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Testimonials and Letters

Michael Endacott. Co-founder of the Institute of Complementary Medicine (ICM) 1982: ‘Carol and I met at the Hale Clinic treatment room for the first time and I asked Carol to do a body healing diagnosis for me so I could better understand what she actually did, as a unique ‘examination’ for her possible entry into the ICMs BRCP. I had been very impressed by her scientific testing results but knew little else about her.  (Also present were Kim Mendez (Kim is a London Practitioner) and Carols husband).  I asked Carol to start and then said nothing, just listened. Carol spent the next hour describing accurately everything she saw health related, both past and present in my body and some psychological aspects, I was taken utterly by surprise. She had covered everything I knew about, plus a few things I did not yet know. I knew there was a lot of past and present health issues to pick up but I was astounded by the accuracy of everything she said. In my work I have seen a lot of complementary practitioners some good, some not so, but the level Carol works on is absolutely outstanding. I advised Teresa that Carol was welcome into the institute (BRCP) on personal recommendation based on her demonstrating the level of abilities. The BRCP paper work would be there next day. I knew Carol could be an inspiration to the organisation. She said she was often ahead of doctors as an early warning and always advised people to be in both camps. She even told me about a long term injury that niggled me now and again that had resulted from a severe twisting strain to my back. I do not tell many people but I threw the discus for England at one time, that’s where the injury occurred. nb. Michael mentions this 'examination' again at his intro at the start of the Excel ICM conference.
Teresa Hale originally arranged for me to receive a video tape from Carol Everett in London in 1999, (Teresa Hale, Hale Clinic, London.). She had asked me to review it as Carol was going to be consulting with clients at the Hale Clinic and Teresa advised Carol to join the BRCP before she began her practice there. The video tape covered the scientific tests Carol had recently done on diagnosis and healing at the Tokyo Denki University. I was impressed’. I arranged with Teresa to meet Carol at the clinic for a diagnosis assessment that same Friday to check and interview Carol. Carol had little in the way of ‘paper; qualification at that time, but was the only person I knew of who had been through such tests and examined this way’

Carol, : In the following years Michael contacted me on a variety of complementary health and personal issues, he also visited Devon for healing with me. Michael asked me a number of times if I would teach at induction courses for the BRCP/ICM's new members, however at the time it would have taken too much time away from my own research work. The photo below shows Michael and myself at  the ICM conference stand at the London airport Excel complex after I had just given a talk and interactive demonstration there. Audio of the conference talk can be obtained on the Media TV Programs page with Michael making the introductions. Also word.doc transcripts of medical intuitive work done there that day. Michael Endacott was dedicated and a one off. We remained friends and in contact until the end of his physical life in 2005, I'm sure that in spirit he still continues to promote the cause for compementary care

. carend

Michael was also Research Director for the (ICM,BRCP) from 1984, and a director from 2001. Michael sadly passed over age 70 September 2005. After the initial establishment of the ICM in 1982. Michael Endacott was complementary medicines pioneer . He worked tirelessly to broaden attitudes to complementary medicine, during a time when it was publicly derided as both cranky and weird. In this period, he regularly appeared on radio explaining (with tact and restraint in the face of considerable mockery) the nature and success of complementary medicine to those who were unfamiliar with it. He pointed out that non-conventional medicine should "complement" the patient by treating the "body, mind, vital force and the spirit". Not just the symptoms, but the whole person. Today, complementary treatments such as osteopathy, acupuncture and homeopathy are widely used in the NHS. Greatly changing attitudes were in no small way, due to Michael’s dedication. Michael Endacott was the UKs ambassador and advocate for complementrary healthcare, he has never been replaced.
NB.  The ICM (Institute for Complementary Medicine) later became the ICNM (Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine), which set up the BRCP (British Register of Complementary Practitioners).  In 2016 the ICNM approached The Confederation of Healing Organisations who acquired the BRCP in 2017 and administer the register as a standalone. 

.Nicola. Cannock 2017
My sister passed away aged 38 years from breast cancer. I have been closely monitored because of this. Previously, in April 2017, I had 2 different biopsies and an MRI scan as they had found about an ‘8cm mass’ in my left breast. The first biopsy came back inconclusive, so I had to have another one within a few weeks. That one showed ‘complex sclerosing lesion with fibrous changes and a intraductal papilloma.’ The consultant decided to leave me for six months and then have a further MRI scan to see what the next steps would be. I had another ‘routine’ MRI scan to monitor for breast cancer in September 2017. After my MRI in September 2017, I was called in to see my Consultant within a few days as they decided to do an open wire guided biopsy, which involved surgery. This was to take a much larger sample of tissue from a specific area for biopsy. Prior to my surgery, I spoke to Carol, who advised an intense 5 session healing program with her, every day before my operation. So, Carol and I ‘met’ over the internet each evening for my treatment. (This has also been documented). Following my surgery, (Carol’s app also helped me get through this – it really calmed me down!), I then had to wait patiently and recuperate for 13 days whilst I waited for my results.
When I went in to get my results, I couldn’t have had a more positive result. The breast tissue they had taken out was all benign, with no signs of anything at all!. I have since been discharged and will have a further routine mammogram and MRI in 12 months to monitor my situation.
I had no other treatment prior to my surgery and so truly believe that somehow, Carol helped me get a better outcome. I am not saying Carol can ‘cure cancer’ as I didn’t have cancer. But I had a few ‘nasty cells,’ that could have had potential to become cancerous.