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Carol Everett .



There are many many such cases, these are just a small sample of what has been possible over the years.

Heidi VA USA.  New Baby, after professionals had given up. My husband and I are now the proud parents of a beautiful daughter, all due to Carol's wonderful work. I had struggled to get pregnant on my own for over a year, and then consulted a fertility clinic. I was diagnosed with "unexplained infertility." While I did get pregnant on the first try with the clinic, our darling boy suddenly and tragically passed away at 36 weeks gestation. His death left us heartbroken and without answers for why he had died. We pursued another treatment just a few months after he passed away, and again got pregnant, this time with identical twin boys. Our sweet boys were diagnosed with genetic anomalies incompatible with life, one at 11 weeks and one 20 weeks gestation, and each of our little angles quietly left us. We still hoped to have a baby, so we continued to work with the clinic, and after numerous tries, were unable to get pregnant. One doctor even told us that he had lost all hope in us. We had spent an enormous amount of time and money, and had suffered tremendous emotional pain over the course of 4 years; we were outraged and stung that our doctor was no longer willing to put in the optimism we felt our time, money, well-being, and energy deserved. A friend referred me to Carol in the summer of 2016, and I began working with her diligently. She not only told me that she thought I would be able to get pregnant, she was sure she could help me accomplish my dream of becoming pregnant within three months of starting to work with her. We worked together about 5 times per month for 3 months, and I did indeed become pregnant within three months of working with her! I even had to have a surgery to remove a large cyst from my ovary, from which it took 6 weeks to recover, but Carol was still able to keep her promise.
After becoming pregnant, I continued to work with Carol once monthly throughout the course of my pregnancy to make sure that our daughter stayed healthy and safe, as both getting pregnant, and staying pregnant were difficult for me. I am so glad I worked with Carol, because when our daughter was born, our doctor showed us that her cord had been tied in a Unique Knot, a serious and rare condition that usually causes severe medical problems in babies. Thankfully, Carol had been working specifically on the cord to prevent any damage, and our baby girl is healthy and happy.
Thanks to Carol, we have a wonderful, beautiful baby girl. It was so refreshing to work with Carol. She was not only hopeful and optimistic, but also believed in me. Plus, I no longer had to miss work to go to frequent fertility appointments, go through the pain of injecting my abdomen with syringes of medicine, experience the sadness and stress of unsuccessful treatment attempts, or the worry that my doctor had given up on me. Working with Carol is a lovely experience. She is incredibly perceptive, kind, supportive, and amazing at helping people! I cannot thank you enough, Carol, for bringing this incredibly special little person into my life. I am forever changed, and therefore, will be eternally grateful.  

Kelly.. Thank you Carol .
Our journey started back in 2013 when myself and my husband decided we wanted to start a family. After a year of trying my doctor agreed to refer me to the hospital for for further investigations. So in August 2014 we finally got an appointment with the fertility clinic.
After many scans and tests I was told I have a bicornuate uterus (which is basically a heart shaped womb). I was also informed I don't ovulate naturally so I would need medication to help me get pregnant .I came away from the appointment feeling hopeful that we were finally on the right track and felt at least I now knew I don't ovulate naturally so there was a reason I hadn't fallen pregnant and with the hospitals help we would finally get to become parents. I was put on a drug called clomid, which helps you to produce more eggs and ovulate.I then had to go to the hospital every few weeks for scans and injections into the stomach every month to help me to ovulate as the drugs weren't working alone.This went on for months and the reality that the treatment might not work hit me.
By now we were in December 2014. My mum popped around to mine with a magazine article she had read about Carol. I decided if the next round of clomid didn't work I would get in contact with Carol in the new year. We started seeing Carol in Jan 2015, we had one week of sessions and crossed our fingers it would help. Carol told us it can take a couple of months to work. In the mean time we continued on our journey with the hospital, Medication, injections and general disappointment of it not working again....
March 2015: After 6 months on the drugs they take you off and look to start new treatment plans. I spoke to Carol and she said she thought I could do it naturally and to give it a bit of time. Myself and Patrick decided we would wait a month and give Carol a fair try as it had now been two months since seeing her. I got to the point where it actually felt good to be off the meds even though I have to admit i was also panicking we might be " wasting time" as you know when it comes to baby making your always against the biological clock. I waited for my period to end then started doing the home ovulating kits, obviously not really expecting much as I was told by the hospital I cant ovulate naturally. But to my amazement the kit showed i was due to ovulate!! . Myself and Patrick didn't know what to think but gave it our best shot! :) as for once we felt we might actually be in with a chance.
In April 2015 we found out we were pregnant!! All i can say is thank god for Carol . I had healing throughout my pregnancy twice monthly due to my womb condition and the struggles of getting pregnant. Ella was born in October 2015 prematurely. Carol continued to support us during this difficult time and told me to expect the machines at the hospital to “play up “ which that did due to the healing she was sending Ella. The doctors called Ella a miracle baby , as she had put up such a strong fight at one point she wasn’t expected to make it. I know that our miracle was having Carol quietly working on our baby in the background and I will be forever thankful.
It is now December 2017 at our beautiful daughter has just turned two and is absolutely perfect with no health problems. I know I am very lucky to be in this position but honestly believe I wouldn't be here if it was not for Carols help. I just want to say I totally understand how it feels when you read all the success stories and think it will never happen to me, but It will happen to you. I know its hard but I am living proof it does work.
I put all my trust into carol and I am so pleased I did as she is an amazing person and I am so thankful to her for all her help.
Best wishes. Kelly xx


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