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Anti Ageing Part 1            

Around April 2019, I put myself in the energy porthole in my healing sanctuary and asked to go back thirty years, to look and feel younger, but without losing my knowledge and the strength of my right brain ability. When I started I was 2 stone over weight, high blood pressure, looking older and worn out. Within a month I started to lose weight. My mind felt more focused on what I needed to do to look after myself more.
I meditated in the sanctuary when I could, for myself. So results you see were up to the end of December 2020, two stone lighter and looking younger gradually and happier of course, I'm wearing clothes from 30 yrs ago. I’m not skinny and I don’t want to be either.
The other things I have been working on I will share with you soon. Tomorrows world medicine ,
I decided at the beginning of Jan 2021 to give myself what I would and had been giving to other people over a five day course of specific anti aging healing, working on under my eyes tightening up my skin and you can see the result. I have upped my game on myself but the same thing is now available to you. I will do this treatment for myself every three months along with sitting for a period mediating in the sanctuary every day myself for forty minutes. I have been working on antiaging techniques for many years, and people have benefited. Its partly about training your mind to focus, your dedication  and wanting to help people be happy. I am sharing my life’s work  because I love helping people and Its something that I don’t think many people can do
I have been working with the different dimensions all my life, the more i have meditated and looked into anti-ageing and tomorrows world medicines the more I have felt the Alien dimension getting closer to me to help me. I feel privileged that this alien dimension is helping me and obviously likes doing so. They like the quiet, the light, laughter and light atmospheres. The way my brain floats from one dimension to another to do different things with my gift is easier when doing the anti-ageing programs, it's much happier and lighter for me. II have done yrs of the sad stuff, diagnosis readings, murder enquires etc. At my age now I want to have some more light into my mind. The research I have learnt and where I go with my mind when connected to the higher energies is a never ending story of development. Its fascinating, one door leads to another and another. Not ever being taught by teacher down here means there is no ceiling for me, no one tells me this is not possible, If I think it, I give it a go, its as simple as that. If you begin the journey with me you are already thinking out of the box, The place of no time. By the time i write something I have already moved on to the next stage in my mind and on my journey.

What is the best thing you can do .

1. Join the healing sanctuary now.
2. Have a separate course of anti-ageing for beauty to kick of your daily meditation in the sanctuary.

The best thing for you to do is have a five day course of healing exclusive to you. You have to be sanctuary member for this. Meditating daily through the sanctuary is a must. There is no point in starting something if you aren’t going to make the most of it and stick with it.
So if you cant spare 40 minutes once in 24hrs, or split it into 20 mins twice a day, or for most days which keeps the energies going in your body then this is not for you. The forty minutes sitting quietly connecting with the sanctuary is an important part for you to maintain.
The anti-ageing treatments are the basis of an exclusive service, very limited places are available.

If you want to see the results then I am  my own walking advert. Is all I will say.

 I'm hoping the antiageing ageing side of the sanctuary for beauty, will help fund the other healing illness side of the sanctuary. The hours and hours I do for free and expenses. Helping people who genuinely cannot afford to donate to the sanctuary and are not turned away. There is only so much I can do, I do like helping people its been my life for years. I have not lost the spiritual journey. ,I have combined everything so its balanced for me and for you. Twenty years ago now there was an article about me doing antiageing facials to help children, I think I have been pretty patient, dont you.   

Energised platelet rich therapy (EPRP) treatments that you may have been familiar are changing. Unlike plain PRP, my own EPRP treatments deleloped before PRP became well known have now been redeveloped using extensive distance trials and deep reaching research. Now it proves by both example and testing that the same effect or in many cases a greater observed age reversing effect can be achieved on your aging by using my special virtual EPRP techniques. Without using any needles. Nobody likes needles but in certain rare circumstances needles are actually still needed but for 95% of anti aging treatments I work with now, they are not required at all. If deeper initial teatment is needed, which is rarely now, I work in conjunction at times with Dr Christian Deperdu in Monaco and also doctors in Spain. I have developed new EPRP techniques which are just as effective that I do virtually. Put simply you can do this at home remotely wherever you are and use your program of follow up with simple daily procedures. These are easily done in conjunction with my anti ageing plan so you obtain long lasting help with constantly improving results. The cost is usually much less than mainstream PRP, but results are much better. Ask about availability and appointments. Or enquire for more details. .
Energy Healed Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is also available for Immune building, healing, tissue repair, body balancing as well as anti-ageing.
PROOF.. If you have come from the healing sanctuary pages you will have seen my own pictures.  At the end of 2020 i am now 71 years old. Some people say my skin is like it is because just because of my genes, but the pictures from the year before treatments and others clearly show the deteriorating, seriously aging process I was going through. The condition of my skin was aging fast and the many wrinkles forming were not wanted. If it was in fact genetic these things would now be much worse, not anything like they are now. You can clearly see there is nothing really noticeable after my treatments. Just by following an anti aging program that you too can follow and by making a life changing choice for the future. There are no dangerous fillers, injected collagen, poisonous botox, or fat injections. Everything you use is natural and with specialist healing gets the job done. Most of all there are no gimmicky short lived expensive creams and potions to worry about. People have said their own eprp treatments are nothing short of life changing. What you see with me has been achieved 100% from using my own virtual eprp treatments and a simple program you can follow very easily. More pictures will be added below of clients where similar unwanted ageing and deep wrinkles forming have been eliminated by my treatments. Changes to appearance that are really noticed by others. People at work or family notice first and ask what you have been doing to look so good. You know what to tell them.. Comments by others close to some of those receiving treatments them say its like their age has been reversed at times by up to 25 years.

ANTI-AGEING. started as an accidental gain with normal healing. How it began. All references to needles are now mainly replaced by virtual techniques.
Read on if you like details
How it all Started. It was noticed originally that during treatments for health, anti-ageing beneficial results were also being noticed, ie improving of skin, flesh tone etc. and also more important stimulated self collagen regeneration. Together with the increased plumping up of the parts that tend to sag with age, so an anti ageing healing process was developed. The anti aging process involves energy stimulation and 'reprogramming' of small samples of blood, platelet rich plasma along with a trace of haemoglobin (red cells) present. This is extracted from the patients blood approx (20ml with doctor) which is centrifuged to separate platelets and plasma from most of the red cells. If using the home blood healing beauty kit it involves just a few drops of blood obtained using a diabetic pricker. When used for anti ageing in aesthetic procedures with facial and for other visible locations it is very similar to dracula therapy. Ordinary prp available almost anywhere now falls down in the rebuilding department as its passive where as EPRP is directed and highly active. Also there is a key missing ingredient wit normal prp, which is the healing energy 'programming' that is specific and unique to each persons exact needs. This has been proven to be beneficial in results, see below, under the microscope, and in trials.

Quick fix, No. With the anti ageing procedure some people ask if its an instant fix like botox or collagen, even filler, or fat redistribution etc. but the answer is no. Each time you have this done it is progressive, it works with what I have done with you previously to continue enhancing long term. I know because I have used the same process on myself as well, it continues to work, uplifting the whole mind body and soul. You don't just look younger but your mind set and demeanour gets regenerated as well. It feels like you are being regenerated bit by bit. Slower collagen building is ultimately stronger than quick fixes because your own body is working in conjunction with the healing while all the time tightening and stimulating the rebuilding your own structures. This makes the effects for you much stronger for prolonged periods. The ultimate aim is that mind, body and soul be in harmony to obtain the best possible realistic results for who you are now and where you started from. Its a whole new exciting journey that is leading to new revelations all the time.

SKIN and TISSUE Enhancement EPRP not only only been shown to help with skin improvement, repair and collagen stimulation but this specialised version of PRP has been researched and implemented for improvements in many other areas like under arms, legs etc. There is a noticeable difference with Energised EPRP. Its different to ordinary PRP. EPRP is currently only available with Carol Everett, because of the proven healing element which is exclusive. EXPECTATIONS do need to be realistic. Platelets in your blood contain numerous Platelet Derived Growth Factors (PDGF). These growth factors stimulate increased production of fibroblasts and keratinocytes, producing collagen and keratin. PDGF also have a significant role in blood vessel formation, the cellular division of fibroblasts, the most common cells in connective tissue. This works in synthesizing collagen and the extracellular matrix, including hyaluronic acid. Collagen production is attributed to helping correct the visible effects of wrinkles and smoothing irregularities. Hyaluronic acid has been shown to increase skin tone and volume providing a more youthful appearance.

FOR ANTI-AGEING - Request a free personal assessment by email to evaluate your needs. We need a face photo both from front and side. Or photo of areas requiring treatment. Each person will be assessed individually initially from a photo. No one has the same dna or finger prints, so its really important to be treated as an individual. My intuitive gift will show exactly the treatments you need and how you will benefit from this.  

FOR HEALTH ISSUES - Request an initial health assessment appointment. Though this page concentrates on anti ageing many health issues can also be dealt with and helped effectively using eprp. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections were actually first used in 1987 in open heart surgery and today, due to the healing powers of Platelet-Rich Plasma injections, this therapy is safely used in many fields including sports medicine, orthopaedics, cosmetics, fasciomaxillary and urology.

MIND BODY & SOUL With Energised Platelet Rich Therapy you get more than just plasma rich in platelets, you are getting a whole mind body and soul upliftment using the energies transmitted through your blood plasma sample. I cant explain exactly how it works but you feel the difference. This energy is focused on the areas I am drawn to work on with each person. Everyone is different and the energy lifting of your stress areas also help with health and well-being. EPRP AT HOME WITHOUT NEEDLES -  With new developments and techniques that no longer involve the use of hypodermic needles you can now benefit from a course of EPRP from your own home. And afterwards by continuing to use my special program using easily obtainable materials that continually enhance results yourself in between main healing top ups. This method improves the results with time increasing over and over. Everyone is different and the energy lifting of your stress areas also help with health and well-being.

Check it Out...When researching PRP for any possible treatments for yourself, you do really need to know that results like this are realistically only possible using 'energised prp, its that different and blood sample changes have been noted with a microscope by a live blood specialist[s]. Anything else is just prp. But that's only a part of what is happening, its just the bit you can actually see. There is much more going on at dna level that you can't see. (See In depth page). This method could also be used for transsexuals looking into how to enhance breasts with minimum artificial influence.

What to do... So by now you may have decided against the knife. We know that stretching can also make the skin very thin. But, it is still good for some situations where more drastic measures are needed, but EPRP can also help with the post surgery trauma and rebuilding collagen. You may have decided against artificial fillers which may produce who knows what reactions later on, word is already getting out. Or you may be wary of using toxins that poison your face into stark expressionless submission. Ask yourself what happens to leg muscles when wheelchair bound, frozen unused face muscles could react just the same some years down the line!. Honestly, it's pointless wasting months trying the wrong treatments, probably not the best thing you can do. Enhanced PRP is a more natural look, you look better, but it's not a pumped up dolly effect.
You don't have to come here for prp treatment but make sure you get the very best elsewhere if not. Ask directly if they can change/energise the blood in this way not just using a few additives. The answer will be no. Its essential the blood can be energised for the very best results. The pictures below are just a sample.
Download a descriptive leaflet or simple brochure from page top or mail to ask any questions.

Cost. Single 'Areas' Treated From 350 euro. (depending on clinic location and your requirements)
Special offers also available.


Facial example
    pol2     BEFORE.. Original more wrinkles eye

    pol1 AFTER.. Improved skin, fullness, elasticity, plumping.       
   Notice skin around the eyes, etc, the changes.

Sound Track,

AUDIO Interview with a Patient. HERE -1

Treatments available in Spain UK and Monaco

Skin. This treatment for arms was done in conjunction with Dr Garcia.
sal3    BEFORE.. Arms have deeper wrinkles

sal1    AFTER  Arms and skin.

sal2   AFTER.. Arms and Skin. Skin much smoother.

Sound Track,

AUDIO Interview with a Patient. HERE
Treatments are available in Spain UK and Monaco. Plus at Home.

The results you can see above, pictures show the improvements.
All photos have been taken by the clients themselves.

More EPRP energy related Information. Scientific testing in Japan <here> and written report <here>

Lab Tests using energy changing blood characteristics by remote energy transfer, intercontinental from Spain to Johannesburg.
Data sheets <download report pdf 1 here> and <download report pdf 2 here>

Also soon to be compiled a report showing similar remote energy effect from Spain to Monaco, tested by Dr Deperdu and the blood bank.

PN Article about modifying blood immune activity using EPRP energy transfer <download pdf here>

Sol Times Article. DOWNLOAD a jpg copy of an article from <here> / OR READ the article in Sol Times-online <here>  See Page 11

Download Printable <3 Fold Information Sheet> OR <Simple Descriptive Leaflet>. 

Anti-Ageing Pictures + Hear Interviews. Blow