Scientifically Tested

Carol Everett .



Spiritual and Intuitive Guidance, with Healing

Many years ago around 1995 I had images of aliens and part of their lifestyle a small article was also published in the sunday people.


I have been seeing and hearing communications with this other dimension for a very long time. Newspaper stories and articles as far back mid nineties confirm some of this. I do feel its time for some of my work to come out now, over twenty years seems like a long time. But in other dimension. To those who deal with inter stellar distances a billion light years away its but a blink of an eye. I have learnt to be patient. I have allays felt, ever since I was a little girl I was the odd one out, not understood, like being dropped into the wrong place at the wrong time. But I feel now my purpose is being revealed to me.

ALIEN CRAFT drawn 1995

This Machine, is the second drawing of tomorrows world medicine machine, the first one was drawn in 1999, in the USA. Now in 2021 I have another virtual healing machine that is far more advanced in all ways. This machine is the one I am tapping into with tomorrows world computers accessing information and energies from different dimensions. The Moon, Mars and also a place with no name yet. So its being kept secret from everyone, only people that are capable of being telepathic with these dimensions can access the information available.


TWO ALIEN TYPES, drawn 1995


Scientifically Tested Methods

For many years I have been scientifically tested over and over for medical esp, healing at a distance using virtual techniques and intuitive example content. This started at the Tokyo Denki University with tests in 1994 conducted by electronics prof, Yoshio Machi. This is covered in other site page content. . Many other examples of scientific testing have been done over the years. Particularly developing techniques of blood healing and DNA programming for immune health. As usual i have been 15 years or so ahead of mainstream and some of the 'virtual' DNA and genome manipulation for health and anti aging is only now being looked at by companies like crispr, pacificbel and Beam technologies who are pioneers in modern day geno editing and modification to cure disease. My own work over the last 15 years has been intuitively driven and been development on virtual techniques that are proven to get results.

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