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Carol Everett .



Scientific Testing In Tokyo's Denki University
Medical Intuitive Testing in Diagnosis & Healing.
Psychic Brain Activity & Healing, Measured in Lab Tests.

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Testing at Denki University
Carol Everett with Professor Machi



Healing Fig 1, At Start
Observe Area of
Patients Right Ovary.

Thermal Images of a patient undergoing Healing treatment from Carol during lab tests at the Denki University, carried out by Professor Yoshio Machi.
Fig 1. Shows a thermal image of a young Japanese woman’s body. She has been diagnosed by Carol without previous contact and no prior information other than her name. No questions allowed. The diagnosis Carol gave was that of an abnormality of growth which had been forming in the right hand fallopian tube creating a blockage (Dysplasia). Thermal image information was not available to Carol, before or after intuitively diagnosing the patient or at any other stage. University researchers observed this image that clearly showed raised temperature in this same area, also indicating a physical problem or abnormality localised here. Note the increased area of RED colour indicating a raised temperature at the position of the ovary. Japanese doctors had earlier diagnosed the same condition, confirming the accuracy of Carol's diagnosis. This was disclosed by Fuji TV in a Japanese documentary on Carol's medical diagnosis and healing work. Shortly afterwards doctors confirmed the condition no longer existed and she was healed. The Japanese doctors diagnosis of the same condition before the tests was not available to Carol. The University tests were seen by 'millions' on Japanese TV, more recently in the USA on the 'Sightings' series and since worldwide. You can also observe below how changes occur in Carol's Brain Wave Patterns during Diagnosis and Healing.


Healing Fig 2, After 3 Minutes
After 3 Minutes, Seen
& Measured Changing.

Fig 2. After 3 minutes of healing. This is the same person after around three minutes of Energy Healing. So there could be NO question of radiated heat exchange from Carols hands, all healing was carried out from approximately 1.5 meters distance, with no physical contact at any time. The change in colour around the affected part of the body is by this time becoming apparent. The object of the lab tests, carried out for Tokyo's Denki University in Sept 1994 was an attempt to measure the actual physiological effect of healing on a patient, happening in real time, not just from patients comments afterwards. This was reported world wide as being the first time such measurements had successfully been taken in a scientifically controlled environment. Localised raised temperature is not always an indication of every illness but is an FDA approved method. Intuitive medical diagnosis has routinely been used to identify a variety of other internal problems where there are no such indications, such as blood disorders, diseases of organs and delicate coronary problems, always with no prior information. Questions are not asked about the patients symptoms. Carol always ensures her diagnosis work is fully documented. It is never changed before confirmation takes place. As a result of Carol's past intuitive diagnosis accuracy, patients seek diagnosis to be checked and used by regular doctors, specialists and alternative practitioners, who wish to obtain diagnosis guidance in unusual cases.


Healing Fig 3, After 7 Minutes
In Less Than 7 Minutes
Area Changed to Normal.

Fig 3. After seven minutes. Same person, the colour temperature areas have changed dramatically. This indicates a considerable localised fall in temperature in the affected area. Note, only of the affected area is changed as a result of energy healing on the fallopian tube. The conduct of the experiment, by Professor Machi is available as a link from the homepage. The laboratory temperature, high in the 80s and other contributory factors were taken fully into account. Note that during the healing process, the insides of the patients arms actually increased in temperature while the temperature of the treated area fell. Though many do know healing is effective, particularly with the treatment given by high energy healers, the overriding factor has always been, can the physiological results be measured scientifically. Clearly most of the world knows healing does 'something', the 'coincidences' of healing are too frequent to discount, and healing can be shown to have repeatable long lasting positive effect. The object of the Denki University tests were not to see if healing works, we know it does, but to actually see changes made in real time, proving that a measurable transfer of energy is somehow taking place. The infra red thermal changes observed during the tests are obviously only one particular aspect of this highly complex, yet now much more understandable, natural healing process which many describe in terms of quantum physics. Tokyo Denki University Lab Pictures in Report Page, link on HomePage.


Brain Fig 4



Brain Fig 5




Brain Fig 6


Topographical EEG readings of BrainWave changes observed during the Intuitive Diagnosis process.
Fig 4, 5 & 6.. During Diagnosis. The pictures here show an FFT voltage analysis of Carol's brain patterns during the Intuitive Diagnosis process described above. The head is viewed from above, with the nose at the top of picture. The Upper row shows Alpha1 activity and the Lower Alpha2. The left, first picture is the brain in a normal balanced resting condition. The centre, second picture is showing an increase in alpha activity. Beta activity in the right side of the brain is also increased (not shown). Note the significant migration of normal activity from the left side of the brain into the right. In the right side, see Fig 6, the alpha brainwaves in the right side of the brain are seen to be in a condition of extra increased activity while in the left side of the brain all activity is greatly reduced almost nil, noticeably even normal cerebral activity is suppressed. This is most easily described as being similar to an in dream state, though there is at no time any loss of awareness. This process has been observed in similar tests by Professor Machi in other people from around the world having greatly increased intuitive ability.

Carol Everett,
EEG Brain


Brain Fig 8




Brain Fig 9




Brain Fig 7


Topographical EEG readings of BrainWave changes observed during the Healing process.

Fig 7, 8 & 9 During Healing. Alpha and beta brainwave changes are observed during the Healing process to equally reflect similar patterns to those observed during the Intuitive diagnosis phase. The alpha activity is not quite so intense as observed during diagnosis. The Fourier transform eeg analysis shown in pictures here represent brain EEG measurements taken continuously of Carol's brain activity over the seven minute period while transferring Energy Healing to the patient.
Professor Yoshio Machi is a professor of electronics at the Tokyo Denki University, he is/was considered to be Japan’s leading authority on the testing of people with 'unusual abilities', he has written papers and books on the subject. In testing unusually gifted people scientifically as a part of his work he has many names including Uri Geller on his list, He checked out Uri Geller in 1993. All tests are carried out in conjunction with the Denki University, of which Professor Machi is a trustee. The tests which Carol Everett undertook in Sept 1994 in conjunction with Fuji TV on Intuitive Diagnosis and Healing were part of this ongoing research and allowed for the first time actual measurements to be made of the physiological effects healing can make in real time. This was reportedly the first time any real time measurements of this kind had been obtained under lab conditions. BUT If you do know otherwise,  and this request has been here continuously since 1994, please let us know, with details please. e-mail to KanoBaker via.

Carol Everett,
EEG Brain