turned upside down. They had previously said tongue in cheek that 'if improvements happened with lisa from healing they were happy for it to be televised' They renaged on this promise, shortly after the hospital director resigned.

It's true that today she laughs at jokes, looks through magazines, cuddles her daughter, recognises her family, she also knows and acknowledges what people say. Its thumbs up for yes and thumbs down for no. Lisa is now able to slowly rebuild her neural network. According to Lisas parents own extensive research she is the only person in the world, ever to recover to such a degree, from brain shearing.

For 11 months Lisa had been moaning and wailing almost incessantly, almost like she was reliving a trapped memory in her nightmare. She could be heard all over the medical unit day and night. Nancy her mum reported that she could usually hear her at the end of the phone if she rang in to see how Lisa was doing. With healing the wailing stopped after just two sessions. This was noticed by staff members as the improvement was so obvious to care staff members. Lisa had around 10 hrs of direct healing over the first 3 months and more absent healing since. She is now on the way to self recovery.

We have a whole interview on DV video of Lisas parents discussing her huge improvements since healing started and their research into brain shearing. Although we have signed media releases from them at their very strong request we have not published, at least not during their protracted claims for compensation based on Lisas initial situation at the hospital.
The No1 video available on this page shows the very first session of Lisa's healing from Carol, filmed secretly with her parents permission, also Lisas mothers interview on what happened after just one healing session.

(Part 2 of the video is on hold as the family threatened to sue, if Lisas parents many comments and research on Lisas improvements relating to carols healing work were made public at that time.)
Out of all the people on the same ward at the hospital only Lisa Taylor showed such an improvement, against all odds and in total defiance of the expert medical opinions. All others on the ward remained the exactly the same, why?. Is it yet another of the many 'coincidences' that happen after people see Carol or is it actually Carol's healing. Whatever you think, the bottom line is that Lisa was home with her family for Christmas 2002. She is no longer blind, she is responding to physical and verbal commands and she is 'getting there'. Lisa may never be exactly the same as she used to be but who knows the power of healing. See the first part video from red link above.

In Carols words; I first got involved with the tragic story of Lisa Taylor while being interviewed on Taunton TV by interviewer Jenny Smedley in May 2001. I had been invited on the program to talk about my work. Jenny had heard of the Lisa Taylor story as it had been in the media, a lot, although until that time I personally hadn't seen anything about it. Jenny told me the story of how Lisa had been beaten up so badly by her boyfriend that she had been in a coma ever since. Jenny asked me if I could do some healing on her. My instincts were to say yes. I had a dream a few years ago now about someone laying on a bed not being able to move, only one hand. I did healing on them though I couldn't see if it was a man or a woman. From the bed they sat in a chair, and from the chair they went on TV. I could see the really tall building in my dream when I went to the hospital in Taunton. Lisa was in the Alfred Morrison unit. Since that time of the dream I have had the feeling that I should be helping people in comas.

I cancelled my work and when my husband took me up to Taunton Hospital to do healing on Lisa that dream came back really vivid I felt it was really significant for me to follow this through. When I got into the room where Lisa was I quickly realised that she wasn't just in coma but she had quite severe brain damage, no one had told me this. Lisa was laid on the bed, her eyes were blank, just staring into space there was no 'light' in them at all, they looked totally vacant and Lisa clearly was not 'in'.. Her left hand was clasped tightly, drawn up to her chest, she was making wailing noises. In my mind I thought, it will take a miracle to sort this out, but the dream kept me inspired because to be honest I think I would have said I cant do anything rather than raise any hopes with the Mother. The first healing took me over an hour, I had to mentally cleanse and remove the blockages that were effecting Lisa eye sight and also stopping the brain cells from working, I also felt a lot of anger inside Lisa that I mentally removed. This anger stayed with me all the way home, I told Lisa's mother Nancy that the healing would continue to work for two weeks but not to expect anything until then. I didn't say too much about what I saw because I didn't want to distress Nancy who had pleaded with me to help.

I took a photo of Lisa from Nancy to work on her at a distance, I also took this photos to Spain as we were going for a break there. I do absent healing every Monday night from ten past eight to eight thirty UK time. Mike my husband filmed me doing healing holding Lisa's photo and also a baby that I am working on. We were underneath a mountain gorge in Spain. I felt the energies were good and pure there. At a later date Lisa's mother and father told me that they both felt a feeling of intense heat on the back of their necks at this same time, they told one another later in the week what they felt and they realised they had both experienced the same feeling.
On the way to the airport, after the first healing session Nancy rang us on our mobile and said that Lisa's hand that had been clenched up for 11 months was now opening and shutting. Up until writing this I have worked on Lisa four times with hands on healing and absent healing at a distance. The second time I did healing the results were that Lisa was 'following' her mother round the room and trying to communicate with her father. As soon as I saw Lisa on the second healing session I noticed that her eyes were alive and 'switched on' and I noticed they were very much like her mothers eyes, this inspired me to keep going. I worked on removing more anger from Lisa and I stimulated the brain cells to make a start because once things start to move it is like a chain reaction helped along by healing and becoming continuous. After this session Nancy reported that she was moving her arm more . On the third session I mentally connected the left hand side of the brain and the right hand side of the brain together, I worked on her left side of her neck and again stimulated the brain cells. During the time I was healing Lisa, Mike was filming for a program on Lisa for Taunton TV, Lisa's progress is being recorded for a documentary.

The fourth time I did healing on Lisa her mother and father wheeled her outside so I could do healing on her outside which with the sun shinning and with the pleasant view it was a more positive environment and much better for me to work. I felt Lisa was calmer and happier inside, it was much easier for me to work on her and the healing went 'in' very easily. I felt that this time there would be a lot of improvement, I was very careful not to promise too much to Lisa's parents I just told them what I was doing and I hoped it would work. Since the last session the hospital are now saying she could see, and was also responding to requests, like trying to brush her own hair, passing things, holding her head better, and following everyone with her eyes. The hospital said she was blind originally because so much damage had been done to her eye 'channels'. But now after healing she has been re assessed and the opinion is that she can see again. How well we will find out later. But its obvious she knows exactly what is going on.
When I started work on Lisa, after the first healing session, her mother told me that she had been told Lisa was blind and could not see, also expert opinion was that she was one step away from being a vegetable, but that was the diagnosis of the hospital. Lisa had been like that without change that for eleven months, before the healing. Coincidence of course for the non believers but Lisa's mum and dad are calling it a miracle, I have one more session to do now hands on, to make it up to the five sessions I said I would need. I will probably need to do more but the responses from healing make it worthwhile. I am just grateful that my gift has helped the family who have been so adamant and so determined that Lisa would not be a vegetable.

I feel that after the five sessions other people will be able to help Lisa more, physiotherapist, rehabilitation etc. Until there were signs of any brain activity active rehabilitation was not possible. I have worked on other children's brain cells, in America. Children that haven't been able to walk since birth in the UK and at five years of age have started walking after a few healing sessions.

The facts..
Lisa Taylor had been in a coma for 11 months, doctors said she was blind and that the optic nerves were damaged beyond repair.
The two hemispheres of her brain had been separated, (its called brain shearing) and she had no hope of recovery.
The hospital said that no amount of money could bring her back, they could not treat her condition, there was nothing they could do, so Lisa had had no treatment other than physio. She was in this condition after being beaten up by her enraged 'boyfriend' in mid July 2000, he had apparently hit her over the head from behind with a rock. The description from Lisas mother herself was that 'it left a hole in her skull which the rock would fit, and he had kicked her head repeatedly and then left her for dead'.
He was also the father of Lisa's baby daughter "Millie", he was a librarian.
The hospital said all along that Lisa was one step away from being a vegetable, and no amount of money could help and they could do nothing.
For 11 months previously nothing changed at all.
Carol started healing with Lisa at the beginning of June 2001. Big changes happened almost straight away.
First Lisa started to respond, then she started responding more positively each day.
After a month doctors said that 'miraculously' she can now see again. Today she laughs at jokes looks through magazines, cuddles her daughter and is rebuilding her nural network.
The first video shows the first part of Lisa's healing with Carol and what had happened after just one session.
Lisa now has had around 8 hrs healing of direct healing over the first 3 months and absent healing in the 6 months following.

Full DV video footage of interviews with Lisas parents and also healing Lisa are available with their full written permission and release.
Their initial
comments and gratitude for the healing results at the time of Lisa's profound improvement are an inspiration to others in this situation.
We may include more video on the site at any time.

Until Carol gave healing to Lisa the hospital said there was nothing they could have done for Lisa. She had no treatment other than healing. Lisa is now rapidly improving, the others who were in the same care unit who did not have healing, or any treatment like Lisa, are not. Only Lisa has shown such an improvement, but ask yourself why. Is it yet another coincidence or is it Carols healing.
Lisa was home for Christmas 2001.
She is plainly no longer blind, she is responding to physical commands and she is getting there.
She may never be the same as she used to be but who knows the power of healing. 

See Video Part1 (800kB)

Recovery History.
June 2001.
Lisa starts improving within 2 weeks of Carol starting healing. July 2001. Hospital nursing staff cannot explain Lisa's sudden leap forward, others in the same unit all remain the same. August 2001. Hospital doctors say Lisa is no longer blind. Dec 2001. Lisa is home for Christmas. She's even 'reading' magazines. January 2002. Lisa is continuing to rebuild her neural network and interacting with people to a greater extent. It's thumbs up and nodding her head for yes. Thumbs down and and shaking her head for no. February 2002.
She laughs at situations and verbal stimulus and shows emotions, she can communicate in many ways. She also blew out her own birthday candles and cut her own cake. She can touch different parts of her body if asked to do so. Lisa's short and long term memory is intact, established by family asking her many questions about her life.
March 2002.
Parents report. Lisa can now swallow thick liquids such as ice cream, yogurt, jelly etc. 2. Lisa attends Alfred Morris Rehab Unit for weekly phisio and OT therapy which includes computer work, all of which she is quite capable of. She plays "connect four", "oxo", "snap", "wooden jig saw puzzels" all of which she gets right the first time. Her favourite computer game is "cloud and the flower pot". 3. She gets tested for memory on what she has done the past two weeks. She has no problem with her memory, she can also play draughts (checkers) 4. Looks into the mirror and can apply some of her own make up, with her left hand. Selects her perfume from her collection and offers it for approval. 5. She looks very well and is very alert and knows everything you say or ask her to do. 6. Has a good sense of humour and readily "takes the micky" with a smirk on her face when doing it.

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