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Healing with Carol Everett

What is available. 
Appointments for various types of direct one to one healing are limited in availability. Most healing work is now done at a distance using the collective energies that are directed through the healing sanctuary. See also the blood drops healing section on side menu which describes more recent developments in pioneering healing techniques. Healing, and in particular energy healing can be many things, the power of positive channelling through the higher energies means you can benefit much and achieve a lot. The blood type healing is aimed specifically to work on immune system building as well as specific areas. Healing is not a quick fix or miracle cure for serious ongoing conditions, but it can and has been this in certain circumstances, usually a course of treatment is needed particularly if we are dealing with bigger problems.

Healing builds up over a few weeks re balancing your body as you start to feel the benefit. Where practical I always try to working conjunction with you having any necessary scans and the appropriate blood tests etc, with your doctors able to monitor your progress. Don't be disappointed if you don't get instant results, sometimes its maintaining a status quo that becomes important and without healing things may get worse. However the immune system healing does continue to signal around the body for a few weeks after healing. Energy healing builds up to a maximum two weeks after healing and then decreases. This is around six weeks for Blood type healing. Serious conditions obviously need more healing. Not many long term conditions can be sorted out in one quick session. You will have to make your own decisions about healing, it will not be forced on you. There is a need to go by your own instincts, use your observations about whether your health has improved from healing in conjunction with your doctors tests. You have to go by your own instincts.

Distance healing on blood samples and normal healing has been proven at a distance, as far away as Spain to South Africa and across the Atlantic to America. The healing also has equal effect at distance. There are many variables that are impossible to keep a check of such as other treatments the patients tries at the same time. Their behaviour patterns and their attitude. When i am working with people doing a course of treatments I ask that they do not have any energy type healing from other people, for a few weeks at least, Different energies effect the body and its has happened on more than one occasion that I have built up a persons healing energies to show a real improvement then the person has gone back to square one after receiving healing from someone else, but sometimes this can be rectified, if it happens.

Once the healing has gone into the body you have to work with this, do not expect the healer to take responsibility for what happens, A healer wants you to be well that is why they are a healer .You have to do your part to by working with that energy that you would not normally have its like putting coins in the electric meter. Often healing and visualisation techniques away from your normal environment in a very simple quiet environment in Spain can help from many angles. Its all about healing being available to help your body help itself. Its all about positive healthy thoughts. There are no negative thoughts or conversations allowed in the room where I work.

There is a need for this section  as I get some pretty serious cases. You need to know that though I can often help I am not able to take the place of your doctor. They and any specialist always have to take responsibility with this condition. I can help you with healing, meditation and positive visualisation but cannot promise. Some times we get great results other times not and then there is slowing down, but all this needs to be monitored by your doctors etc. Working towards healing the immune system is an initial priority which in turn helps fight the battle with your body to help itself. I wont tell you if your condition is 'growing' or gone even though I will have a good idea what is going on from the healing. This is your doctors job. With one in three people now being diagnosed with various changes of cells in a lifetime it's a minefield needing proper checks. Big C. of course can go into remission on its own, just like that. Healing may help this to happen but no one can promise a cure. It can change very quickly from pre cancerous cells to a fast moving serious situation, sometimes in as little as three months, or it can just vanish.

There are so many variables with Cancer, I have for the last fifteen years been saying whatever is going on you must take responsibility for going the complimentary route yourself. We don't mention the word cancer or change of cell, or whether its asleep or awake anymore, that is a negative. Sometimes when people have been adamant they do not want to go down the orthodox route, they have to be realistic if the complimentary side is not winning they really do have to keep their feet in both camps, I never tell anyone they are cured or not cured I tell people to go back to their doctor for this. I cannot take this responsibility, especially over the phone. Healing is all I can offer you, in conjunction with blood tests, saliva tests, hormone tests and scans with your own doctors and specialists. I have to make the service I am offering clear and obvious but the questions I keep getting asked sometimes it needs spelling out.
No one can or should promise to heal you and cure you. If someone does then run a mile. I cannot promise you a cure, neither can any doctor or specialist. But we can try and you will know you have tried everything. If you read in any media about me that indicates otherwise it is not correct.
We know there is healing 'energy' transferred during tests, but how can you actually see this energy being used. In scientific testing, actual measurements of my healing energy were evaluated at the Tokyo Denki University in 1994 by Prof. Machi. Since then many other tests have taken place, mainly to prove distance healing as well as at close proximity.
pioneering The new methods that I have been working on over the last fifteen years, including my own observations show that by healing the immune system and working with 'programming' the bloods memory, healing has an effect on not just the physical body but the whole of the mind body and soul as a whole

Circle Healing Groups and meetings (remote via zoom)
Healing Circles for mind body and soul up-lifting. I am helping people regularly to reach the meditive place where I go, so they too can visualise their illness or release the negative thoughts outside their bodies. This is a combination of relaxation techniques, meditation and visualisation techniques. The negative energies are taken out of the room away from your auras, and replaced by positive ones.
These circles have a lot of energies in them and people have reported upliftment in all areas of their life, not just the physical body but the whole mind body and Soul. I have done these live in London and well as remotely.

Anywhere in the world. If you can get a group together with a laptop wired to a TV screen so your group can see me and a webcam pointing towards the group we can do a 100% two way fully interactive group healing, a seminar type talk, a teaching meeting or a group one by one development advisory meeting with me, but via zoom. (zoom is a video link alternative to skype but much more reliable)

Absent Healing Program
When joining the absent healing program you will be registered for 3 months from registration. To register email Carol at address specifying absent healing program and what you wish worked on. Donations make the absent healing program possible and cover admin. Your email registers you joining the program and is retained for 3 months, after this your registration ends. You can renew as previous if desired. The absent healing program is more concentrated each Monday evening at 8.10 to 8.30 pm uk time. You just have to be quiet and think about Carol and the healing energy being received, via Carol to make it work. Your donations help with any admin and the children’s fund. See Payments donations on PayPal  page at bottom of menu bar when donating. Normal main line appointments are separate from absent healing and are connected directly. Thank you.

Charity Work & Pro-Bono Healing
I have spent many hours over the years in critical situations healing people, sick children, working on missing people, children and animals. Mostly for total strangers without charge. I still work with children, partly on a donation system. There is no backup charity or income available to assist when bill needs to be paid so realistically initially please ask your friends and relatives and think of fund raising events to help fund your situation, before you ask me.