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I still continue to development when possible, eprp based healing and anti-ageing techniques, working regulaly with doctors for verification of medical intuitive cases. Specialist healing methods are available at cellular level where utilising your own platelets and plasma help heal. Just a few drops of plasma are needed working with a doctor but now we also have a virtual eprp method available that requires no sample being taken. The process is purely energy driven and we have video proof of the healing effect. Whole body healing, and immune building healing effect. New ground breaking techniques using energised platelet healing are being developed, mainly for collagen re-growth and rejuvenation. But now its more scientifically tested at a distance and the subject of documentary filming. The segments have been compiled to show the effects of long distance healing to other countries. As always local ordinary energy healing for positive whole body healing is available too.

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You can receive over 41/2 hrs of concentrated timed energy healing and 24/7 blanket background healing each week.

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Healing at 6000 Miles. Doctors testing of remote distance healing, article PN (pdf file)
Distance healing, doctors collaboration ; healing burn victim scar healing
Chat It's Fate Dec2014 issue , The Baby Maker 'conception after healing'
'Just One drop of blood', (see Edgar Cayce, from menu), healing with EPRP, Immune System and Anti-Ageing


Scientifically Tested Methods

Over the years I have been thoroughly scientifically tested on many occasions. Initially at the Tokyo Denki University Labs in 1994 by prof Yoshio Machi, he also tested Uri Geller there. Other testing since includes energy effects and related abilities. I like proof. The tests have included much intuitive diagnosis and healing, more recently my work has been analysed while changing the behaviour of blood platelets for E-PRP treatments. Fuji TV followed the initial testing in 1994, since then other doctors have used more sophisticated tests. The energy transfer part of trials and subsequent work in anti ageing resulted in experts describing recently the beneficial changes made to blood platelets and immune system as a form of quantum physics, as it can not otherwise be explained. Such testing is useful, if done from an open minded position. It's not a full on science yet, but its getting there. Even full on science gets overturned quite regularly nowadays once changes are impossible to refute. They are at last catching up. My international TV appearances include, Japan, USA, and UK, worldwide. This is separate to my other areas of counselling and helping the varied people who have benefited from the life guidance. I am concentrating on healing the mind body and soul more now which helps change your life and where you are going. Helping you to get the best possible results for the future.
"I work as a life, health, mind, body & soul healer - . I also work extensively developing energised and healed eprp therapy in health and anti-ageing. I was developing this way back in 2001 when doctors were scared to use it openly. Now ordinary prp is the norm. But EPRP is very different and again way ahead of time. As with all my abilities I will always try from the outset to give you an honest appraisal of my assessment to be able to help you on your road to future life, to recovery of mind, body and soul, or reversing aging.  Contacting me could be the beginning of you taking control of your own life, or your child’s. I can assist and guide you along the way in life health emotion and business. I work with many intuitive methods, often with doctors, professional and specialists, but not as a direct alternative."
Someone asked me one day not so long ago, where did I get my intuitive messages from, I replied that I just trusted it from experience and never asked. The lady suggested I ask my sources who or what they were. So I put myself into a trance state and asked. The reply was this. I tap into an Angelic plane, it is a collective plane of existence where information can be obtained on a very high level. I have to be in a certain peaceful state though to receive and translate this properly. I work with this Angelic plane and that gives me the information that they know can help the current situation. It can be used sensibly and given to the appropriate people or authorities to help in whatever way it can for possible guidance. It's often like a puzzle in another dimension, it has the pieces available to fit the persons situation and hopefully always results in the best possible outcome for those involved. I am now working on five different dimensions to try to get  the results i need to help you,

, see changes clearly using Thermal Image Technology. On YouTube (HERE)

HEALING INTERVIEW WITH Roxane, Patient and participant in the scientific testing at 6000 miles. On youTube (HERE)
HEALING INTERVIEW WITH Dr Paul Miller, Patient and participant in the scientific testing at 6000 miles. On You Tube (HERE)

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This was the article I wrote about you seven years ago, republished two days ago to set the stage for the second article.

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Doctors comments

Dr in Murcia- Re Anti ageing ; 'the results of collagen and anti-ageing treatments is improved  considerably  when Carol is available to make healing with the platelets in the blood. The collagen improvement is marked and skin texture very much more smoothed.'

Dr Christian Deperdu - Anti ageing : We have observed the changes in the blood from healing and this shows in lab tests also. The results of PRP are better with Carols input of healing and it makes a difference to the patients outcome.

Dr Christian Deperdu - Burn Victim : I was surprised by how far the scaring had reduced on Birgettas leg due to the healing you have given her, both with the EPRP and without. The scaring and redness has nearly gone and it is in much better condition than we would normally expect. It was amazing because i did not expect that result. At this time it is difficult to distinguish between the burned parts of the leg and other non affected parts.'.

Dr E.C. - Healing via blood with cell changes patient: (Private research patient); 'I can see the changes in the activity in the live blood (with microscope) from the result of Carol's energy healing of the samples, but all our teachings say that to influence blood this way is not possible. I have been observing the behaviour of blood now for many years and never have seen anything like this'. The unhealed sample remained the same and the healed sample shows much increased white cell and immune activity. Initially first visit, the patient could barely walk even with a stick. Following the blood healing treatment with Carol in London, the patients doctor in Bristol wrote a few weeks later to congratulate Dr C. It described how well they considered his treatments had worked and about the reductions and/or elimination of some of her obvious surface tumour growths. The lady however had no other treatment whatsoever other than the blood healing treatment during that period or a month or so before. She had been declared too weak with her chemo compromised immune system etc to take more trauma from the conventional treatments. Plus there was no stick on the second treatment visit.

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See changes clearly using Thermal Image Technology. On
YouTube (HERE)
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Distance healing feedback.. I have been involved in proving scientifically that it is possible to show effective directing of healing energies at a distance. This involved hours and days of in transatlantic research measuring in real time the effect of healing at a distance. This with a healer (Carol) to patient's over distances of approx 6000 miles. This has been very successful and videos are available of the results. Actual healing effect was monitored using the latest medical imaging technology operated by qualified technicians in their field. Patients included joint problems, untreatable congenital heart disease, a split retina, and other cases. Helping soften and loosen a breast invasion by cancerous tumour. Healing helped the tumour become detached prior to chemo resulting in shrinkage of 50% at the very first chemo session. Not a cure.
(Note) I do not EVER say I can cure cancer. The intention of healing is intended to help the immune system do this by itself. Healing is not ever considered a possible cure. Any such cases are monitored entirely by doctors, only a doctor is capable of diagnosis and saying if there is a cure, change, or not. Plus whether it is staying cured. Quotes from doctors and specialists, or healthcare professionals on healing and their findings where appropriate are mentioned in relation to such cases. The case material is being collated with others for an ongoing documentary.
Health assessments (diagnosis) are only now available in exceptional circumstances and only when refered by a medical practitioner directly for those 'impossible' to diagnose cases.