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MOSAIC TRISOMY 18, (EDWARD'S SYNDROME).. I have a BIG chromosome problem known as Mosaic Trisomy 18, I've also been told it's sometimes known as Edward's Syndrome. But its my 4th birthday today, Aug2002, so its a big step for me just letting you know how I'm doing. Doctors told my mum and dad that I would probably not make it past a few months old, and when I died it would be in my sleep. Bereavement counselors even visited them to suggest what to do with me when I died. Sadly their medical experience is that not many kids with Trisomy 18 make it at all, and if they do they usually have an awful lot of problems. I looked bad when I was born, with my condition its just what the doctors expected. But after a week of healing I looked pretty good. Its been uphill from there. But those dark days are behind me now. Healing worked for me. But read my story.

CHROMOSOME 16.. Lucie has genetic problems. In 2001 Carol took one look and named the Chromosome problem Lucie had a problem with, then she described all the symptoms Lucie was experiencing to her mum. A small child of less than two years old wearing glasses with an obvious eye problem had much more to contend with in life than challenged sight alone. Lucies mother looked at Carol and said she knew there was a chromosome deficiency. But there wasn't much anyone could do other than physio etc. There is basically no effective treatment that doctors can offer in such cases. But healing worked for Lucie. She moved forward fast. Read Lucies story and her mums comments on healing.


COMA CASE.. Lisa Taylor had been 'stuck' in a coma for 11 months and was blind, She had been beaten and left for dead by her former boyfriend. She had brain shearing, where the two halves of the brain separate. Lisa was found by a courting couple purely by accident, otherwise she could have died. The boyfriend, the father of Millie, Lisa's child. served a prison sentence. Despite being in a coma for 11 months Lisa responded within two weeks of healing from Carol in 2001. Lisa had for months constantly wailed as if in a constant nightmare, all this stopped after healing and she responded well. Shortly after healing began doctors confirmed she could see again. She is now at home continuing to improve. Lisas father researched many such cases and both he and Lisas mother said in their own words how fast and how much Lisa had improved from Carols healing. Lisa had no other treatment, after this a number of people helped in different ways. Two parts of the video exist with releases but during the claims for compensation the family were paranoid about the improvements being known widely and did not want this shown. Part 1 shows the very first healing session and Lisa mothers comments on the fast improvements noticed by hospital staff, part two is still in the can.        Part-1 Video for this story (800kB)

Baby's Healed in Womb.
Mothers, who doctors said would never be pregnant


PRE BIRTH DEFORMATIES.Two babies that doctors wanted to terminate, but after healing both are alive and kicking, AND normal. The first, a boy, Noah Goodwill had lumps on his brain as early scans clearly show. Macauley Godber also a boy, had enlarged and abnormally shaped kidneys. Both were recommended for termination, but the mothers had other ideas. Both mothers approached Carol in desperation, completely separately for help. After healing both children were born normally and are healthy today. There are now four babies healed in the womb, all were on the brink of termination. One with a hole in the heart.
INFERTILITY People have consulted Carol about the inability to conceive. Around seven so far over the years. One had been told that after 14 years of trying she would never become pregnant after healing in the right areas she is now expecting her second child. Another had been trying 7 years. Plus approx 5 others, All were expecting within 6-8 eight months of healing. If carol can help she will tell you what she sees as the barrier or problem.

Sharon P.

met Sharon for the first time in Charlottesville in 1999. Sharon had serious medical problems and also tumours. After diagnosis of what was happening, and healing from Carol, Sharon again went for tests and found she had undergone a vast improvement. The changes were so pronounced that doctors had to check their 'after' healing scans to make sure they actually belonged to the same persons body. In August 2001 Sharon has been told that there are now no traces of any tumours left and that she is clear.

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Lyn S


AFTER HEALING 40 Mins (back)
Kidney condition. Images before and after as seen by a medical thermal imaging camera/scanner.

May 2007.. Patient Ms. Lyn.S. has only one kidney. She consulted Carol because her kidney was inflamed and infected, she had been advised of this by her own (GP) doctor, yet nothing seemed to work. After 40 minutes of energy healing the difference can be seen by using a thermal imaging scanner. White and red areas above left are indicator areas of localised high temperature, this is mainly due to the underlying problem and its knock on effects. The kidneys are a 'normally' a bit higher up but the effect in this case is producing raised temperature slightly lower. The Green and Blue colours are cooler or normal areas which are not being affected. The image to the right shows the effect of healing on the area. While these images are only visual indicators of changes made at the time of healing, the effect of healing continues longer. Anomalies including tumours, underlying breast problems etc can often be located by doctors initially using a thermal imaging camera. This is a medically accepted method of detection and units are capable of comparison to 1/100degC. accuracy. Affected areas can also be seen changing directly by means of Carol's healing as in the Japanese scientific tests at Tokyo Denki university, while other areas remain the same. The effect of healing can be seen and measured by thermal imaging. Longer term healing effect can also be evaluated this way. Nb. Not all medical anomalies visualise in this way.


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