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Testimonials and Letters etc (cont)

Sally. London. 2017. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful work that you have been doing for me. I have had 2 healing sessions with you for my Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and feel very much improved after each one. My protein blood count has reduced from my last blood test from 7 to 4 1/2. I feel much better and more energised. With love Sally xx

Polly. Monaco.2017.  I just wanted to thank you so much for giving my face a real boost!! It's all very well going to a doctor & having Botox & fillers but it can't & doesn't give that youthful alive radiance your healing does. I think as you know that a little help occasionally from Hyaluronic acid, maybe every two years & the odd tiny amount of Botox on my forehead twice a year is enough. But the "Everett Glow" is essential. For me I think every three months keeps me looking and feeling young & fresh. I love my treatments with you!! The five day course is always amazing & I hate it when the weeks over. I can thoroughly & do recommend you to people I think will appreciate your Magic!!  All my love & looking forward to my September session.

June M Sidmouth .Archives. “Mary had been warned by Carol of a serious condition forming in her head and also a growth appearing behind one of her eyes, unfortunately the diagnosis was not used, Mary ended up with a brain haemorrhage, luckily Mary survived her ordeal and has recovered strongly. Following an emergency operation”. While Mary was still very ill. June writes "You warned my friend Mary in August 1990 of an egg shaped growth behind her eye and that she would need surgery. Again in March 1991 you told her to get herself medically checked. Again in Feb this year (1993) you told her she should go privately and get treatment for her head as it was urgent. On 17th May 1993 she had a brain haemorrhage and was rushed into London Independent Hospital in Stepney Green, where the surgeon Mr Shar gave her an aniogram which showed up the aneurysms clearly and where they were, the lump had not been seen until then, even on earlier scanning equipment". "The lump behind the eyes was in such a delicate place the surgeon wasn't sure he would be able to remove it safely. Luckily he is a leading surgeon, one of the best in brain surgery. The operation was on the 1st June 1993, a six hour operation for a large aneurysm on the right side of her brain AND a lump behind her eye". "Mary was covered on PPP so able to have Mr Sharr, without his skill she would have died, we are quite sure. Your diagnosis was correct, if the lump had been picked up on an ordinary scan she would have had the operation much earlier. We did make her go for a complete check up after your advice but nothing showed up". Had a more thorough examination of Mary been done initially the outcome may not have been so severe”. Mary is an ex nursing sister with a London teaching hospital, and fully recovered from her operation.
Mary says. says “Had the doctors been able to see what Carol could obviously see I would not have had to go through this ordeal. It was undoubtedly the same growth that Carol described much earlier and so clearly that contributed towards the brain haemorrhage which nearly claimed my life. I was very lucky to survive”.

Polly Monaco.2017. Having managed to misplace my “Safety Deposit Key” I asked Carol if she could see where I’d left it. It’s very unusual for me to loose anything, so I knew it was somewhere & not lost completely, but couldn’t find it. Carol said she could see it in a bag. The bag was envelope shaped & leather. I madly searched through all my handbags, with no luck.  I asked Carol again, she said the bag was tan coloured leather & around fur. But strangely, she said she couldn’t understand that it seemed to be moving! This of course made no sense to me. I looked through coats, my bags again, draw’s, my home safe, but couldn’t find it anywhere. I now needed something out of the "Safety deposit box” and didn’t want to pay to have it broken into by the bank. At the time I knew Carol was very busy, but I had a healing with her, so asked her at the end of my session if anything came to her about my key & that I was really desperate. She said she would, but said she had a dream about me that didn’t make sense about my jewellery. After the healing she kindly emailed me to say that the key was, near to or in my home safe, on a shelf at the back or close to a wall and to look thoroughly again there and around there.  I looked again, taking everything out of my safe, (having done this several times before). I checking every item & document before returning to my thoroughly searched safe. Whilst looking into my jewellery bags, I found in the bottom of a necklace pouch, (which was a tan leather envelope shaped bag) there was my key!! I have no idea, how it got there. The strangest thing of all is the necklace came away with me on holiday. I hadn’t worn it, so it spent a time in the safe & in my suitcase with a fur gillet!! then back home and into the safe. How amazing is that!! Especially when you consider it was all done remotely from another country. Well done Inspector Carol Clouseau!!! My saviour in so many ways. Thank you.