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Testimonials and Letters etc (cont)

Larry Viginia 2017. I have Cardio-vascular disease and have been a Type 2 Diabetic for 30 years. I have controlled the Diabetes with medication. Ten years ago I had a serious heart attack but have had vascular surgery and medication for that condition as well as numerous stents. Because of the vascular disease I had not been able to exercise due to Claudication in my lower legs. Claudication is pain in my lower legs after walking a short distance of about 1/4 to 1/3 mile.This happens because the blood flow is limited and there is not enough oxygen to the muscles in these lower extremities.  While walking I had to stop every 1/3 mile and rest for 2-3 minutes.  Then I was able to walk a short distance again until I needed another rest.   I did have surgery on my lower right leg and had several stents placed there, but the Dr.s have not wanted to do the surgery on the left leg because of my risk factors.  Even with the surgery on the right leg I still had Claudication. 
Last spring I had about 12 blood healing sessions with Carol and the Claudication has completely disappeared in both legs.  I am able to walk 2 miles or more without pain or having to rest.  I have been to the Dr. and I have a slightly better pulse in the ankles as well.  I am able to exercise and am slowly starting to work back into playing golf again which is my lifelong hobby.  I have not had any new medications or  treatments which would otherwise explain this.  I am hopeful that with more exercise I will improve my Diabetes and general Cardiovascular Disease.

Magic Lady, Ryan & Mum, Nicola Staffs UK 2017
Hi my name is Ryan I have a real cool story to tell you. Magic like something out of Harry Potter.
Ever since I was two years old, a baby really, I have suffered with Asthma. I have been in and out of emergency rooms in hospital, so many times I can’t remember, carrying two different inhalers around all the time. I never knew when I was going to get an attack. I used to sleep in my Mum and Dad’s bed a lot in case I couldn’t breathe and they didn’t know and couldn’t get me to the hospital quick enough.
In 2010, it was a really bad winter in England and the paramedics couldn’t get to me and I nearly died, Luckily, I don’t remember much about it.
My Nan and Grandad in Spain told Carol Everett all about me. Carol thought about me and put some healing (as my mum called it) into a b12 phile to rub into my chest. My mum rubbed it into my chest it felt all warm and nice when she put it on. After one time of doing this my asthma was so much better I wasn’t using my inhalers as much.
I said ‘Mum this is magic! Do you think you could ask the magic lady (as I called her) to do me some MORE? So…the Magic lady sent me some more.
Well I haven’t used my inhalers now for nearly six months, I have been on a school trip that I didn’t think I could go on. I’ve been doing more sports football is my favourite. I’m doing more football with my dad now getting as good as him. I’m not so tired anymore either. Just in case you think this is a fluke, I haven’t finished yet! My mum is nearly forty (oops she won’t like me for telling you that) Mum has had asthma since she was a little girl. So, she asked the magic lady if she could help her. Carol healed some more b12 and Mum used it. After two times Mum’s asthma was a lot better and she’s not using her inhalers as much at all so mum is having some more magic now.
We went to see out Nan and Granddad in Spain and we saw Carol. Mum and I gave her a big hug and said, ‘Thank you magic lady.’
Nearly forgot! My mum has always been a bit nervous of flying carol has helped her with that too, so we don’t have to travel hours in the car to see Nan and Grandad any more. We are flying out to see them again in July. Don’t you think that’s cool? Mum’s booked the flights already and I will get to see Magic lady again.
Ryan Age ten
Also from Nicola
Since being treated by Carol, both Ryan and myself only use our inhalers if we have a bad cold or if there is a really high pollen count. We no longer use either of our inhalers daily. We still always carry them around with us just in case, although we have never needed them!
Carol treated us from a long distance using an up to date photo of us both. She treated the B12 in Spain, posted them to us in England and somehow, it worked! I’ve no idea how she does her distance healing, but I know she does it and it is brilliant!
Thanks to Carol Ryan and I are not reliant on daily inhalers.


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